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Wed 16 Nov 2022 16:54 CET

My home timeline on mastodon has become way too active.

Also, some of the pinned hashtags I have are becomming to fast to follow asynchronously…

I think I need to use the upgrade to v4 as an excuse to limit pinned hashtags and maybe remove some people I'm following (that I usually read anyway via the pinned hashtags that made me found them in the first place).

Tue 15 Nov 2022 02:36 CET

I've implemented a search for walgot (wallabag tui) :).

I'm close to another release I think, just a few things and it will be worth a v0.2.0

Thu 10 Nov 2022 12:26 CET

I've created cleanABag, a small wallabag cli tool to remove old articles from wallabag to avoid "storage waste".

Goal is to give a date and it will delete all articles older than this date (with flags for keeping/removing unread and/or starred articles).

No need to store thousands of already irrelevant articles anymore!

Blog post about it

cleanABag repo (HTTPS)

Wed 09 Nov 2022 15:03 CET

I've started yesterday another wallabag tool… This one goal is to "prune" old articles to avoid wasted storage space…

It's a small thing, so should be available before the end of the week.

Tue 08 Nov 2022 19:55 CET

RE: Sandra Tue 08 Nov 2022 13:27 UTC

Fedi sucks now! 💁🏻‍♀️

While I do agree that my timeline is "messy" right now, I have good hope that the fedi will go back to a more "normal" state :)

Sun 06 Nov 2022 22:00 CET

Walgot is now public :)

Any feedback from any wallabag user is welcome :]

walgot announcement

Sun 06 Nov 2022 01:41 CET

So I've tagged walgot v0.1.0 and pushed it to sourcehut¹ (and mirrored on github).

I'm too lazy tonight to write the blog post to make it "official", but I'll do this tomorrow.

¹: I decided to go with Sourcehut because of 2 main reasons: email workflow and ootb build capabilities, but I'll write a gemlog about it later too…

Sat 05 Nov 2022 14:10 CET

I want to "officially" migrate away from github, but I don't know if I want to use codeberg (and a familiar UI) or sourcehut.

Sourcehut isn't easy, but I like the workflow around emails and public mailing list…

In any case I would support/pay for it but I don't know which one to actually choose.

(I have selfhosted for a long time my git server but I want to keep it private now and use one of these service for public repos, self hosting git repo was more problematic than emails for me)

Thu 03 Nov 2022 21:58 CET

RE: @szczezuja Thu 03 Nov 2022 21:03 CET

Bacardi55 posted about the Wallabag TUI client. What is the Wallabag?!

The short summary is that wallabag is a "read it later" app, opensource and can be selfhosted :).

For me it works hand in hand with RSS aggregator as I often can read the whole thing, so I save it for later when I have time. Many client exists to read it from mobile or any device. But a TUI was missing (for me :)).

I even have a small script that take the current tab open on lagrange and save it (via a proxy) in wallabag too, so I have a central place for "to be read" content.

Thu 03 Nov 2022 00:15 CET

I've made some cool progress earlier today on this new wallabag TUI app, quite please as understanding bubbletea workflow wasn't easy^^.

I've shared a short video on the fediverse:

Wed 02 Nov 2022 16:39 CET

I'm spending more time refactoring code for this wallabag TUI (= walgot) tool than adding features…

It is due to the fact that I'm using a very different TUI library than the one I used for GTL.

GTL uses tcell¹/tview², while I'm using bubbletea³ and co for this new one.

Main reason was "to try it" and also try a more "ELM architecture".

Was quite tough at first to understand how it works but I think I'm getting there and to a "ok" state to now add feature :)

Tcell library (HTTPS)

Tview library (HTTPS)

Bubbletea library (HTTPS)

Tue 01 Nov 2022 00:51 CET

I have started the first line of a wallabag TUI client… Not sure it's a good idea but here we are…

A toot with a screenshot (HTTPS)

Fri 28 Oct 2022 19:15 CEST

I'm looking at my 3 screens right now, and all 3 have emacs open on it. Emails via mu4e on the left, code on the right and writing a gemlog post in org-mode in the middle…

What happened to me…

But this tinylog entry is still written with vim (as it's still my $EDITOR).

Wed 26 Oct 2022 01:49 CEST

I may be suffering from this:

Sat 22 Oct 2022 18:01 CEST

New tinylog by Sandra (

Sandra tinylog

Always nice to see new addition to the tinylog list!

Fri 07 Oct 2022 10:27 CEST

I'm sick… Every freaking years at the exact same time, I get sick… I have to figure out why and how.

Mon 26 Sep 2022 16:03 CEST

Wow what a week… Wait what? We are only Monday? 😢

Mon 19 Sep 2022 09:47 CEST

Already tired on Monday morning…

Also, I'm flying to Prague tonight for the rest of the week for the DrupalCon event.

Will be great but also long and exhausting… We'll see how it goes!

By design, I can not publish gemlog/tinylog outside of my private network, and I don't have a way to connect from outside (on purpose).

It means no tinylog / gemlog entry until late friday 🤷.

I may try to continue updating it locally via orgmode as usually and see if I have anything to publish, even retroactively, on Friday :).

Sun 18 Sep 2022 01:56 CEST

RE: @bacardi55 Thu 15 Sep 2022 10:19 CEST

I decided to write a bit more about my thoughts to help CDG live long (and prosper):


Fri 16 Sep 2022 13:58 CEST

Another cool oh-my-zsh tip: the take command (HTTPS):

I created my own "mkcd" function but feels dumb now as it is just built-in…

But wasn't the case when I started using oh-my-zsh, I just didn't follow that news :).

Thu 15 Sep 2022 11:43 CEST

TIL with oh-my-zsh:

Use "omz reload" instead of "source ~/.zshrc", it is better :).

Source (HTTPS):

Thu 15 Sep 2022 10:19 CEST

I quite like the idea of the « Collaborative Directory of Geminispace »


But to stay accurate and up to date, it should check for capsule status from time to time and remove capsule that were offline for example the last X tests during the last Y weeks/months.

Otherwise it will become another place where half links are dead.

Wed 14 Sep 2022 09:30 CEST

I have 2 drafts almost ready to be posted and 3 or 4 drafts to start… Feels like I haven't been that "productive" in my writings for a while!

Tue 13 Sep 2022 19:58 CEST

(e)Lisp is a nightmare… Granted I've just started and a total noob… But all these parentheses… I'm loosing my mind 🤣

Mon 12 Sep 2022 00:02 CEST

Weird pre-bed thought: Using tinylog as POSSE¹ source for posting on social media (in my case, the fediverse).

But I guess, it would mean displaying my tinylog on the web too 🤔. Not sure if I would like that tbh…

The other thing is I'd like to do is moving my tinylog to orgmode… I didn't think about this at all until now!

I don't even know if it's a good idea, because I wouldn't be able to use GTL edit and deploy script as is…

I'll think about another day I guess…

The good thing is that it will be even easier to archive things to avoid having huge tinylog…

Mine is actually 1500+ lines long… I really need to archive a big chunk of it…

¹ POSSE: Post on your Own Site, Syndicate everywhere

Sun 11 Sep 2022 01:07 CEST

Am I really looking into creating an emacs package to automate export from my file to my gemlog? 🤯

Fri 09 Sep 2022 20:15 CEST

Week end \o/

Fri 09 Sep 2022 16:05 CEST

Was in the office today… Have been there 1 day in July, but last time was during summer 2021 (I went only once last year)…

It's fun to see colleague and discussing, but I'm so much better equipped at home as I said in a gemlog post… And it has a lot less people talking while I try to focus to^^.

I think I couldn't go back to a job where I need to go 5 days a week in the office though. I don't say "never" because you never know what could happen in the future.

Thu 08 Sep 2022 23:36 CEST

Fully re-deployed my blog based on orgmode files as "source of truth" instead of markdown (even though orgmode content does get exported in markdown for hugo). I wrote about the "work" it was:

Moving my posts to org mode (HTTPS)

Learning orgmode (HTTPS)

(Because I didn't fix my gemlog export process, blog posts via gemini are a bit broken right now, so I'm sharing HTTPS links… Sorry, but will be fixed "soon-ish"!)

