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Entries from the last month:


Midnight Pub - eskimonk - Stop the clock


skyjake - Lagrange v1.14: Pinned Identities, CLI Options

Dmitry Bogatov (~kaction) place in internet - Woes of python module system

Midnight Pub - tffb - you've been blogroll'd, Midnighters (and Happy Thanksgiving)

Techrights -

The Boston Diaries - You can program functionally in any computer language captain's log - Re: What I Like and Dislike About Gemini


Idiomdrottning - What I like and dislike about Gemini

Gemini IOSA gemlog - Una specie di database

Techrights -

panda-roux's gemlog - Healing, having fun, update

Mild Dermatographia - Hike: Bockmattli

Gemfeed of - I tried (Doom) Emacs, but I switched back to (Neo)Vim

The Boston Diaries - Check out this check mate on Gobble Gobble Day


Yet Another Tech Gemlog - — First Release of the Gemroff Markup Language

ew0k is a Teddybear - People Are Actually Rational

Gemini IOSA gemlog - Re: Al lavoro in bici

Techrights -

Beyond Neolithic Life - I'm soliciting your advice.

The Boston Diaries - A rabbit hole of webmentions

JeanG3nie's Capsule - Toe 0.2 release

JeanG3nie's Capsule - Agis 0.4 release


Alex Schroeder’s Diary - What do you do?

Midnight Pub - bucareli - Bonne nuit

Gemini IOSA gemlog - Metà di un sole giallo 📗

Techrights -

GeminiLoggBookOberDadaisticus - Conviviality with those you've never met captain's log - Mastodon Users, You can help Open Source


Idiomdrottning - Love in a Time of Low Expectations

Idiomdrottning - Matchable's custom destructing

Midnight Pub - bucareli - On the street

Techrights -

What's on fab's mind? - — rgsrv - A rust noobs gemini server

Karan's Gemlog - More Grab Bag Stuff

🥔 Lightjammer feed - Re: "A Decentralized Internet",


♪ poo-tee-weet ♫ - [籍] When You Trap a Tiger - Tae Keller

Idiomdrottning - An SVG path data library for Chicken Scheme

Idiomdrottning - Understanding

Techrights -

Solene's % gemini capsule - a gemini tech blog - Automatic prompt to unlock remote encrypted partitions

Larks from The Stars - A Decentralized Internet captain's log - Welcome to the Fediverse

🥔 Lightjammer feed - Audio walks

ERnsTL's Gemlog - Oh others want some fun too? The East on the Rise


Trying To Be Constructive - Cosmo feminism

Alex's Gemlog - Deleuze on "Nietzsche and Philosophy" (WIP)

Techrights -


Trying To Be Constructive - Neurodivergence, sexuality, connection and intimacy

Idiomdrottning - A proposed package alert system

Alex Schroeder’s Diary - I like my boring fantasy setting

Alex Schroeder’s Diary - iPod, iPad, iPhone, iPiss

Midnight Pub - nsequeira119 - Live show tonight

Midnight Pub - bucareli - Background Music

Techrights -

Solene's % gemini capsule - a gemini tech blog - Pinafore: a light Mastodon web client captain's log - All Systems Nearly Recovered


skyjake - Mastodo or Mastodon't

An Inhabitant of Carcosa - — Setting up better minibuffer completion in Emacs

Idiomdrottning - Take breaks when learning

Midnight Pub - woland - Nameless

Midnight Pub - bucareli - Rules of Engagement

Techrights -

Solene's % gemini capsule - a gemini tech blog - Hard user separation with two NixOS as one

Mika Feiler's Gemlog - State of my headphone stash

dimkr - New House

Remy Noulin's glog - Emulators in Debian Buster and Bullseye


Idiomdrottning - Dungeon Crawling Speed, explained

Midnight Pub - bunny - Grief

ew0k is a Teddybear - It's the Inside That Matters

Techrights -

moddedBear's log - Artemis I

Mild Dermatographia - Gemini Fix

Mild Dermatographia - Hike: Brienzer Rothorn

Remy Noulin's glog - Converting text files with french character encoding to utf8

