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Updated Wed 08 Dec 2021 11:01:38 AM UTC

Biden warns Putin of 'strong measures' amid Ukraine invasion fears

Google sues alleged Russian cyber criminals

Ghislaine Maxwell: Jury sees never-before-seen photos of Epstein and defendant

2022 Beijing Winter Olympics: China criticises US diplomatic boycott

Jamal Khashoggi: Suspect in murder of journalist arrested in Paris

Bitcoin 'founder' wins right to keep billions of dollars

Amazon services down for thousands of users

Instagram announces changes ahead of political grilling

Emmett Till investigation closed without charges

Rohingya sue Facebook for $150bn over Myanmar hate speech

Billionaire hands over antiquities worth $70m

Grammy Awards: Drake withdraws nominations

Ghislaine Maxwell 'gave schoolgirl outfit to Epstein victim'

Vishal Garg: US boss fires 900 employees over Zoom

Epstein accuser: Ghislaine Maxwell is a 'master manipulator'

After 43 years in jail, exonerated man on life outside

Outside the only abortion clinic in Mississippi

Victims of a historic flood in New York City reflect on the wreckage

Labour shortage: Is Santa Claus coming to town this year?

Wisconsin: Waukesha Police Chief chokes up while naming Christmas parade incident victims

Wisconsin witnesses recount how SUV mowed down parade-goers

Timed Teaser: Donald Trump raised $1bn for a social media app called...?

Obituary: Bob Dole, WWII veteran and Republican stalwart

Ghislaine Maxwell trial: Key moments from the first week

When Jesus is used to steal from his flock

Why US abortion laws could be changed by Supreme Court ruling

The doctor fleeing Tennessee over Covid culture war

Jack Dorsey: What's next for Twitter's co-founder?

Timed Teaser: Which mammal made its last crypto trade?

Cycling saved my life - now I need to finish round-the-world challenge

What Ahmaud Arbery's murder exposes about America

The US city run by Muslim Americans

Kevin Strickland exonerated after 42 years in Missouri prison

South Asians react to Kal Penn coming out as gay

Inside the controversial US gunshot-detection firm

Charlottesville: Why are the ‘Unite the Right’ organisers on trial?

Minneapolis police 'hunted' protesters with rubber bullets

San Jose apologises for past racial discrimination against Chinese community

Life after deportation: 'Living the Mexican dream'

What are President Biden's challenges at the border?

Why Mexico is not prepared for the migrant caravan

Record high migrant detentions at US-Mexico border

Deported Haitian migrants face uncertain future

Why are so many Haitians at the US-Mexico border?

Haitian migrants at US border: 'We've been through 11 countries'

Colombia: Migrants risking it all to cross Darien Gap

Mexico: Chasing an American dream

Canada 'Sixties Scoop': Indigenous survivors map out their stories

New Christmas campaign for Canadians held in China

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