Tue 06 Sep 2022 23:41 CEST

Wow, not only did I post the blog post about orgmode I mentioned before, but I also squeezed an unplanned gemlog post too about a weird thought I had while deploying that new blog post… :)

Tue 06 Sep 2022 17:26 CEST

If I'm not too lazy, I should be able to post my first blog post about orgmode (and a bit of emacs). I have a few in mind right now, some will be post on my blog, some on my gemlog, because why not :).

This makes me wonder though, because I have some post that I want to be on both… I know they will be visible on both, because I have pages for viewing gemlog entries and blog entries on both my site and my capsule… But that's not the same…

Anyway just a random metaphysical question…

Mon 05 Sep 2022 09:02 CEST

I wish Lagrange was better at saving open tabs regularly so when it crashes (or my laptop hard reboot or whatever), then it would still remember the open tabs… 😞

Sun 04 Sep 2022 23:21 CEST

I think I've never have so many blog/gemlog drafts posts in parallel at the same time…

Not sure to be happy or sad about that 🤔

Sat 03 Sep 2022 00:09 CEST

Thanks to hugo and ox-hugo, seems quite easy to migrate all my blog posts to org-mode :)

If ox-gemini works well, I could really simplify my {web,gem}log workflow :)

Fri 02 Sep 2022 11:54 CEST

Is there a orgmode → Gemtext converter somewhere? 🤔

Thu 01 Sep 2022 12:02 CEST

I'm lacking work motivation today, which isn't good because I have many things to do… 🤷

Wed 31 Aug 2022 12:42 CEST

RE: @deerbard Wed 31 Aug 2022 11:35 CEST

Tinylog for me is writing random smalltalk-like starters, random thoughts but nobody reads except for you.

I wouldn't be so sure about this, there are other readers as well as "lurkers" that only read tinylogs via the aggregator. Not seeing responses doesn't mean no one is reading :).

I don't think it'll ever get popular and known unless […]

Is that the point of sharing thoughts here or on social media? Not for me at least, but I'm in a middle of writing a full gemlog about this (more or less^^).

Wed 31 Aug 2022 09:53 CEST

I have 3 W.I.P. gemlog posts in parallel… Was a long time ago the last time it happened^^.

Mon 22 Aug 2022 09:58 CEST

Back to work… This is a bit painful after vacations^^

Sun 21 Aug 2022 22:28 CEST

RE: @deerbard Sun 21 Aug 2022 16:27 CEST

I think I should try offpunk.

I, too, thought about trying offpunk many times, but for a reason I don't even know, I haven't yet^^".

Sun 21 Aug 2022 22:25 CEST

RE: @szczezuja Sun 21 Aug 2022 20:33 CEST

@bacardi55 It's interesting idea to put Twtxt into GTL. Although it seems to be less active than Tinylog format.

To be fair, I don't read any twtxt so didn't really know if the space was still active or not, just thought gtl should be about "microblogging over gemini" more than just tinylogs… But you are right, the effort might be useless^^.

I am thinking about something like automatic discovery of Tinylog or Twtxt format. After all, it is a format that could be recognized by one regular expression. It could be function in opposition to manually organized subscription list. Something like SETI project for that. :-)

I'm sure the already existing search engine could add these type of feature to search for particular page format :).

Sun 21 Aug 2022 22:23 CEST

RE: @szczezuja Sun 21 Aug 2022 16:28 CEST

→ gemini:// Is Gemini ready for the applied arts?

I really enjoyed reading it :) Not sure why though, but I knew you were the author after only the first few sentences :) Good job!

Sun 21 Aug 2022 01:27 CEST

Thinking about adding txtwt support to GTL for those who would want a unified tools for readding both microblogging content on gemini 🤔

Sat 20 Aug 2022 19:56 CEST

More and more tinylogs seems to be deactivated or removed… This is a bit sad…

Sat 13 Aug 2022 11:22 CEST

I 100% agree with this nice gemlog from ew0k :)

"If X You Shouldn't Release Software"

Wed 03 Aug 2022 12:18 CEST

June / July were quite busy months at work for many reasons…

I've lost track a bit of the gemini space but it is the slow web, so I can take my time browsing it :]

Tue 21 Jun 2022 10:01 CEST

Not the highest level of motivation today… 🤷

Tue 07 Jun 2022 01:55 CEST

RE: @deerbard Mon 06 Jun 2022 22:29 CEST

Is there any simple wat to copy paste from Vim to other programs?

"+y copy stuff (with the starting double quote) from vim. Then you can ctrl+v in another program.

FYI, "+p = paste in vim.

Mon 06 Jun 2022 14:51 CEST

I've also done a bit of "cleaning" on my blog today:

Blog cleaning article (HTTPS)

Mon 06 Jun 2022 11:31 CEST

GTL v1.0.0 is out:

GTL v1.0.0 (HTTPS)

Sun 05 Jun 2022 00:25 CEST

I love regexp <3.

Didn't know how to solve my issue, turns out 8 lines of code (+ 10 lines of comment) did the trick :).

Going to run on latest version a bit and if everything is stable I'll release v1.0.0 tomorrow or Monday \o/.

Sat 04 Jun 2022 21:06 CEST

Found the last issue I want to fix before GTL v1.0.0… But not sure how to fix it yet… So we'll see.

Objective is to release it before Monday end of day (bank holiday in France)

Fri 03 Jun 2022 17:54 CEST

I may have done enough to publish GTL v1.0.0 this week end :)

Fri 03 Jun 2022 01:55 CEST

Productive afternoon and evening, I believe I'm done with the main feature for GTL v1.0.0 :)

Now I think there are some issues on github that needs to be fixed before a release…

But that's from another day!

Thu 02 Jun 2022 19:41 CEST

I have been working on GTL again today on the next big feature that will lead to GTL v1.0.0!

I feel rusty after all this time but it's nice to get back into it :).

Sun 15 May 2022 18:16 CEST

I discovered this saying in Latin (from Ovid):

aut non tentaris, aut perfice

Which means:

either do not try it or go through with it

… So Yoda was just a copy cat then 🤣

Tue 03 May 2022 17:17 CEST

RE: @bacardi55 Tue 03 May 2022 16:49 CEST

@Skyjake released Lagrange 1.13[1]. I'm truly impressed by how regular and efficient he is with all his gemini related project!

That being said, I'm also very eager to start testing lagrange TUI version <3

Tue 03 May 2022 16:49 CEST

@Skyjake released Lagrange 1.13[1]. I'm truly impressed by how regular and efficient he is with all his gemini related project!

Lagrange 1.13 release page

Sun 01 May 2022 18:17 CEST

Seems station certificate has expired :/

Fri 22 Apr 2022 16:25 CEST

Seen on newsgroup:

Some posting about spam on another newsgroup that comes from servers…

First response:

Can you not just filter him rather than crying about it publicly. Are you some little crying baby that your mum couldn't teach you manners?

WTF is wrong with people unleashing their hate online for no reason… 🤦

Sun 17 Apr 2022 17:38 CEST

✅ - Nice article by @szczezuja

Sun 17 Apr 2022 03:37 CEST

Seems that houston¹ (verify a capsule status) has made smolZINE 24² :)

Thanks @kelbot

[1]: Houston

[2]: SmolZINE 24

Fri 08 Apr 2022 10:47 CEST

People that are still (or again) using usenet: How do you find interesting group to subscribe? There are so many and so much spam it seems impossible… The only one I'm following right now is the gemini one^^.

Thu 07 Apr 2022 10:29 CEST

With zsh, when you are in a middle of typing a command and realize you need to type another one first, just use "ctrl+q", it will delete your command and let you type another one. After it is executed it will paste back your 1st command (before the ctrl+q) :)

This is so useful, for example if you realize the folder where you want to move a file is not created yet.

👍 zsh tips

Mon 04 Apr 2022 09:20 CEST

Nice read about tinylogs (in RU and EN):

Микроблогинг в Gemini: tinylog и gtl / Microbloging in Gemini: tinylog and gtl


Fri 01 Apr 2022 19:03 CEST

RE: @deerbard Fri 01 Apr 2022 12:35 CEST

Just learned my tinylog does not appear in Tinylog timeline generated by gtl anymore. Was it too boring or what could be the couse?

