Late night thoughts about CDG

Posted on 2022-09-18


Earlier this week, the « Collective Directory of Geminispace » was announced[1]. In short, it is a capsule listing links to other capsule in a categorized manner. This could be a very common thing, but the particularity here relies on being community driven.

A bit like with Antenna[2], geminauts push the information to CDG, adding themselves links they find interesting. I liked the idea a lot and wrote on my tinylog the day of the announcement as well as posting the link in geddit[3]. I started this post as an email I to share a quick feedback about CDG, but thought it might as well be a public response. If it helps even 1 person discover this capsule then it would be worth it instead of a private email.

So what is the problem? No problem really, I just believe that they are challenges to keep such capsule useful in the long term… So here are my 2cts:


Minimize dead links by regularly checking capsule status.

The most important one for me in this list. The main issue I have with such lists online is that they become full of deadlinks after some time. I believe this could be solved by regularly checking capsule status. Not removing them after 1 failure, but for example if the capsule hasn't been up for the past month (with regular checks), then remove them temporarily of the list. If it hasn't responded for the past 3 months, delete it. Dates here are random, but explain easily the idea.

Bottom line being: to keep users interested in such a list, it needs to be (kind of) up to date.

Simplify regular visitors browsing

By adding a "Last entries" page. A small thing but the more categories and links will be added, the more important this will be. At some point, it might become such a huge list than casually checking categories might become a headache.

In the case, looking at what is regularly added (even maybe per category down the road) would be really helpful! Similar to the « Show recent posts » on cosmos[4].


For now at least, I believe this isn't too much of an issue in the Gemini space, which is also why most of us are here :). Crossing fingers for this to never changed :].


Again, thanks to the creator of CDG[5] for this cool project! Long live CDG[6]. I'm glad it made it to the latest smolzine (#34)[7] too (if you don't know what the smolzine is, check it out now!).

Let's make it alive and feed it cool data so we can all discover cool capsules :)




[1] Link (gemini):

CDG announcement

[2] Link (gemini):

Antenna capsule

[3] Link (gemini):


[4] Link (gemini):

Show recent posts page on cosmos

[5] Checked on their capsule, I didn't find a name except mbays in an email address or the domain "thegonz"… Sorry if I missed it.

[6] It is funny to say as "CDG" is also the trigram for the Charles De Gaule, the biggest airport in France…

[7] Link (gemini):

Smallzine #34


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