Title: Lenten Reading

Published: 2021-03-15 12:29

Author: Rev. Fr. Robert Bower


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Lenten Reading

With the start of Lent this week we shift our focus. Often our Lenten focus is on the fast but our focus should be on what the fast frees us to do. With fewer and simpler meals, we have more resources for alms giving and more time to spend with our Lord.

That extra time can be spent at the Lenten services, in prayer, spiritual reading, giving alms to the poor, and in other acts of agape. While in Lent we should increase our time in many areas, today I just want to talk about spiritual reading.

First and foremost we should be reading scripture. We do the best when we have a plan or structure to our reading. One can read the readings from Daily Lectionary or if you would like the read the whole Bible in a year I have talked about two different ways to to that in a previous article. The link is below.

Plans for Reading the Bible

Besides reading the Bible we can read the lives of the Saints. Reading the lives of the Saints allows us to see the words of Scripture put in action. The Prologue of Ochrid is one of the many books that contain the lives of the Saints. I have links to the Prologue below.

Prologue Old Calendar

Prologue New Calendar

Reading the Church Fathers is also a good Lenten practice. Every Lent I read the Spiritual Psalter of St. Ephraim the Syrian.

PDF version of Spiritual Psalter of St. Ephraim the Syrian.

Another wonderful book to read during Lent and the rest of the year is My Life in Christ by St. John of Kronstadt. I said the rest of the year because this book is not meant to be read in large pieces. Depending on where you are in book you may only read a paragraph to page at a time. St. John may write about about something in paragraph to page and that is all you need to read to have something to ponder and pray about the rest of the day. I can read from this book daily and take several months to read it from cover to cover.

My Life in Christ by St. John of Kronstadt

While there are many books I could mention I want to mention one more, Christ in the Psalms by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon. The book consist of short discussions about each of the Psalms. It often helps put the Psalms in context as you pray them.

Spiritual reading is one of those habits you may find yourself developing during Lent and carrying on after.

May God grant you a blessed Lenten Season.


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