smolZINE - Issue 24


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Wow, two weeks seems like such a long way off when I finish a smolZINE issue then the next one feels like comes so quickly. A lot of offline life stuff happening for me right now so this is going to be a bit of a lighter issue. BUT, there are some really cool gems in this issue.

Hidden (and not so hidden) Gems

Alexandra's Cafe

welcome to my cafe! order a chai latte (my favorite), and perhaps stay for a while — at least, until you get back on the right path. this cafe sits within the nothing, the space between the timeline you're on and the entangled timelines that make up the multiverse. it's a weird amalgamation between the truth in one life and the truth in another; maybe some form of fiction to some and reality to others.

Alexandra's Cafe

ASCII Comics

Here we have a couple capsules with very cool and different takes on bringing a comic to gemini. she12 has a couple nice ASCII comics on their capsule. Cinni has some very detailed and ambitious ASCII comics and ASCII art galore.


Cinni's Corner

Untitled Webcomic

Another take on bringing a comic to gemini but this time via images that are accessible via gemini.

Untitled Webcomic


If you're having issues connecting to a capsule bacardi55's Houston can be helpful. It's a simple tool to check whether a capsule is down or not.


The Anarcho-Catgirls' Cabin of Lettres and Wonder

I'm not sure I could give you a better picture of what this capsule is about than the title to be honest. If that sounds intriguing then give it a gander.

The Anarcho-Catgirls' Cabin of Lettres and Wonder


Stinky Pinky

by kelbot

To play Stinky Pinky you will need to read the two descriptions below. They each describe a word and the two words rhyme. Example: 1. Smelly, 2. Finger; Answer: Stinky Pinky. Get it? You can email your answer to the address found at the bottom of each smolZINE to confirm if you are correct. The first to answer wins...uhhh I haven't figured that out yet so my congrats will have to do for now.

1. To hit, strike or beat

2. Game piece from a popular 90s kids game

Community Contributions & Discussion

Please consider taking part in making this zine better and more diverse by contributing your thoughts and finds. If you are interested in contributing a short article or capsule picks email me at: smolzine (at)

If you have any feedback or just want to discuss anything related to gemini or smolZINE hit me up at the above email or ping me on the fediverse at and/or use the #smolZINE tag.

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