AppImage Try Before You "Buy".


Snaps, Flatpaks, and AppImages the new way to distribute applications. I have tried them and they are just not my cup of tea. I still like

sudo apt install


sudo make install

better than the new tools. I am an old fashioned and I know it.

I have changed my mind about Appimages. I still don't run Appimages as my default but as a way to test drive an application without having to actually install it. With the advent of Gemini I have been trying different browsers. It is nice to download an Appimage, try the application, and see if I like it before I go ahead and actual install or compile the application. If I like the application I will install it from source but for the applications I don't like or will not use I can just delete the appimage. Not a bad way to try an application before going through the hassle of compiling from source.


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