🔥 Smokey - Recipes for making cannabutter and rice crispy treats


Idiomdrottning - Cap vs Tax

Idiomdrottning - Re: Gemini and the Golden Age of Air Travel

Idiomdrottning - The purpose of spell scrolls

Alex Schroeder’s Diary - Move from Dehydrated to Apache

Techrights -

JeanG3nie's Capsule - Re: Gemini and the Golden Age of Air Travel

Karan's Gemlog - A Grab Bag of Thoughts (formerly Saayaa Spacelog)

Evenfire's workshop - Discussing FOSS copying proprietary alternatives

Evenfire's workshop - Imv - a neat image viewer


Idiomdrottning - Diegetifying downtime

Idiomdrottning - Dark Summer

Idiomdrottning - Fractal subsystems

Idiomdrottning - Självklara beslut i spel

Idiomdrottning - Unique Jewels

Midnight Pub - joneworlds - You're no private eye.

Midnight Pub - tetris - Handcrafted Integers

Midnight Pub - contrarian - The Elusive 4K 16:10 Big Picture Touchscreen Monitor

Mika Feiler's Gemlog - Powershell oneliner to search for files in zips inside zips and more fun

Sunset's Gemlog! - Almost an Embedded Itanium: ST200

Sunset's Gemlog! - Itanium History Roundup

Evenfire's workshop - All fears stem from death

Evenfire's workshop - Capsule updates and the Masqq archives


Idiomdrottning - The Silver Standard

Midnight Pub - woland - A short story in Farsi


Idiomdrottning - Inverted DC

Idiomdrottning - Playing Ignorant

Midnight Pub - woland - NON . EST . DEUS

Midnight Pub - ron77 - Where Does the Money Goes?

Midnight Pub - ron77 - Sad Times In Israel

Midnight Pub - woland - My first album is out!

~ew's FlightLog - Re: An Exercise In Frustration

nnix - The Story of Byron the Bulb (Pynchon)

ATYH - Going Smol Increases your Horizons

🥔 Lightjammer feed - Gemax v0.1.2


Idiomdrottning - Being the Enemy

Midnight Pub - manpaint - If you played RuneScape in 2001-2012, you might have lost media

ew0k is a Teddybear - Divorce All But Done

Ainent's Gemlog - Gatekeeping Gemini

Karan's Gemlog - An Exercise In Frustration captain's log - Houston, we have a VPS problem

🥔 Lightjammer feed - Endemic Technologies


The Lambda Lab, Gemini Edition - Re: wayland or tmux

Idiomdrottning - Mysterious spells

Midnight Pub - nsequeira119 - I'll be playing a live show soon

Midnight Pub - woland - Iconclast

Midnight Pub - woland - Azhdahak III

🥔 Lightjammer feed - Python strings encodings


Yet Another Tech Gemlog - — Re: Handling Optional Values in Rust macro_rules; in Which the Peanut Gallery Shows Off Implementations for Their Pet Language

Yet Another Tech Gemlog - — Re: Ansible

Midnight Pub - woland - I made a gemsite on tilde

~ew's FlightLog - Re: The Analog Guideline

道&c. - — Publishing songs to Mastodon

🥔 Lightjammer feed - Ansible game


Idiomdrottning - Diegetic mechanics

Martenblog - A Tribe without Tribalism

イェンスの宝石 - Handling Optional Values in Rust macro_rules

The Boston Diaries - And hopefully, this means I stop getting SMS spam from politicians