Your tinylog is still indexed by the aggregator! What can happen is if during the last check a capsule is down, it won't display any posts from it (there is no a memory, all posts are retrieve at refresh). So if any network issue happened right at the refresh time (could be on my server side too), then you are not in the latest page, but will be at the next refresh (every 15min). I can see your tinylog on the aggregator now for example.

Tue 29 Mar 2022 22:27 CEST

RE: @szczezuja Tue 29 Mar 2022 21:48 CEST

Bacardi55 pointed out to me the Usenet. I was touched by the second illiteracy. I used Usenet in the '90s. And now I haven't even know how to go about it. Ancient knowledge, what are the NNTP server addresses now?!
→ []
And it already seemed that I do not have a free server at hand.

I'm "browsing" usenet with my mail client neomutt :) I'm also using this server that is free and open:

Wed 23 Mar 2022 22:06 CET

I sent my first message on the gemini newsgroup today! First time for the past 15+ years!

Tue 22 Mar 2022 18:56 CET

I stumble more and more on broken links in gemini even from aggregators like Antenna/Cosmos. Either stability has gone down lately in the gemini space or I'm just unlucky ^^.

Sat 19 Mar 2022 23:24 CET

Discovering usenet after so many years (15?) :)

There is now a specific gemini place there too:


Mon 14 Mar 2022 11:56 CET

RE: @bacardi55 Mon 14 Mar 2022 10:44 CET

In theory, using offpunk should be the same as centralizing gemini/web pages I want to read in wallabag (which I already do)…

But I don't know why I feel I need to try offpunk for some nerdy reasons :).

Mon 14 Mar 2022 10:44 CET

I think I'm going to try offpunk sometime this week… :)

Sun 13 Mar 2022 23:52 CET

I installed and configured grocy for managing food stock, meal planning and shopping list shared with my gf.

I'm very impressed by the tool so far :)

Goal is to plan better to limit waste even more :)

Sun 13 Mar 2022 23:52 CET

RE: @szczezuja Sun 13 Mar 2022 22:31 CET

Thanks a lot for sharing those info :]

Sun 13 Mar 2022 20:15 CET

Is usenet still used? Anyone has good documentation if that's the case?

Or are BBS more still used? If so, which is the more active between usenet and BBS?

Sun 13 Mar 2022 00:54 CET

I've release GTL v0.7.0 :)


Sun 13 Mar 2022 00:45 CET

RE: @szczezuja Sat 12 Mar 2022 22:28 CET

"nb" looks very interesting. Someday, I would like to get into org mode. It seems to be an even more general solution (although it would require a transition from vi to emacs).

I thought about it a few times, but I can not make my mind to move away from vim after all those years…

Wed 09 Mar 2022 19:43 CET

Did I really miss how awesome "nb" is? 🤯


Thu 03 Mar 2022 17:02 CET

Since January, I became team lead, which mean that 50% of my time should be now focused on helping and coaching other people in the team…

I know how to do my job, but coaching others is though… I should try to find some good materials to learn this skill…

Also, now I have many more topics to manage, I need to be better at taking and organizing notes more efficiently…

Thu 03 Mar 2022 10:03 CET

This work week is crazy, I haven't been this tired for a long time…

Wed 02 Mar 2022 09:05 CET

Nice summary of the different microblogging option in gemini:


Tue 01 Mar 2022 01:00 CET

Technically speaking, I don't see the difference between sending a "gemini mention" and submitting my RSS feed to Antenna 🤔…

Mon 28 Feb 2022 23:06 CET

Sent my first Gemini Mention to someone than myself during testing/dev of RFC implementation :].

Mon 28 Feb 2022 02:22 CET

RE: @paulsnar Sun 27 Feb 2022 20:47 +0200

Recently, there's been some discourse on backlinks and backlink notification schemes. Taking the torch from bacardi55, I've written down some of my thoughts in this space too.
→ gemini:// But Why Though? – On the responses to Gemmention-like concepts

That's a great post, my thoughts aver /very/ similar to the ones in this post.

Mon 28 Feb 2022 02:22 CET

RE: @paulsnar Sun 27 Feb 2022 20:47 +0200

Recently, there's been some discourse on backlinks and backlink notification schemes. Taking the torch from bacardi55, I've written down some of my thoughts in this space too.
→ gemini:// But Why Though? – On the responses to Gemmention-like concepts

Mon 28 Feb 2022 02:22 CET

RE: @paulsnar Sun 27 Feb 2022 20:47 +0200

Recently, there's been some discourse on backlinks and backlink notification schemes. Taking the torch from bacardi55, I've written down some of my thoughts in this space too.
→ gemini:// But Why Though? – On the responses to Gemmention-like concepts

Sun 27 Feb 2022 19:20 CET

RE: Pen Thu 24 Feb 2022 10:30 UTC

Could it be, that gtl does not parse yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm, i.e. a time without zone, though it should consider it as UTC?

Just discovered Pen's new tinylog and this message. If you read this (I didn't find any contacts on your capsule), yes GTL consider UTC if you don't precise the timezone. Look below a screenshot of your tinylog in GTL:

Sun 27 Feb 2022 14:04 CET

Received my first gemini mention this morning, it's great to see it working! Thanks Paulsnar!

Seems the other responses I got were less positive, which I understand as it might feel too complex for gemini… But maybe it isn't as big as a problem than I thought? 🤷

This isn't at all a mandatory thing, it provides just a way to tell the other authors "hey look here" in a more standardize way.

It might die on its own in the next weeks as I said, or be used by just a handful of people at the end, like for tinylogs, but I least I tried* :]

(*"Do or do not, there is no try" said Yoda… But I can say I actually did it with the implementations :p. And yes, I'm quoting Yoda :D).

Have a great Sunday everyone and stay safe!

Sun 27 Feb 2022 05:00 CET

After some teasing, I've finally posted my thoughts and ideas (and implementations) for gemini response via gemlog…


Sat 26 Feb 2022 02:35 CET

Gemini mentions status:

Missing pieces:

The golang server side implementation is the remaining big thing before I can share all this with everyone. I was hopping by end of the week end, but being realistic probably mean end of next week^^.

Fri 25 Feb 2022 01:06 CET

I've put in written my idea for gemini mentions (aka replies, backlinks, …). The content seems ok-ish right now for a draft proposal.

I've started a very simple bash implementation (but I really don't like bash :p) that should be ready this week end.

I'm also planing to write a better software for it (probably in go to provide binary files) that will have more advance feature.

Providing tools with the proposal will, I hope, help geminauts want to try it on their capsule (granted they agree to enable cgi scripts, if their server allows it).

I'd like to publish the proposal with the 2 tools at the same time but if I don't have enough time I may publish the proposal with "just" the bash script in the next few days 🤷.

Wed 23 Feb 2022 21:08 CET

Thinking about the backlinks again… I started a draft of my I'm thinking that I'll publish when ready, but if I'm being realistic, the main blocker will be the need for cgi scripts that capsule owner will have to setup.

Even if given the said script, it might not be easy for everyone and some user might be against the idea of having these kind of scripts on their server.

I also think that not every server allow them.

Wed 23 Feb 2022 11:24 CET

I have been thinking about replies in the gemini space and backlinks…

It isn't an easy problem as the solutions could be very simple or horribly complex…

But I want to give a shot, so my plan is to write a small concept and one or 2 implementations (eg: a very simple in bash and a more advanced as a go binary), so that's it is not "just" a concept but actually giving the tool to help the community embrace some kind of backlinks/pingbacks/refbacks

Wed 23 Feb 2022 11:20 CET

I really like the gemini community :) Thank you all!

Tue 22 Feb 2022 23:03 CET

Offpunk¹ browser seems very cool and bring very interesting changes to the way one would browse the web…

I really need to take the time "someday" to test it out!

1: Offpunk repository

Mon 21 Feb 2022 23:15 CET

@Acidus¹ is managing a great search engine for gemini (Kennedy) that now can show cached results too³!

