Title: Replacing the Ancient Faith Android App Updated Again

Published: 2019-06-10

Author: Fr. Robert


Tag: Ancient Faith, android, app


If you are like me you appreciate the content of Ancient Faith Radio, but if you are also like me and have a lower end Android phone you can not get the app to run on your phone without crashing. I have found a decent workaround for the issue. To be specific there are actual two different workarounds. The first is a replacement for the two streaming radio stations, music and talk. The other workaround is for streaming or downloading podcasts.

The first workaround for streaming radio is using a music player that suppports network streaming protocals. I have tried two that work very well. The first is VLC for Android and the second is Foobar2000. Both are available in the Google Play Store If you have not used a streaming music player before, I would recommend VLC as it is much easier to setup

To use VLC after installing the app and opening it you select Stream as your source. You then will be asked for a network address. The url for Music on Ancient Faith is


and the url for talk is


By entering the appropriate network address the music player will play the live stream.

To download podcasts on Android the best tool I found is Google Podcasts which is available at the Google Play Store. You can download podcasts to listen off-line or listen online. You can subscribe to any of the Ancient Faith Podcasts you wish and it does of very good job of keeping track of the podcasts you have listened to and the ones you have downloaded.

This post is not intended to be a full set of instructions but a suggestion of how to work around the issues with the Ancient Faith App.


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