skyjake - Capsule Housekeeping

Idiomdrottning - The Good and Bad of Random

Idiomdrottning - fix-me-now

Midnight Pub - squiddied - not so long ago

Midnight Pub - woland - This Great Xerox Machine

🤖 kelbot's gemlog - Car Free Lifestyle

What's on fab's mind? - — Checking out Void Linux - The best ideas come AFK

Keith Aprilnight's gemlog - Run gemlog posts - Switched to Emacs in Mutt


skyjake - API Evolution

Idiomdrottning - Innehållsvarningar

Ainent's Gemlog - Tom MacDonald, Voltaire


Trying To Be Constructive - Food should not be bought and sold

Idiomdrottning - The Analog Guideline

Idiomdrottning - Adventure Game

Idiomdrottning - Font size on the Web

Yet Another Tech Gemlog - — Announcing the Lasso Read-it-Later Service

Yet Another Tech Gemlog - — Contemplating My Perfect Gemini Client

Alex Schroeder’s Diary - Advanced Squad Leader

Alex Schroeder’s Diary - Leaving Twitter

Midnight Pub - vio - Biking and Idling

Midnight Pub - woland - On Human & Technology

smolZINE - Issue 35

Roche Limit - Sports Fans Flying Flags on their Cars

Sunset's Gemlog! - Obsolescence Culture

Sunset's Gemlog! - The Outernet captain's log - Agile: Or how to show how bad you are at your job


Trying To Be Constructive - Let's talk about how we talk about sex and entitlement

Alex Schroeder’s Diary - Soldaten in Fantasy Ländern

Midnight Pub - nsequeira119 - The Efficacy Of Live Music

Midnight Pub - woland - Azhdahak II

The Boston Diaries - Extreme disappointment, Brevard NC editon


Idiomdrottning - YAML vs StrictYAML

Idiomdrottning - Email Netiquette

Midnight Pub - tetris - Why I don't teleport anymore

Midnight Pub - squiddied - the afternoon is nice amongst my rgbs

Midnight Pub - masheencaug - Type III perhaps

Midnight Pub - woland - Azhdahak I

Martenblog - Corpse-state

Solene's % gemini capsule - a gemini tech blog - Mirroring sources used in nixpkgs (software preservation) gemlog posts - Shoe-wax day

Sunset's Gemlog! - Season's First Snow


Midnight Pub - mouse - The Midnight UnHabit

Midnight Pub - woland - On Void

The Boston Diaries - There and back again


Midnight Pub - mouse - The Midnight Habit

Midnight Pub - jackal01_ - Autumn in Small Town on West Coast

Midnight Pub - woland - Feast Of Flies

ew0k is a Teddybear - Give Me Your Best OpenTTD NewGRFs

Gemini IOSA gemlog - Lombalgia

The Boston Diaries - Extreme fortunes, Brevard, NC edition

Degrowther - Twitter and autonomy


skyjake - Halloween Dispatch

Idiomdrottning - Re: Mayan and Gemini priests

Midnight Pub - bartender - Happy Halloween!

Midnight Pub - orchard - Classic rock and supernatural

Solene's % gemini capsule - a gemini tech blog - Nushell: Introduction to a new kind of shell

Mild Dermatographia - Hike: Gross Aubrig

The Boston Diaries - Extreme, no, seriously, I mean it, extreme head in the clouds, Cleveland, SC edition

The Boston Diaries - Extreme clouds, Brevard NC edition


Idiomdrottning - Here we are in the future

Alex Schroeder’s Diary - Hexkartenerforschung aufsetzen

Midnight Pub - orchard - Posting/replying via gemini

Gemini IOSA gemlog - Meglio green che al verde: ènostra al Circolo Barabini di Trasta (Genova)

Jonathon Waterhouse's blog - Thinkpad camera repair and upgrade

Gemfeed of - Installing DTail on OpenBSD

The Boston Diaries - Extreme bridge, Brevard NC edition

Freezr Gemlogs - PICO-8 development with OpenBSD…

🔥 Smokey - Sharing a cool fractal image, planning some additions to the FC


Idiomdrottning - Capsule Outage over

Idiomdrottning - New York City I

Idiomdrottning - WYSIWYG vs markup

Midnight Pub - alder - The Styptic Pencil

Ruario's Gemlog - What time is it?

The Boston Diaries - Extreme pumpkin, Asheville NC edition

Gemfeed of - Slow down


Idiomdrottning - EU's road away from fossil cars

Idiomdrottning - Dependencies

Midnight Pub - ew - Back $HOME

What's on fab's mind? - — ytfzf - Youtube from the terminal

The Boston Diaries - Extreme puzzle room, Brevard NC edition


Midnight Pub - tffb - how did you start dev (for those who do)? - Carbon Dating HTML

The Boston Diaries - Extreme lizards, Brevard NC edition

The Boston Diaries - Enoying the Big Blue Room

Gemfeed of - If health isn't there

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