I find it so cool to have real good search engine now, thanks a lot @acidus for the great work!

1: Acidus' capsule

2: Kennedy search engine

3: Cached results

Mon 21 Feb 2022 23:10 CET

RE: @deerbard Mon 21 Feb 2022 20:55 CET

Sick, weak and unable to work but at least learned it's not covid. And there is one positive side of it all - I read more. Always look on the bright side of life.

Wish @deerbard to get better soon!

Sun 20 Feb 2022 18:47 CET

Read this on station:

Hey Station! I've been looking for some "affiliate" capsules to link on the main page of mine. My capsule is at xxxxx if you want to take a look at it. Drop your capsules here if you'd like to be an affiliate, lol.

It feels to me like a very web oriented way of thinking. There is nothing to gain and no real SEO on gemini…

Start writing content and maybe add links to other capsules you like, and people will do the same if/when they like your capsule…

I could say a lot more but I'll stop there.

I also removed the actual link (but you can find it easily by going to station), because it is not against this specific geminauts but more for our community to start thinking differently.

Sat 19 Feb 2022 02:53 CET

I've added search (more like filtering) capabilities to GTL :)

Upcoming version moving on nicely :]

Fri 18 Feb 2022 01:07 CET

RE: Thu 17 Feb 2022 17:39 CET

I find it pretty cool and easy to customize, you did a great job!

Thanks a lot for testing and the feedback :) I have a few other feature I want to add before the next release so it's nice to see this one work :)

Tue 15 Feb 2022 23:10 CET

RE: Tue 15 Feb 2022 20:48 CET

Happy to see @adele posting again in the gemini space (:

Tue 15 Feb 2022 22:26 CET

The custom theming feature for GTL has been moving nicely:

GTL screenshots in 3 theme (HTTPS)

I'm not that happy with the code that added a lot of mess I feel… But I like the feature.

I would love some testing though as it might differ in other systems and setups…

Tue 15 Feb 2022 17:47 CET

I'm using more antenna and cosmos than my own commitium (feed agregator) right now… I don't know if it's good or not and if I should shut down the aggregator?


Tue 15 Feb 2022 17:29 CET

New smolzine #20 is out :-)


Tue 15 Feb 2022 00:46 CET

I've made quite good progress on implementing custom themes in gtl¹ :)

More messy than I would have prefer… But seems to work well!

I may rework it a bit, but I'll push something this week (and would love more tests than me and my different terms)

Mon 14 Feb 2022 18:30 CET

Sorry if you see tests in my tinylogs, I use my own tinylog feed for testing 🤷 :)

But happy to have fixed a couple of issue in GTL to get back on the horse, now I can start working on real improvements :).

Mon 14 Feb 2022 00:06 CET

I started coding a few patch for GTL in the train on Friday and today… Clearly rusty as I had to re-read some of my code to understand what I did a few months ago :D

But happy to start again, a few patches will be pushed soon to the main branch

Thu 10 Feb 2022 17:21 CET

I'm motivated to take back working on GTL soon :]

I have a few ideas to implement and bugs to fix, and I miss writing go :P

Feel free to send any ideas or submit ticket to github/gitlab projects too (:

Thu 10 Feb 2022 11:45 CET

Apparently there is another security fix for gemserv, please update geminauts!

Bug Fix (HTTPS)

Tue 08 Feb 2022 01:54 CET

New tinylog:


Mon 07 Feb 2022 00:51 CET

Houston¹ and Tinylogs agregator² are back online :) That's one thing less to do!

I also added a few tinylog generated by Station³ to the aggregator. Not sure who to add and who not to, so for now only @skyjake, @martin and @kelbot have been added.

1: Houston

2: Tinylog aggregator


Sat 05 Feb 2022 17:04 CET

Not sure why, but I can't make my gemini server hosting houston/tinylog aggregator to work again with gemserv since the last update…

I did the same thing for my "local" server (serving my gemlog and feed) and it worked without any issue…

Even tried recreating the tls certificate but no success… I'm thinking about installing another gemini server for this 🤔

Mon 31 Jan 2022 11:49 CET

Also to think about this week: Should I (auto) clean my tinylog file to remove old entries?

I think I should put a cleaning process to remove post older than X days…

That's also why I want to add a "bookmark" option in GTL.

Mon 31 Jan 2022 11:21 CET

Thought for this week: Should we try to simplify tinylog format a bit?

I feel like some resistance about it is because it can be too flexible (and thus potentially hard to parse).

A simple solution would be to have a more limiting format and then allow client to add feature they want on top of it.

I have no idea if that's really an option, as some user already feel "constrained" with the current format 🤷

Mon 31 Jan 2022 11:18 CET

RE: Fri 28 Jan 2022 20:35 UTC

Has twtxt completely supplanted tinylogs on Gemini? Feels like my tinylog feed is really quiet these days.

Funny enough, I wrote a gemlog about this recently¹.

I don't think tinylogs are dead, but as @deerbard said, I'm just posting this into the gemini void without too much thoughts :).

¹: Microblogging and gemini

Mon 31 Jan 2022 11:15 CET

RE: @szczezuja Sun 30 Jan 2022 21:51 CET

@bacardi55: I've add to my GTL one feed of my colleague, and I realized that there are no any Station's tinylogs in your aggregated feeds timeline. Is it on purpose? I remember that Station had add tinylog support on the early stage of RFC creation, and It seems to be quiet about it from that time?

Indeed, I didn't add any station users to the global feed. The reason was: "who am I to decide who should or shouldn't be on that list?"… Then I could add "everyone" but that's a lot…

I could start with adding the "most known" users? I don't know tbh, so would appreciate feedback :)

Wed 26 Jan 2022 01:42 CET

@ewok reading challenge day 6: only read 10 pages today. I really need to start reading earlier, that would help sleep more too ^^

Wed 26 Jan 2022 01:17 CET

@skyjake site is down… I'm guessing his new server still have a few glitches :D

Joking aside, I think the gemini community really benefits from his hard work in clearly all gemini areas like @szczezuja said!

If you read this @skyjake, many thanks <3


Tue 25 Jan 2022 17:49 CET

Didn't read at all yesterday (well, I did read a manga but that doesn't count). I'm going to do a wrap up of my experience in this challenge later today (or tomorrow), but I'm thinking about another challenge to start for the next 3 weeks. Not based on page / day but mainly just on "did I read X days per week". The number of page is not important for me, as it also depends so much on life constraint. But making the habit to open a book at least 5 days per week is what I'm looking for…

Mon 24 Jan 2022 18:40 CET

Mondays, right…? 😫

Mon 24 Jan 2022 02:21 CET

"Forced" myself a bit tonight to read before going to bed, but I may regret it tomorrow morning 🤷.

Anyway, I only read 20 pages tonight. But the main goal is to retrieve the habit of reading daily or close to it, so I'm happy to continue this challenge :).

Sat 22 Jan 2022 18:10 CET

Day 3 of the reading challenge! I missed day 2, but today I finished one of my book, reading 50+ page so I'm covered for the day :].

Yesterday was last day of the working week and my brain was entirely fried ^^

Fri 21 Jan 2022 19:28 CET

Finally the week end :]

Fri 21 Jan 2022 13:48 CET

RE: @szczezuja Thu 20 Jan 2022 16:38 CET

It's funny that it seems that made more noise than . Twtxt was added to some time ago, and at this time there were about 10 active users aggregated by @bacardi55, and only several testing posts on twtxt provided by Antenna. Of course twtxt is reaching more far than Geminispace, but in Geminispace tinylog is more homely. For me the key benefit is that tinylog is readable for any Gemini client, ant it isn't only formatted text-file, at the same time it is offering the same functionalities, with the same simplicity.

Maybe I'm wrong When I say that txtwt is more popular, I don't know, but feels like it but maybe only because twtxt users are more vocal? In any case, the more I think about it the more I do prefer tinylogs. But maybe the RFC format is a bit too complex for micro bloging? I'll have a think later, in the meantime, I'm enjoying writing here (:

Fri 21 Jan 2022 01:08 CET

I've decided to participate to ew0k reading challenge for the coming weeks.

