Title: Trendy Thoughts

Published: 2021-06-05 10:42

Author: Rev. Fr. Robert Bower


layout: blog



I used to have a bulk hard drive eraser a 100 pound electromagnet.


I am not sure what I am. I am listening to Trendy Talk via LBRY at 14:40 UTC, June 5th. It has yet to be posted on Gemini.

So Hex,

If you listen to Trendy Talk via Gemini you are a trendy listener.

If you listen to Trendy Talk via YouTube you are an idiot.

Does that mean:

If you listen to Trendy Talk via LBRY you are an early adopter.


If you type YouTube in Vim it comes up as a spelling mistake.


I am typing this in Vim using the comic-mono-font.

Text Editors

The text editor pressure test.

Open an open source thesaurus file with the edit command in Vim and the text editor of your choice.

Vim comes in first, Neovim second, you may have another cross the finish line sometimes but most will need a kill command to put them out of their misery.

Vim for the non-programmer

Vim is a great text editor for everyone not just for writing code.

While I do tinker and write some code that is not my vocation. My vocation is the priesthood. My occupation is teaching. Neither of these require coding but Vim is still my goto editor. I use it for writing, class presentations, keeping my Zettelkasten, keeping a bibliography of things I read, other notes, my Gemini pages, and of course for coding. You can use ripgrep inside vim to get a powerful search tool. There is also a Pandoc plugin that assist in creating slides, managing and using bibliographies, and of course converting to other formats. Vim for me has become a writing platform that is more efficient and more powerful than any word processor.


I am not a gamer so I skipped that part.

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