GTL v0.7.0

Posted on 2022-03-13

Reminder: GTL is a simple CLI / TUI software to read tinylog entries from multiple users in a timeline fashion. If you are interested in learning more, I suggest looking at the public aggregator¹, the tinylog RFC² or the GTL page³.

I've released GTL v0.7.0 tonight! 7 months after the previous release… I did take a break as I explained in my status post⁴. Looking at the commit history, it seems that the break in GTL lasted 6 months (from Aug 17, 2021 to Feb 11, 2022).

During that I still used GTL daily but wasn't motivated to add more feature. Like for writing or many other things, I don't force myself too much on my free time :).

One thing that re-motivated me was a few messages by email either asking to add new tinylog to the aggregator² / known list³ or bug report or even a few quick thank you note.

To everyone involved from far away (by just reading the aggregator from time to time) to daily users, thank you all! I'm enjoying reading your entries and the interactions!

What's new in v0.7.0?

The main new feature is the ability to customize GTL theme so that users can choose their color palette. The documentation page⁵ has 3 example: light, dark and dracula themes but you are free to create you own. If you do, please share!

I've also added a search feature. In reality, it is more a "filtering" feature. You enter some text (shortcut is `/`) and it will only show entries containing that text. It works with the sidebar filtering so you can search for specific text for a specific author. It isn't a "real" search engine but should be more than enough for GTL :).

The modal box (`alt+enter`) has been improved to now show a button to go directly to the tinylog page in your gemini browser.

Last added feature was just to add in the `gemini mode` (what is used to generate the aggregator page) will now show the tinylog urls at the bottom of the page. It means that you can more easily go from the aggregator page to the author page.

A few bug fix:

What's next?

I have a few ideas, you can check the issue list⁶ to see. But feel free to create issues or email me any ideas you may have! I'm not committing to anything but I'm always interested to see what other people think is missing.

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