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Entries from the last month:


♪ poo-tee-weet ♫ - [答] Zettelkasten Utility

Alex Schroeder’s Diary - Doom (the original one)

ew0k is a Teddybear - New Card Game: "Bring Down the Mountain"

Techrights -

remyabel's gemlog -

remyabel's gemlog - Converting my 1TB drive to BTRFS and Firejail

Degrowther - Libraries, the Internet we were promised, and the Internet we got


Alex Schroeder’s Diary - Spielerinnen, Spieler und Spielleitung gesucht

Midnight Pub - tffb - didn't your mother ever tell you not to talk to strange bloggers?

Techrights -

Solene's % gemini capsule - a gemini tech blog - How to get NixOS hosted at OpenBSD Amsterdam

ATYH - A whole post about pee.


Dmitry Bogatov (~kaction) place in internet - Deeps of C runtime

Dmitry Bogatov (~kaction) place in internet - Thoughts on separate compilation (part 2)

Idiomdrottning - Cheese

Metamatters - Introducing Zaubuchstabier

Midnight Pub - m15o - What the Midnight looks like, according to AI

Samsai's Gemlog - Heartbeat signal

Techrights -

remyabel's gemlog - On abuse

remyabel's gemlog -

Larks from The Stars - Climate Change is a Test

Gemfeed of - Don't check your phone now!


Trying To Be Constructive - Some of the music i'm listening to - 7 - So much downtime!

Alex Schroeder’s Diary - Rewards in a small world

Techrights -

Solene's % gemini capsule - a gemini tech blog - Solving a bad ARP behavior on a Linux router

Solene's % gemini capsule - a gemini tech blog - Fair Internet bandwidth management on a network using Linux

$ cat /dev/random > /dev/null 2>&1 - Mi balance de lo acontecido durante el 2022

Keith Aprilnight's gemlog - On feelings

JeanG3nie's Capsule - Hell Week

Gemfeed of - Welcome to

Gemfeed of - Take a breath...


Yet Another Tech Gemlog - — Thinking About ARM TrustZone

Alex Schroeder’s Diary - More specific reaction roll results

Midnight Pub - mysliceoftheweb - Some help with installing the code for

Midnight Pub - joneworlds - Crumbling clods of clay and earth.

Midnight Pub - superfxchip - "The Geminaut" Jukebox

~ew's FlightLog - Re: Misadventures with bash shell

ew0k is a Teddybear - Sim City: 31 Years Young

🤖 kelbot's gemlog - 'Splorin Photos

Techrights -

🤨 Curiouser and Curiouser - 🗺 Where in the World? A new geography game in Gemini space

Degrowther - Re: Human Un-nature


The Lambda Lab, Gemini Edition - Re: misadventures with bash shell

Midnight Pub - mellita - 2nd Decan of Leo

Midnight Pub - akhet - Cohort Augmentation

🤖 kelbot's gemlog - Gemini, Feeds and Being a Little Offline

Techrights -

Solene's % gemini capsule - a gemini tech blog - Creating a NixOS live USB for a full featured APU router

moddedBear's log - When Media Was Social

remyabel's gemlog - No, Github did not get hacked

remyabel's gemlog - - Botspam Apocalypse

Degrowther - Re: Freedom, Ownership, Infrastructure, and Hope


Alex Schroeder’s Diary - Attention

Alex Schroeder’s Diary - Money

Alex Schroeder’s Diary - Tom Van Winkle’s Blog

ew0k is a Teddybear - Why I Use Bash

Techrights -

panda-roux's gemlog - MoonGem 2.3 - Key/Value Store

panda-roux's gemlog - Finally Moved

JeanG3nie's Capsule - Re: Misadventures with bash shell


Trying To Be Constructive - Is (cryptocurrency) winter coming?

