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Welcome on the gemini version of my web blog! It might have a few glitches as it is mainly focus for web delivery.

Let me know if you find a problem or check out the web version (link on the homepage).

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2023-02-06 New laptop part 4: Dracula theme

2023-02-05 Setting up OpenPGP Web Key Directory (WKD)

2023-02-04 Headless installation of RaspberryPiOS

2023-01-19 New laptop part 3: i3wm configuration

2023-01-18 New laptop part 2: Core tools

2023-01-17 New laptop part 1: EndeavourOS / Archlinux on the FrameWork laptop (12th gen)

2023-01-16 New laptop part 0: Discovering the FrameWork laptop

2022-12-05 Owning back my place in the fediverse - part 1

2022-11-20 Walgot v0.2.0

2022-11-10 cleanABag, a tool to remove old articles from wallabag

2022-11-06 Announcing walgot, a Wallabag TUI client

2022-09-08 Moving my posts to orgmode

2022-09-06 Learning orgmode… and a bit of emacs

2022-06-06 Blog house cleaning and new RSS feeds

2021-12-11 Send sxmo notifications to a matrix room

2021-04-11 Using multiple traefik middlewares using docker labels

2021-04-08 Managing your gemini feeds with Comitium and docker

2021-04-04 Moving gmnisrv to my swarm cluster

2021-03-23 Home Automation, part 8: Entry door detection with Motion and NodeRed

2021-03-09 Home Automation, part 7: Alarms and alerts flows with Nodered

2021-03-07 RCA of my homelab cluster downtime

2021-02-28 Home Automation, part 6: Leaving and Arriving home routine via NodeRed

2021-02-22 Home Automation, part 5: Night and Morning routines with Nodered

2021-02-21 Switch between A2dp and Headset pulseaudio profile with i3Blocks

2021-02-16 Mixing blog and gemlog content on my blog homepage and RSS feed

2021-02-13 Managing this site and my gemini capsule with Hugo

2021-02-06 Deploying my own Gemini capsule with gminisrv

2021-02-06 Home Automation, part 4: List of my NodeRed automation flows

2021-02-04 Moving away from GlusterFS to a shared folder mounted via sshfs for my cluster storage

2021-01-16 Good Bye 2020, Hello 2021

2020-05-05 Receive alerts when new images are available for your docker swarm cluster with Diun

2020-05-02 My Home Lab 2020, part 7: Keeping containers' log in rotation with logrotate

2020-04-30 My Home Lab 2020, part 6(v1): Temporary backup system

2020-04-28 My Home Lab 2020, part 5: External application status with Statping

2020-04-25 Why do I write on this blog?

2020-04-18 Home Automation, part 3 - Multi room music and sound system with Mopidy and Snapcast

2020-04-17 Docker swarm Web dashboard with Portainer

2020-04-14 Home Automation, part 2 - NodeRed, Mosquitto and Domoticz on my docker swarm cluster

2020-04-12 Home Automation, part 1 - Context and Architecture

2020-04-03 Manage your personal project todos with Kanboard and Docker Swarm

2020-04-03 Manage your personal project todos with Kanboard and Docker Swarm

2020-03-30 My Home Lab 2020, part 4: Running Services over https with Traefik

2020-03-29 Simple load testing using siege

2020-03-27 My Home Lab 2020, part 3: Docker Swarm setup

2020-03-24 My Home Lab 2020, part 2: GlusterFS Setup

2020-03-18 Managing my dotfiles with Yadm

2020-03-18 My Home Lab 2020, part 1: Context and Architecture choices

2020-03-15 Buying a Linux Laptop

2020-03-14 2020, Yet another attempt to resurrect this blog

2018-03-29 Home Lab part 8: Create a local docker registry to manage your own images

2018-02-13 Pimaton v0.0.4, introducing web features!

2018-02-06 Pimaton is now installable via pip!

2018-01-28 Supporting foss #01

2018-01-25 Yesterday, Pimaton v0.0.3 (alpha) was put in used!

2018-01-12 Introducing my new project: Pimaton a Photobooth app for raspberry pi

2017-11-15 Kalliope as your personal DJ

2017-11-07 Kalliope reminder with snooze

2017-11-05 Headless RaspberryPi installation

2017-11-02 Kalliope updates, part 2

2017-10-21 Kalliope update

2017-05-16 What have I been up to lately

2017-04-22 Running feed2toot in a docker container

2017-04-07 2018 is here

2017-03-21 Kalliopé 4.3 and new kalliopé website and videos!

2017-03-19 Kalliopé, what time is it in …

2017-03-18 An Uber neuron for Kalliope

2017-03-18 Switching back to static html

2017-03-16 Managing a shopping list with Kalliope

2017-03-15 Entering the domotic game

2017-03-07 Update linux clock when travelling

2017-02-24 Monitor and restart Kalliope via a led and a push button

2017-02-23 Ssmtp and password containing

2017-02-22 Opening Tv show episode via Kalliope

2017-02-21 Kalliope - a poorsman log analyser

2017-02-21 Kalliope GoogleMaps neuron

2017-02-21 Kalliope system status neurons

2017-02-17 Kalliope acting as a reminder

2017-02-08 Manage dualscreen with HiDPI

2017-02-08 Kalliope MPD neurons

2017-01-13 Kalliope remote update

2017-01-13 Web scrapping Kalliope neuron

2017-01-09 Kalliope neuron for google calendar

2017-01-04 Available commands on kalliope neuron

2017-01-03 Kalliope community modules and the Picamera neuron

2016-12-28 Kalliope Remote web app

2016-12-26 Kalliope - Raspberrypi camera neurons

2016-12-24 Introducing kalliope personal assistant

2016-12-09 Xrandr command when (un)plugging a screen

2016-12-08 Blog reopening !

2016-12-07 Adding a default «vhost» to nginx

2016-12-03 Save a file even when you forget sudo

2016-12-03 Sshfs cheatsheet

2013-03-07 Open html email and email attachment in mutt

2013-02-21 Saving a vim session before quitting

2013-02-02 Alternate css classes easily in twig

2013-01-18 Switching quickly from 1 screen to 2

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