Chris's gemini capsule

This is my gemini capsule (site). It's lovely innit? I run it on a low-tier Digital Ocean droplet with the Agate server, which is written in Rust.

I aim to post and develop this capsule so that it expands beyond just talking about gemini stuff.


Trendy Talk: a podcast with me, Hex and Drew

Aprilcast: an audio blog I'm doing through the month of April.

Capsule contents

How to set up your own gemini server (WIP)

A list of friends and people who have personal gemini capsules

Chris's Island of Fountain Pens: idle thoughts on fountain pens

Links to useful/interesting gemini software and tools

Gemini videos

I take a look at three browsers, Kristall, Amfora and Bollux.

How to set up a gemini server using Agate.

A 'funny' video I made about setting up a gemini capsule.

Contact info

Feel free to leave feedback using any of the contact details below.

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