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Greek Bible on Gemini

Greek Bible on Gemini

A Gemini tool for search and reading the Bible in Greek. The Old Testament is the Septuagint (containing some differing texts), and the New Testament is the SBL Greek New Testament.

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To use search use English for Book and Chapter but the actual search term must be in Greek letters.

Select above link and enter books and chapters as explained below.

Reference types:


Individual book


Individual chapter of a book


Individual verse(s) of a specific chapter of a book


Range of chapters in a book


Range of verses in a book chapter


Range of chapters and verses in a book


All verses that match a pattern


All verses in a book that match a pattern


All verses in a chapter of a book that match a pattern

Notes and Contents

I/II Samuel and I/II Kings are named with their English titles despite the fact that in Greek they are respectively I-IV Kings. This is simply because the interface is in English and is supposed to be consistent with kjv.

What are in some versions the books Erza and Nehemiah are in the Septuagit 2 Esdras. However these books/verse can be accessed via either possible name.

Apochrophal and Deuterocanonical books included, including:

1 Esdras



I-IV Maccabees


Wisdom of Solomon

Psalms of Solomon

Zephaniah (Sophonias)


Letter of Jeremiah


Bel and the Dragon

Different editions of books from different texts:

Judges (Alexandrinus (default) & Vaticanus)

Tobit (Vaticanus/Alexandrinus (default) & Sinaiticus)

Daniel (Theodotion)

Susanna (Theodotion)

Bel and the Dragon (Theodotion)

The backend is run by grb -- Greek Bible on the Command Line by Luke Smith


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