Midnight Pub - tffb - Crimson and Clover

ew0k is a Teddybear - You Can Get a Weird Domain Today

Techrights -

smolZINE - Issue 31

remyabel's gemlog -

remyabel's gemlog - Making a COPR package

Beyond Neolithic Life - Human Un-nature

Degrowther - Why I’m not a doomer (anymore)


Keith Aprilnight's gemlog - Friendships


Idiomdrottning - Equalizer Baduk variant

Midnight Pub - tetris - Travel Fatigue and US hospitality

ew0k is a Teddybear - I Just Left Feedly!

Techrights -

remyabel's gemlog - Unmaintained packages

remyabel's gemlog -

Gemfeed of - Let's Encrypt with OpenBSD and Rex

dimkr - Two Weeks With the Snail


An Inhabitant of Carcosa - — TTRPGs, PDFs, and a Very Cheap Tablet

Cadence's gemlog - How to start an unencrypted chat on Matrix (Element)

Techrights -

moddedBear's log - The Martian and Project Hail Mary

remyabel's gemlog - NVIDIA with Wayland on GNOME

remyabel's gemlog -


Idiomdrottning - Manchin's victory (on the cinder)

remyabel's gemlog - Cybersecurity sensationalism

remyabel's gemlog -

hyperreal's gemlog - I wish I could taper off my meds

Sunset's Gemlog! - The 2022 Sunset Code Density Extravaganza!


Idiomdrottning - Nuclear Disagreements

Idiomdrottning - Vadå 'edivens'?

Idiomdrottning - Unchoir

Idiomdrottning - Call-tables and Medea

Midnight Pub - the_bebop_cowboy - Church without church

🤖 kelbot's gemlog - RE: PICO-8 and TIC-80

Sunset's Gemlog! - CPU Performance: 1999-2007


Midnight Pub - gardenhead - item: the dark parts

remyabel's gemlog -

remyabel's gemlog - Why you should not disable SELinux

🤨 Curiouser and Curiouser - Finding images on Gemini with Kennedy Image Search

nnix - Building a SOC

JeanG3nie's Capsule - Vapad 0.1.0 prerelease

Sunset's Gemlog! - Sunset Briefly Gets Political: The Dobbs Decision


Trying To Be Constructive - On telling users to write the documentation themselves

Larks from The Stars - Hadestown and How Having Power Sucks


Idiomdrottning - SVT vs cloud

Alex Schroeder’s Diary - Decrypting MIME multipart messages in Rmail

Alex Schroeder’s Diary - Putting ourselves out of business

Midnight Pub - ahirusan - Ask advices about smartphone changing when you try to remove Google of your life

Midnight Pub - rrraksamam - Bad news for the pub

Midnight Pub - tffb - OMG, OMD

~ew's FlightLog - Good Bye Peugeot --- Hello Alfa MiTo and 75

🤖 kelbot's gemlog - Plants

Keith Aprilnight's gemlog - I wrote a new track... Finally!


Idiomdrottning - Anita Was Right

Alex Schroeder’s Diary - Collaborating on small things

Ben's Gemlog ☪ - Switching to Vger on FreeBSD

Solene's % gemini capsule - a gemini tech blog - How to use sshfs on OpenBSD

Mild Dermatographia - [Living] Hikes

🤨 Curiouser and Curiouser - はい, Gemipedia now supports all languages!

dimkr - Good Languages, Bad Programmers


Idiomdrottning - Who can fix it?

panda-roux's gemlog - MoonGem 2.2 - Script Mode

panda-roux's gemlog - Moving Drama


Idiomdrottning - Four short-term wishes for Fedi

Idiomdrottning - Talking about my generation

Midnight Pub - inquiry - for no one (mini song spoof)

ATYH - The Peace of Summertime.


Idiomdrottning - Doomers over the line

Idiomdrottning - Ta klimatet på allvar

Solene's % gemini capsule - a gemini tech blog - Make nix flakes commands using the same nixpkgs as NixOS does

Solene's % gemini capsule - a gemini tech blog - How to account systemd services bandwidth usage on NixOS

Ainent's Gemlog - Entertainment Choices


Idiomdrottning - Re: Thoughts on RSS

Midnight Pub - nsequeira119 - Observing Sound Waves Up Close

Gemini IOSA gemlog - Punta Percià

Solene's % gemini capsule - a gemini tech blog - The Old Computer Challenge V2: done!

