smolZINE - Issue 20


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Welcome! We have a number of great gems, some light reading and a little bit of music and fun!

Hidden (and not so hidden) Gems


A really neat podcast index for geminauts. Search and subscribe to podcasts in gemini!



Here is a young but nice gemlog to add to your subscriptions or feed aggregator.

kerobaros' Gemlog

Kota's Starship

Kota's capsule features some really nice photography as well as a gemlog. The most recent post is a TUI wordle game that they wrote.

Kota's Starship


If you enjoy a good personal site in the vein of the old internet then you'll have a fun exploring OH.MG. A journal and fun ascii art galore.


Yujiri's Homepage

A "programmer, writer, and philosopher of all things". Yujiri's capsule has a wide variety of subjects to explore.

Yujiri's Homepage


Slackware Linux 15.0 released

After almost six years of development, Slackware Linux 15.0 was finally released this month. The oldest GNU/Linux distribution that still in maintenance emerge from its longest release cycle with a lot of improvements and cutting edge features. Slackware 15.0 installs Linux kernel 5.15.19 includes KDE Plasma and XFCE 4.16.0 (and other lighter window managers like fvwm, windowmaker, blackbox and my beloved fluxbox). PAM was officially adopted, as PipeWire (as an alternate to Pulseaudio), Wayland (as an alternate to X11) and Elogin (replacing ConsoleKit2). Patrick Volkerding and Slackware's development team seems to be accomplished their goal: release a modern distribution, yet loyal to KISS philosophy. Slackware stills a systemd-free distribution, suitable for desktop/laptop and server aplications on both 32bit and 64bit hardware, that respect the management decisions of users, and faithful to UNIX way of do it. You will find the official annoucement at:

Interesting reviews of the release can be found at:

For those who always ask: Slackware is dead. Long live the Slackware!

- carriunix


Chess Puzzle

by carriunix


Stinky Pinky

by kelbot

To play Stinky Pinky you will need to read the two descriptions below. They each describe a word and the two words rhyme. Example: 1. Smelly, 2. Finger; Answer: Stinky Pinky. Get it? You can email your answer to the address found at the bottom of each smolZINE to confirm if you are correct. The first to answer wins...uhhh I haven't figured that out yet so my congrats will have to do for now.

1. Stone fruit

2. Dance

Community Contributions & Discussion

Please consider taking part in making this zine better and more diverse by contributing your thoughts and finds. If you are interested in contributing a short article or capsule picks email me at: smolzine (at)

If you have any feedback or just want to discuss anything related to gemini or smolZINE hit me up at the above email or ping me on the fediverse at and/or use the #smolZINE tag.


Thank you to the following geminauts for their contributions to this issue of smolZINE.

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