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Hi there! You might know me from TLGS, the search engine I built. This is my personal capsule and where I collect my thoughts. I'm an open source-loving developer, weeb, VRChat addict and generally intrested in technology. So expect related posts on here. I am, however, not a tech pessimist. No one can stop tech development. The best we can do is to avoid the harms that tech can make. This site also has a fantasy HTTP version. Visist the following link:

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2023-02-08 Using my capsule as guinea pig (upgrading Trantor TLS infrastructure)

2023-01-28 Validate email address using Regex in C++

2023-01-27 GNUnet++ Jenuary update - multi-threading primitives and toy projects

2023-01-25 First time messing with Sway

2023-01-14 RE: DNS oddity

2023-01-03 Long Rambling about Artist Reaction to AI

2022-12-31 Deisgn of a war time civilian network

2022-12-24 Christmas update: GNUnet++

2022-12-23 Counting accumulated changes in Git

2022-12-18 Introduction to P2P messaging using CADET and GNUnet++

2022-12-15 Echo Server using gnunet-cadet command

2022-12-11 Announcing GNUnet++, experimental high level GNUnet C++ wrapper

2022-11-26 Language levels problems with Rust while learning day 1

2022-11-19 Complaining about Trantor's SSL code and my plains to fix it

2022-11-07 Mental Barrier and Culture of Gemini

2022-11-05 How GNUnet File Share stores it's data securely, on other people's computers

2022-11-01 [EO] Jes, mi parolas Esperanton

2022-10-24 Thinking About Pratical Web3.0 and GNUNet as Infrastructure

2022-10-14 A year on Gemini

2022-10-08 Finally Solving TLGS Socket Descriptor Leak

2022-10-04 The easy decision to move from Electron to Qt at Lumina

2022-10-03 AWK the ultimate swiss army knife for data

2022-09-03 Drunking Ramblings - Tech, Social and Whatnot

2022-09-01 Zero Copy OpenCL Buffers

2022-08-19 Taiwan's Digital Intermediary Law is more than Stupid

2022-08-18 Likely Indonesian Internet Survelience

2022-08-10 GNUNet File Sharing Tutorial and an Alternative to IPFS

2022-07-29 Some Boring Analysis on TLGS Index (and messing with CERN's ROOT analysis framework)

2022-07-22 Search Engine Dilemma Bias VS Accuracy

2022-07-17 Cyber attack over Gemini is now a thing

2022-07-11 Mixtile Blade 3 (RK3588) OpenCL performance

2022-07-09 Handle large file upload with Drogon web framework

2022-07-06 The trouble with trantor's threading design

2022-06-30 FBInfer reduced our product crash by 50%

2022-06-28 Coverage testing with CMake and GCov

2022-06-23 Understanding explicit OpenCL memory migration between devices

2022-06-17 Upgrading WiFi bandwidth, hardware codec for VR Expreience

2022-06-14 RE: RE: The useful part of cryprocurrency

2022-06-13 The useful part of cryptocurrency

2022-06-11 Unexpected complexity writing an async Spartan protocol server

2022-06-06 The stupid socket file descriptor leak in Dremini

2022-05-28 I can't stand developer interviews with algorithms (Or, why I'm learning APL)

2022-05-15 PSA: Potential libstdc++ hang in std::filesystem::symlink_status

2022-05-13 Sane YouTube FPS on FireFox on OpenBSD

2022-05-12 First time installing OpenBSD and stuff I did

2022-05-03 Two cents on the mistery of double slashes in URLs

2022-04-30 Securing web applications beyond just containers

2022-04-22 RE: My common Gemini crawler pitfalls

2022-04-20 My 3 weeks with the SlimeVR open source full-body tracker

2022-04-15 My half of year on Gemini

2022-04-11 Common Gemini crawler pitfalls

2022-04-02 landlock-unveil - experimental unveil(2) for Linux

2022-03-31 Markdown is not context free (or, writing parsers vs perser combinators)

2022-03-27 How to boost VRChat FPS using VR Performance Kit

2022-03-27 如何使用 VR Performance Kit 提升 VRChat 的性能

2022-03-20 The design of TLGS's crawler

2022-03-19, my new hybird Gemini/HTTP website

2022-03-13 Recover from Linux update disaster

2022-02-28 Ranting. My problems with C++

2022-02-03 RE: Gemini as a fertile frontier for hacking

2022-01-24 Does a Free and Open Source Metaverse make sense? Ans: Maybe not?

2022-01-19 A CryptoPunk's Dream

2022-01-14 Designing my ideal secure laptop

2022-01-06 Doing better than DuckDuckGo, some ideas

2021-12-31 VRChat - how the metaverse could be and should be

2021-12-11 Understanding Drogon's threading model

2021-12-01 Runing the Jami daemon - Not missing messages with Jami

2021-11-14 On privacy and tech development - Martin's Capsule

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