Geminispace Statistics Visualized

Last updated: Thu 26 May 2022 01:00:10 AM UTC

With Stéphane Bortzmeyer's kind permission, I wrote a script to download and parse his statistics page daily and generate charts from the data.

Statistics on the Gemini space

My script first downloads and parses the gemtext of the statistics page and then saves the data to a SQLite database. Charts are generated from the data stored here. This database has been seeded with data from Stéphane's archive which keeps the statistics for the first day of every month. You can download it here and use it for your own projects:

My historic statistics database (SQLite3)

Stéphane's statistics archive

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Number of URIs

Number of URIs over time


Average resource size

Resource size ranges

Most common media (MIME) types

Most common media (MIME) types (Historic)

Media types of the "other" category in the previous chart


Languages (Historic)

Languages of the "other" category in the previous chart

Language tags

Language tags (Historic)

Language tags of the "other" category in the previous chart

Encodings ("charsets")

Encodings ("charsets") (Historic)

Encodings for gemtext files only

Encodings for gemtext files only (Historic)

Status codes

Status codes (Historic)

Status codes of the "other" category in the previous chart


Number of capsules over time

Certificate Authorities

Certificate Authorities (Historic)

Certificate Expiry

Certificate Expiry (Historic)

Certificate Algorithms (Historic)

Certificate Key Types (Historic)

Certificate Key Sizes (RSA) (Historic)

Certificate Key Sizes (ECDSA) (Historic)

Alternative Ports

Alternative Ports (Historic)

Number of IP Addresses

Percentage of TLS versions

Percentage of URLs that send a proper TLS shutdown


Number of TLDs in capsules' names

Number of registered domains used by capsules


Average number of incoming links

Maximum number of incoming links

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Proxied content from gemini:// (external content)

Gemini request details:

Original URL
Status code
text/gemini; lang=en-US
Proxied by

Be advised that no attempt was made to verify the remote SSL certificate.