Solene's % gemini capsule - a gemini tech blog - How to use Docker from a Linux host system to escalate to root

Degrowther - Prefiguring community


Trying To Be Constructive - Kink contracts

Gemini Radio - Episode 43

Midnight Pub - contrarian - Keyboarding Education

The Boston Diaries - A screed against modern consumer electronics


skyjake - The Dutch Baby Incident

Midnight Pub - rrraksamam - Hi

Midnight Pub - rrraksamam - Dream X

moddedBear's log - Ocarina of Time Feels Like a New Game

panda-roux's gemlog - Moving plans setback

Keith Aprilnight's gemlog - Renaming HFNP to Netamict; SourceHut deployment experience


Idiomdrottning - A problem with Guile's defmacro

Idiomdrottning - Unconditional Basic Income

~ew's FlightLog - Re: Cash-ocalypse


The Lambda Lab, Gemini Edition - Incompatible with now

Trying To Be Constructive - Deplatforming sex

Midnight Pub - nsequeira119 - Online Negativity Is A Form of Virus

Midnight Pub - inquiry - don't get me *not* going

Solene's % gemini capsule - a gemini tech blog - Storing information on paper using the Pen To Paper protocol

smolZINE - Issue 30

panda-roux's gemlog - Moving North

hyperreal's gemlog - Glad to see OCD stereotypes being broken up


Trying To Be Constructive - Sefaria on Gemini!

Dmitry Bogatov (~kaction) place in internet - Thoughts on separate compilation (part 1)

Gemini Radio - Episode 42

Solene's % gemini capsule - a gemini tech blog - The Old Computer Challenge V2: day 5 - On Prescriptive Descriptions


Trying To Be Constructive - “Desert”: on the future of human civilisation

Idiomdrottning - Low-Hanging Fruit

Idiomdrottning - The quaint wealth gaps of history

Midnight Pub - inquiry - of *course* we're time travelers

Midnight Pub - superfxchip - The Yesterweb Cafe

GeminiLoggBookOberDadaisticus - Against Interpretation

The Boston Diaries - I think Mac OS-X is wrong in this case, and Linux is right

dimkr - The Snail Layout

~xj9/posts - /pol/ "saving" earth


Trying To Be Constructive - Some of the music i'm listening to - 6

Idiomdrottning - zshbrev

Midnight Pub - tffb - listening to Jazz, and all that Jazz

Midnight Pub - rrraksamam - Dream IX

Midnight Pub - tskaalgard - Finally Settled In


Midnight Pub - tskaalgard - The Pub should have a favicon.

Solene's % gemini capsule - a gemini tech blog - The Old Computer Challenge V2: day 2

~xj9/posts - /g/ [~dustycloud] re: guile steel proposal ⥊ why lisps matter


Idiomdrottning - Transparency of Method

Idiomdrottning - Romancing Sisyphus' Stone

Midnight Pub - iamthenoname - It's sad to see the Philippines in the hands of incompetent fools

Midnight Pub - inquiry - Time after time

Midnight Pub - inquiry - Does anybody really know what time it is?

Midnight Pub - nsequeira119 - Adapting Videos Into Comics

Solene's % gemini capsule - a gemini tech blog - The Old Computer Challenge V2: day 1

emilog - corpses

ReK2, Hispagatos - Personal capsule - July update 2022 Alicante HOPE 2022 and ONGs

🤨 Curiouser and Curiouser - 🧇 NewsWaffle: Read any news website, all via Gemini


Idiomdrottning - Obsolescence

Idiomdrottning - Schack och go

Idiomdrottning - A simple mess

Midnight Pub - superfxchip - Happy National Video Game Day

Seirdy's Home - Stylometric fingerprinting redux

🤨 Curiouser and Curiouser - Building a better HTML-to-gemtext converter

Larks from The Stars - Hope

Degrowther - Baby blues

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