Tonight, I read indeed 50 pages (from 77 to 127^^) of one my current book.

I'm hopping that this challenge will help me add more reading habits to my brain so that I can achieve the 24 goal this year!

ew0k reading challenge

Thu 20 Jan 2022 11:14 CET

Today is not a great day so far

Wed 19 Jan 2022 20:28 CET

The TLGS (Totally Legit Gemini Search) search engine seems to work really well for the few searches I've done on it yesterday and today :)


Thanks a lot to the author @Martin!


Wed 19 Jan 2022 14:33 CET

I see more posts about twtxt in the gemini community. Feels like it might attract more than tinylog for some reason… I'm now thinking: should I switch to twtxt? Have both? Should GTL handle Twtxt format? At this point I don't know 🤷.

I'll try to write a post about my thoughts tonight if I find the motivation

Wed 19 Jan 2022 01:31 CET

Wrote my first gemlog entry of the year. I'm happy because it has been some time since I manage to motivate myself to write! One step after the other we can then think about a possible second one :]

Tue 18 Jan 2022 21:08 CET

Stopping work now… I started ±12h ago… This has been a long day…

Sun 16 Jan 2022 22:04 CET

Stumble across @Ploum article about going offline in 2022. I must say it made me think a lot. Not that I want to do the same thing, but I've been trying to remove some of the "burden" of being online last year too. Using an e-ink tablet to read web content via wallabag is quite helpful as it limits me in what I can do, but I haven't been the best at following my rules.

Also, I find it very interesting that people that experienced the early web are more and more trying to either disconnect or find alternative closer to back then (myself included). I believe it does speak a lot about what the web has became…

Wed 17 Nov 2021 10:24 CET

I've been away from gemini and mastodon lately, it does feel good sometimes to avoid too much online interaction :)

On other notes, I have played with the pinephone lately with sxmo UI, and it is neat AF :]

Fri 15 Oct 2021 09:55 CEST

TGIF! The weekend can not come fast enough!

Happy Friday everyone :)

Wed 13 Oct 2021 10:03 CEST

I love VimWiki + Goyo vim plugins. Makes the writing experience so sweet.

Maybe I should take the time to write about my vimwiki + taskwarrior usage 🤔

Wed 13 Oct 2021 09:47 CEST

OVH is down right now… So DNS servers too and so my services are not available anymore.

This raise the question of DNS management for me. This is the only (I think) service I'm not selfhosting at this point^^.

Tue 12 Oct 2021 12:09 CEST

I've been playing a lot lately with taskwarrior, vimwiki and gtd.

I need to keep that habit for at least a month and then revisit!

Tue 12 Oct 2021 11:40 CEST

RE: @szczezuja Wed 06 Oct 2021 20:33 CEST

RE: @deerbard Wed 06 Oct 2021 12:10 CEST

Yes, gemini might be quiet at some time, but I think it's part of its goodness. This is a slow web, which means indeed quiet time, but for me it is a good thing. I believe it's part of making it not addictive like all the creepy sites on the web that just want you to stay on their platform longer :)

Tue 12 Oct 2021 11:39 CEST

@szczezuja: Weren't you looking for a tools like this one?

Mon 04 Oct 2021 09:16 CEST

RE: @deerbard Sun 03 Oct 2021 18:39 CEST

Lace stopped working for me just today. Any other lace users still there?
edit: It actually works but take an awful load of time. Just checked and it loaded after 9 minutes :D

Time was one of the thing that made me move away from lace…

Mon 04 Oct 2021 09:11 CEST

RE: @deerbard Fri 01 Oct 2021 10:23 CEST

💬 @bacardi55 Thu 30 Sep 2021 09:24 CEST
If it doesn't work, what I found is I have to use pen and paper, no computer tool worked in a long run. I use bullet journal for a year now, no other tool worked for so long.

Thanks for the advice! I tried a lot using just pen and paper… But I don't always have my notebook with me. And I don't like the very small one that fit in a pocket…

I do use a lot pen and paper, specially to take notes during call/meeting because it simulate more my brain and memory than typing, but for follow up and task lists, it is scatter in too many pages…

Maybe there is a format to use with paper to be better, but I don't know any^^.

Thu 30 Sep 2021 09:24 CEST

RE: @bacardi55 Wed 29 Sep 2021 10:03 CEST

I wish I was better at maintaining a nice todolist up to date. I've seen so many tools and method (gtd, …), but I always fail behind and stop updating it at some point.
I wonder if other people like me found a miracle solution 🤔

Well, I decided to give taskwarrior and gtd a new try… Let's see 🤔

Thu 30 Sep 2021 00:01 CEST

I just automate the sh*t out of the most boring task I have at work ("activity tracking") with a small golang code. I'm very happy about myself right now :D

Wed 29 Sep 2021 10:03 CEST

I wish I was better at maintaining a nice todolist up to date. I've seen so many tools and method (gtd, …), but I always fail behind and stop updating it at some point.

I wonder if other people like me found a miracle solution 🤔

Fri 24 Sep 2021 17:57 CEST

RE: Thu 23 Sep 2021 09:08 CEST

Hi, everybody. I'm so sorry to not be present on gemini universe this moment. I don't manage to conciliate professionnal and personnal activities. I hope it will change next days. Take care of you :hug:

I don't think any apology is required here. Everybody has their priorities and an offline life (well, we don't really have "offline" life anymore, but that's another question^^).

I've been very quiet online lately too, and sometimes it is helpful to take breaks :)

Wed 08 Sep 2021 09:58 CEST

Today is not a good mood day :[

Mon 06 Sep 2021 18:05 CEST

RE: Mon 06 Sep 2021 18:00 CEST

I am officially accepted into the school I wanted to go to!


Mon 06 Sep 2021 14:11 CEST

Never tried creating a tinylog entry as a multiple response, but I like how it works with gtl (without doing anything special about it):

screenshot of an entry with double response.

Mon 06 Sep 2021 09:08 CEST

RE: Fri 03 Sep 2021 22:17 CEST

Waiting for the results to know if I'm accepted in the school I'm aiming for is unbearable (especially since the staff rickroll us lmao)

When are the results expected? 🤞

Sun 22 Aug 2021 01:18 CEST

Station users now have a tinylog feeds!!!


Thanks @martin for the great work and expending tinylogs idea!

Sat 21 Aug 2021 16:19 CEST

On other notes, I hope everyone is enjoying there week end :]

Sat 21 Aug 2021 16:16 CEST

RE: samhunter Sat 21 Aug 2021 14:04 CEST

💬 @bacardi55 Sat Aug 21 13:39:00 CEST 2021
Having said that - golang libraries it uses are a bit too big to have the repo cloned in my RTC $HOME. Then - I am a bit of a troglodyte, I am actually quite happy with dumping the content of your Gemini page to stdout and scrolling it with help of my terminals scrollback function.
I'll probably install it locally on my machines at home though. It's pretty neat and the keybindings are reasonable ;)

Thanks for testing :) You can also download a binary to avoid building the app :).

Or when not on the right devices, you can always check gemini:// to avoid installing anything other than a gemini browser.

Sat 21 Aug 2021 13:39 CEST

RE: samhunter Sat 21 Aug 2021 13:10 CEST

I might have patched the problem 'lace' has with incorrectly formatted dates (or at least I found a good place to do so).
→ lace My modified lace (WIP)

I don't know if you follow my tinylogs but you could try gtl :)

Fri 20 Aug 2021 12:41 CEST Does lace works with entries containing empty lines?

Trying to understand if lace is compatible with this:

Any lace user that knows can respond :)

Thu 19 Aug 2021 17:32 CEST

RE: @szczezuja Wed 18 Aug 2021 20:53 CEST

@bacardi55 - gtl testing report no. 8:

Thanks for testing and your feedbacks!

* `R` with above option is worked fine, but I don't know if it's full format of response? I don't have date of original tinypost in stub;

Could you show the given stub?

It should something like:

## <Now date>
RE: <user> <log entry date>
<quoted entry>

Do you see something different?

* `Alt+Enter` isn't working for me, strange.

