Title: Gotchas

Published: 2021-04-27 22:07

Author: Rev. Fr. Robert Bower


layout: blog


This week I had a couple of gotchas.

The first one was with id3v2. A command line program to edit tags on mp3 files. Well I tried it on m4a audio files. I thought if it could not edit the tags it would error out. Nope it will quietly modify your m4a and make them unreadable. Learn from my mistake don't edit m4a tags with id3v2, stick with using it just for mp3s.

The second is with Docker. I have Docker installed on my server that also serves as the host for my virtual machines, including my Gemini server. I run my virtual machines in bridged mode. Well the power went down today and my servers went down. The good news everything shutdown gracefully and restarted when the power was restored. The problem was none of my virtual machines could see the outside world. Well I found out that when I installed Docker it made a change to iptables on the host machine when it was installed. The change kept my virtual machines from operating correctly in bridge mode after the restart.

I followed the directions from the "When things break" section of the article below and then my virtual machines could run in bridge mode.

KVM bridged to the LAN with DHCP

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