How I setup my Agate server.

Thursday, February 18th 2021

There is several Gemini sever software packages to pick from. While I was looking I came across two videos.

How to install and set-up a gemini server

How to make a Gemini Capsule - The protocol, not the rocket. So you too can be cool! (with uoou)

Both videos use the Agate server, so that is what I decided to try. The link to the Agate server is below.

Chris Were Digital, the author of the first video, has a set of notes you can follow. Which is what I did. The link to the notes is below.


Just follow Chris's notes and you will be up and running in no time.


Proxied content from gemini://

Gemini request details:

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Be advised that no attempt was made to verify the remote SSL certificate.