Weird, you mean nothing happen? Do you have a left or right "alt" key? (I noticed it works only with left one).

I'm thinking to move it to a simple letter like the other, that might fix your issue 🤔

Thu 19 Aug 2021 12:09 CEST

RE: Thu 19 Aug 2021 12:03 CEST

Wow it's been a while since I haven't been on Gemini. School is taking all of my time and I'm happy about it but I can't wait to be able to be here more often. Hope everyone's doing good!

It is the small/slow web so nothing disappeared too fast or changed to much :D

Good luck with school though :)

Tue 17 Aug 2021 18:02 CEST

I've just release gtl v0.6.0. I think it is by far the biggest release so far (except the original first v0.1.0).

gtl v0.6.0

I'm quite happy about gtl state and I think I'm close to what I want for a semi final version (v1.0.0).

Read the changelog / docs as it has different changes than the alpha version!

Tue 17 Aug 2021 15:03 CEST

RE: @deerbard Mon 16 Aug 2021 22:48 CEST

@bacardi55 samhunter's tinylog is not included in gemini://
It's gemini://

Thanks, I've added it!

Mon 16 Aug 2021 10:49 CEST

RE: @szczezuja Sat 14 Aug 2021 11:36 CEST

@bacardi55: You are also absent for two weeks. Vacations time! ;-)

I took a week off but also took some time away from the laptop outside of work too :)

Was quite refreshing :)

Now I need to push gtl v0.6.0 tonight and many other things I planed during my time off that I didn't do.

I'm not at all "worried" or annoyed at myself for not doing any of the thing I planned (coding wise), It was quite a nice brain break.

Even my reading were "easy book" only and nothing that made me think too much :)

TBH, being back since this morning is freaking tough

Thu 29 Jul 2021 16:18 CEST

Sometimes, I have the crazy idea that tinylogs with a bit more work and a nice cgi script could be a decentralized station… 🤔

Tue 27 Jul 2021 23:39 CEST

RE: @szczezuja Mon 26 Jul 2021 18:28 CEST

I'm thinking about preparing text for copying by "system" mechanism rather than copying text inside `gtl` by its internal mechanism. Internal mechanism need some dependencies, for example to `xclip` and complicate whole design of `gtl`. For me the best solution is `toot tui` approach. […]
So I suggest dialog likei below:[…]
When after pressing gtl could try to run `xclip`, but everybody who don't have `xclip` would also easy copy text from textarea and press .

I added an option called `tui_show_stub` that will display the response stub in a modal before opening the $EDITOR, so that should fix your flow :)

I also added a shortcut "Alt+Enter" to open the selected entry in a modal, with buttons to do the action available via shortcuts. That should help your flow too.

I'm using some light color scheme for terminal I `gtl` looks like bellow.

Seems of a mix of a terminal issue and a cview (tui library) issue. I've raised other bugs in cview git repository lately so unsure if I can fix these in the short term 🤔

I'm thinking about releasing an alpha2 version…

Sun 25 Jul 2021 22:48 CEST

RE: @szczezuja Thu 22 Jul 2021 22:00 CEST

Thanks for trying the gtl v0.6.0-alpha!

* suggestion - on the subscription pane you are using <Down arrow>/<Up arrow> for navigation, and for the timeline pane you are using <J key>/<K key> - it could be <Left arrow>/<Right arrow>, and it could work without changing pane by tab key. Two navigation keys schemas are confusing. <Right arrow> is using now for scrolling - I don't know if it's required.
* highlighted entry is hard to read in some gemtext colors combination - look for this post for example;

Could you show me a screenshot of the rendering? I'm not sure what you mean.

* suggestion - <T key> could be working always, also on posts without response pattern. It could be handy, because it will help with tmux native copy&paste functionality (C-A-[ and C-A-] keys in tmux);

T is supposed to open the original message the response is about, but I could add another shortcut to open the selected post in a modal (with button below to show the other shortcuts like "O" or "R"). I'll add something like this for the beta.

* <R key> isn't working for me because I don't have X installed on my terminal (I have xclip installed). Fot tmux users it will be better to show response pattern in dialog like described above;

Hm, indeed, I don't think that feature can work without X. See response above for opening current entry in modal.

* <O key> isn't working for me - I have installed xdb-utils, but there isn't any response after pressing it;

Again, without X I'm not sure how much this can work. It uses xdg-open behind the scene on linux, so if using in a terminal "xdg-open http://…" works, it should work from gtl. Also, can you try "O" on an entry containing multiple links? Do you see the modal with the links choice?

Thu 22 Jul 2021 12:07 CEST

RE: @deerbard Thu 22 Jul 2021 08:14 UTC

@bacardi55 Thx for reply. In comitum was that enough that you subscribed to my capsule or did you have to subscribe to every log type separately (what I have to do in gemreader). I should probably just switch to Amfora and get used to it but I like Kristall so much I want to stay with it for now :)

I subscribed only to this page:


Wed 21 Jul 2021 22:38 CEST

I've released an alpha version of gtl 0.6.0.

Yes, it is an alpha because so many changes that I'd love some tests… And because I think a potential feature can still be squeezed in (hence not the beta).

v0.6.0 README

I'm always using the latest commit so the added feature have been tested so it shouldn't all that buggy… Probably :)

I'm quite happy about it as this is a big release with many new things :).

Wed 21 Jul 2021 22:22 CEST

RE: @deerbard Wed 21 Jul 2021 20:13 UTC

Just for testing: Anyone subscribed to my logs? Did you see that new general log showed up? Again, not asking to read it, just a technical question. edit: asking cause I tried to subscribe to my own capsule in gemreader and it didn't give me any new entry so I guess I'd have to subscribe to every log type separately?

Yes, I use comitium as a feed reader and I can see your latest post, see here:


Wed 21 Jul 2021 20:48 CEST

New feature request created for cview^^

That's now 2 bug (1 fixed) and 2 feature requests (one fixed) that I raised just for v0.6.0…

I may start contributing at some point instead of just asking for stuff… 🤔?

That being said, it prevents a very small feature so it is definitely not blocking the next release.

Wed 21 Jul 2021 18:25 CEST

RE: @bacardi55 Wed 21 Jul 2021 11:06 CEST

New scripts down and deployed :). Unfortunately URLs to gemlog/blog posts have changed, but at least I managed to keep the same URLs for atom feeds and gemini feed… :)

Wed 21 Jul 2021 11:06 CEST

I think today I want to spend a bit of time changing how I manage my capsule. It is messy right now because everything is done in hugo for my web blog.

I still want a clear distinction between the 2 while still being linked (ie not displaying gemlog entries on the blog, just a gemini link) so I'm not entirely sure how this will work.

But I will rebase my capsule with a gemini site generator (most probably kiln) and then try to see how I can fit that in hugo to just display gemlog entries… 🤔

Tue 20 Jul 2021 18:27 CEST

RE: @szczezuja Mon 19 Jul 2021 20:46 CEST

The most tempting thing in emacs is swarm of advanced packages, which seems to be superior than that of vim plugins. Vim plugins are great, bu there are in most cases rather like a powerful extension of text editor. Emacs packages are more advanced, and often they are like standalone utilities embedded into mechanic of editor environment.

That is why Emacs is an OS missing a good text editor :]

2021-07-19 19:59 CEST

Today I advance well on the next version of gtl :]

Both the feature request and the bug fix works now thanks to @tslocum (cview developer)!

But I found another bug :D

This one is not a blocker though, but will make one of the new feature a bit more ugly than expected… But that's fine :).

I'm done for the day, having my brother home, but I'll continue tomorrow :]

2021-07-18 19:21 CEST

Our induction plate "died" this week so today we opened it and investigate with a multimeter… Couldn't find the issue though, but looking inside was quite fun^^.

For those who wants to see what's inside, it looks like this:

2021-07-18 00:53 CEST

Just saw that both my bug and my feature request opened on cview repo have been fixed :]

Cview developer is really reactive!

I have lots of time plan to work on gtl first half of next week so we'll see if I can finish the first version based on those fixes!

2021-07-17 00:09 CEST

After my first bug report, I opened my first feature request for cview :]

Next release is getting bigger but also "more blocked" too.

