Title: Wax Thread Prayer Rope

Published: 2016-05-31 13:00:00

Author: Fr. Robert

Tag: review, orthodox

Template: blog


I ordered several prayer ropes for the church several weeks ago from Greece on ebay and they came today

Besides the standard prayer ropes I also ordered a ten pack of wax thread wrist prayer ropes. This is the type of prayer rope my wife wears and I want to give it a try. While I like and have always used the traditional prayer ropes, I am always misplacing them because I have to take it off for some reason and then cannot remember where I put it.

These wax thread ones are waterproof and designed to slide onto your wrist like a bracelet. I am hoping that I can leave this one on during menial tasks and not lose it.

When you receive them they are very small but they are designed to stretch over your wrist. Below is a video I found explaining on how to put them on.

Note:The person on the video says you never need to take the prayer rope off. I hope his point is that you can wear it all the time. Because of course you need to take it off to use it to pray.



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