The cview bug has been fixed but not released in a stable tag yet. I may decide next week to move to a specific commit instead if no tag is released soon enough for next week beta release of the v0.6.0

2021-07-16 22:24 CEST

So I decided to took a stab at creating a gemini version of tinylogs, so I added a "gemini" mode to gtl to generate a valid gemini output as an alternative to the TUI and CLI mode…

Was easier and faster than expected, so just to test I put it in a capsule with a cronjob every 15min:


And it respect the tinylog format, so you could just follow it as a starting point (will become the default url in gtl when subscription file is empty).

2021-07-16 12:16 CEST

@hedy shared with me an almost compatible tinylog on spartan which makes me wonder how much I want to add support for tinylogs on gopher/spartan 🤔…

That or creating a small proxy… Or not I don't know :D

We'll see that after the next release that still needs lot of work^^.

2021-07-16 01:57 CEST

I'm thinking that the next version of gtl might contains so many changes that maybe I'll release an beta version first… 🤔

2021-07-16 01:42 CEST

I think I may be done with the new parser (that doesn't change much expect I'm using more regexp <3).

I've implemented a more flexible one that works with tinylog entries containing double new lines like Hedy's as discussed on the RFC issue.

Hedy's tinylog

RFC issue on double new lines

2021-07-13 18:33 CEST

RE: @frrobert 2021-07-13 15:59 UTC

lace with the strict option does that

Interesting :). I was thinking about doing something like this but with a more text/gemini friendly output so that gemini browser can actually parse it (almost as a big tinylog)!

I think I'll poc that quickly after I release the next gtl version to see how it can look like :).

2021-07-13 12:54 CEST

Crazy lunch thoughts: Using gtl CLI to create a capsule listing all referenced tinylog entries…

I guess a simple cgi script using gtl and then parsing it into text/gemini format… Or maybe even just a "--mode gmi" option to just generate gmi file instead of a cli/tui ui…

That would allow people:

Default is obviously that it can become a centralized service… But with tools like lace/gtl/cockpit that shouldn't be an issue as data are still un-centralized.

Was that really a crazy thoughts or an actual idea to make tinylogs more known/used… I actually don't know 🤔

2021-07-13 09:42 CEST

Next version of gtl will have TUI improvements but also a new version of the parser that will be a bit more flexible compare to the RFC.

For example, I like this RFC issue regarding number of new lines that is very strict right now (comes from lace):

This release will still take a while though… That means for now some tinylog like Hedy's are not yet readable in gtc.

But that will change most probably by end of next week :]

I'm also wondering if that version might be a good fit for v1.0.0 🤔

2021-07-12 22:34 CEST

gtl is not compatible with hedy's tinylog because she uses many line break.

I'm wondering if next version should also contains a new version of the parser that will fit the recommended from hedy on the RFC about allowing paragraph breaks within a tinylog entry.

2021-07-12 22:30 CEST

My cview issue has been fixed! Now I need to wait for 1.5.7 to be released… :)

But I'm continuing developing new feature that will need this so they are almost ready when the new cview version comes out!

2021-07-11 22:04 CEST

Always fun to read post around a tool I'm making, thanks @szczezuja


2021-07-11 21:17 CEST

Just opened my first issue on cview tracker:

When this get resolve, the v0.6.0 could start again with multiple new things coming… :)

2021-07-11 19:49 CEST

Seems I found an issue in cview (the library i used for gtl TUI) that prevents me from implementing a nice feature …

So I need to take the time to create a very small piece of code to show how to reproduce (and make sure the error exist outside my code) to open a ticket.

I'm a bit lazy right now so this might happen later this week. But in the meantime a big part of the improve timeline is blocked :/

2021-07-11 03:10 CEST

Apparently an bad formatted entry in @deerbard tinylog makes gtl crash.

Because it is critical issue, I'm doing a quick release. That wasn't planned because I actually started working on some timeline improvement but that's life :).

Thanks git branch and git stash :)

2021-07-08 18:09 CEST

GF will not be there for the weekend so I might spend some time on the timeline rework…

I have many ideas and I am both excited and scared of the amount of rework needed ^^.

2021-07-07 18:35 CEST

I'm following 8 station users now via gtl, the proxy seems to work fine :]

I'm even wondering if a similar proxy for mastodon user would be hard?

But that would be more for pure testing because I don't want to mix mastodon posts within gemini tinylogs

2021-07-07 01:03 CEST

If I'm being honest, I started this POC by procrastinating on starting the new timeline UI…

I find it ironic that I procrastinated writing code by… writing code… :D

2021-07-07 01:00 CEST

RE: @myself: 2021-07-06 19:54 CEST

A couple of hours and <200 SLOC and I have users station feed pages in gtl :]

I've put a screenshot and the link to source code for curious people here:

2021-07-06 19:54 CEST

Started as a quick POC, but I basically built a "station to tinylog" parser… Meaning that I can transform a user feed page on station into a tinylog page. If I put this as a cgi script on a capsule, I could then use gtl to follow station user too…

That's nice!

2021-07-06 01:17 CEST

I've released gtl v0.5.1 that mainly add a few TUI UX improvements.

Next step is the big timeline rework^^.

2021-07-06 00:42 CEST

RE: @myself: 2021-07-06 00:19 CEST

I love regexp <3 :)

2021-07-06 00:19 CEST

I think I finally found a way to display responses ("Re:") "nicely" in gtl:

2021-07-05 19:18 CEST

I have a few small ideas for gtl v0.5.1 (some already in main), but I have a big rework in mind for the TUI timeline panel for v0.6.0 that, once started, should take a big amount of time but should greatly improve the user experience…

2021-07-02 17:08 CEST

RE: リ Fri 02 Jul 2021 17:03 CEST

Today, for the first time, I tried meditation. Seems cool.

That's interesting, because I've been thinking of trying for a long time. I have not done any research yet on how to start though.

Maybe @reaton will tell us more about his start :]

2021-07-02 00:42 CEST

Today was my first day in the office since last July and my 2nd since March 2020 and covid. While I really enjoyed seeing and chatting with colleagues, it reminded me how much better I am at home to work. Better setup, better seat and a loooooot more silence and peace… But it was nice to enjoy the day and diner with the colleagues ^^.

I've been working 50% remotely for years before too, and I don't think I'll ever be able to work 100% in an office again.

2021-07-02 00:33 CEST

RE: Thu 01 Jul 2021 22:18 CEST

I've written it earlier, that "highlights" don't work for me. You have responded to @deerbard about it, so I again request for some help in understanding that. :-)

All you need is in your configuration file is a "highlights" line with the different texts you want to highlight separated by a coma. Let's say for example you want to highlight all entries that contains "@szczezuja" or "". To do so, you need in your configuration:

highlights = "@szczezuja,"

If you want to highlight only entries with @szczezuja (start with this one to test):

highlights = "@szczezuja"

Then in gtl, you can press "h" to filter entries that only contains highlights (in this case, only filter entries that contains "@szczezuja").

If you are on a specific author tinylog (let's say you click on mine), then pressing "h" will filter entries for my feed that contains the highlights text ("@szczezuja" in this case, so this message will stay).

If you are in highlights mode, selecting other feeds or clicking on "all subscriptions" will keep that filter until you press "h" again (the title of the main panel say either "timeline" or "highlights" to show the difference).

I hope it is clearer, otherwise we might need to find a way to "real time" chat about it, might be easier :).

2021-07-01 09:59 CEST

RE @deerbard Thu 01 Jul 2021 07:36 UTC

I fully agree, tinylog shouldn't be used for chat.

As well, I don't know if you use lace or gtl (or other) for reading tinylogs, but you have the ability to filter only highlights in gtl to help you look at direct notification only :).

But I'm going to move away from direct chat as well as I agree it shouldn't be the main purpose.

2021-07-01 09:26 CEST

Today is my first day in the office since summer 2020 (I went 1 day last July)…

I'm definitely not back full time there, and I think I'll never be.

For now I'm thinking 1 day per week or once every 2 weeks.

I have such a better setup at home (and silence too)

2021-06-30 21:20 CEST

RE: Sat 26 Jun 2021 19:50 CEST

Thanks for the feedback :). I've created issues on github for some of the items, I think feature requests / bugs are better there than in a tinylog^^.

I've set $EDITOR variable (in Debian-like OS the default editor is set by "update-alternatives --config editor" rather than $EDITOR?);

On debian based, having 'EDITOR="vim"' in your .{bash,zsh,…}rc works too.

new feature suggestion - ability to populate/update "subs" file from "";

Not sure about this one yet, so I created an issue for me to think about:

I've got some panic error because of bad value in "post_edit_script", despite "allow_edit = false" after C-N in gtl - strange;

Weird, I don't manage to reproduce…

I have no idea of best usage of "post_edit_script" in my workflow;

Are you editing your tinylog directly on your server (via ssh(fs) for example)? If that's the case, you don't need it. But for myself for example, I work on a local file that is scp to my server as a post edit script.

Dialog about "post_edit_script" should be rethought.

I've removed the dialog if no post script is added. If there is, I want gtl to ask me if I want to run or not (maybe I'm not done writing yet and wanted to read something again).

when one sub is choose, and we press "r" all subs are refreshed (we must wait);

Why I don't like refreshing a single feed.

Dialog after "r" should be also rethought. It's bad idea to hide timeline during reading feeds - why user can't look at the last post, and must look at the empty page;

UX for current gtl mode - "all subscription" or "single subscription" should be rethought (it's unclear what is our current mode, especially after "r");

Now the title of the selected feed is displayed in the title to make it clearer.

2021-06-30 19:55 CEST

@szczezuja: (not using the RE format because I'm answering to 2 of your entries :P)

I really enjoy todo.txt, I've heard a lot about org mode but for todo.txt is enough. When I wanted something more complex, I used taskwarrior that is also awesome (but way more complete/complex).

Regarding the proposed alternative for the "RE:" format, I have doubts that I'll try to formulate on the issue tracker later today or this week.

2021-06-30 19:53 CEST

I really like the antenna idea, I need to think about how to integrate that in my deployment workflow.


But also I do have in mind to completely change the way I manage my capsule so it might take longer to integrate with it. We'll see 🤔.

I may work on gtl tonight so that will be for another time though :).

2021-06-30 09:07 CEST

I've been avoiding the fediverse (I'm not on other Social Media) for a few days now and that's awesome :]

The only one I look from time to time is station on gemini^^.

2021-06-29 00:00 CEST

RE Mon 28 Jun 2021 20:39 UTC

I've responded on station too, but feel free to add things here:

2021-06-28 23:59 CEST

RE @szczezuja Sat 26 Jun 2021 19:50 CEST

Thanks for the feedbacks, I'm not sure I understood all of your points but I have some ideas for improvements later this week, thanks!

2021-06-28 19:21 CEST

People usually listen others to respond (something about themselves) instead of just listening to understand and be useful…

2021-06-28 15:45 CEST

RE: Sun 27 Jun 2021 06:31 CEST

I'm curious if you did something special for displaying responses in / cockpit?

2021-06-28 15:44 CEST

This is a tough Monday after a nice week end away from home and screens^^.

I hate Mondays anyway…

2021-06-25 08:53 CEST Glad you like it :)

2021-06-24 22:15 CEST

Apparently I released gtl v0.5.0 in which you can edit and publish your tinylog:

2021-06-23 23:05 CEST

A new tinylog in the gemini world by, welcome :)


2021-06-23 11:54 CEST

I've made a change in houston to show a warning when a capsule use TLS with ed25519 algorithm as many gemini clients don't support them. This was based on some discussion on IRC.


Also, I really enjoy editing my tinylog entries, in vim, with just one shortcut in gtl, made the whole tinylog experience even more easy.

I need to rework my capsule though, it was based on the blog engine (hugo), some config and an ugly shell script… I want to clean this but I have no motivation for this yet^^.

2021-06-23 01:39 CEST

It's all in main branch now.

A few thing still missing for v0.5.0 (which should be one of the last very active branch as I'm finally getting to where I want for gtl) but should be available before end of week.

2021-06-23 01:09 CEST

Seems that editing tinylog and post edit synchronization works fine and was less difficult than expected :)

2021-06-22 20:15 CEST

This tinylog entry has been created via gtl… But gtl will "only" open your $EDITOR and not recreate an editor within gtl. I think it's even better as I can use my beloved vim and the autocomplete, spellcheck and all the other awesome feature of vim!

vim > *

Also, gtl published this post (via a configurable script (in my case a simple 1 line with scp)) after the edition :).

Still a lot of todo so it won't be ready soon but I like where this is going ^^.

2021-06-21 23:21 CEST

gtl v0.4.8 released. Read the release note and readme.

2021-06-21 20:55 CEST

2021-06-21 17:27 CEST

Will today ever end? I'm not sure anymore 🤔

2021-06-21 00:31 CEST

I just realized that gtl was not compatible with the (better) possibility to use UTC offset (eg: +0200 for CEST) instead of the less precise (see wikipedia page) timezone abbreviation…

It is now fixed in the main branch. That mean that when I'll publish v0.4.8, I'll be soon after changing the way I set date in my tinylog, and people using gtl will need to move to v0.4.8 to follow the new posts in the new date format.

Using abbreviation is still part of the RFC, but as abbreviation are not precise, I'll move the date format of my tinylog to this one.

Lace is already compatible with this format (just tested) thanks to the very flexible nature of the bash date command :).

2021-06-21 00:26 CEST

I've updated the RFC with latest comments and ideas.

2021-06-20 20:31 CEST

gtl v0.4.7 released! I'm off for the night :)

2021-06-20 20:08 CEST

I also noticed some gemtext formatting issue, I've fixed them.

Going to publish a v0.4.7 soon and stop for the night.

2021-06-20 19:32 CEST

for subscription status I propose some simpler ASCII notation like

I've made it a configuration. By default, it will use ASCII characters. But if in gtl.toml there is `tui_status_emoji = true` then emoji will be used. That's because I admit I like these status emojis :).

In main branch!

2021-06-20 19:14 CEST

@szczezuja: Thanks again for tests, my comments on them:

feature "h" - I realized that I don't know how it works. I have empty output after pressing "h";

So h only display message with highlights. To define what should be highlighted for you, you need to configure it in the gtl.toml. See README for this: `highlights = "@szczezuja, anytext"`.

Also, it doesn't remove filter. So if you were filtering a particular tinylog (via left menu), then "h" will only display with highlights from that author. You can still use menu on the left to display all (and it will keep the highlight filter).

there are some issue with "r": program is not responding for a while

r refresh the timeline, so nothing can be done in the meantime. That's normal for me, but I agree it should maybe display a "loading" type of message. But it is so fast here (±1s) that I didn't bother. I'm creating a issue to think about that soon.

feature with "s" - working, but: there no description about it in help dialog,

Fixed in main branch, thanks!

there are some weird states when for example we do "s" for hiding, and after it "TAB"

Fixed in main branch, thanks!

for subscription status I propose some simpler ASCII notation like

I was thinking about it yesterday… Might be better, but I found emoji was more graphical but maybe it's too much of a pain. Do you have issues with users avatar on these systems?

after pressing "?" the title, time of last refresh isn't updated

I don't understand this one…? "?" only display/hide the help, so no refresh is done (so title shouldn't change). Even filtering a specific tinylog or using "h" will not refresh the timeline. Tinylogs are not like social media feeds where refresh is needed a lot, so I let the user specifically hit "r" for getting lastest tinylogs versions. All other shortcuts won't refresh the feeds.

you can look at "toot tui" interface for inspiration, there is some interesting "links dialog", which navigate through all active parts of highlighted message;

For me, a highlights toggle and the timeline like now is enough. I don't need to "select" specific entries, I'm just reading/browsing the timeline and can go up/down with arrows or j/k. Maybe that will change someday if I see more value (or if a PR is done^^).

2021-06-20 13:28 CEST

I want to make gtl compatible with MacOS but don't have one right now to test :°).

(I would be ok to people sending patch for it too :)).

I do not have plan for windows, I haven't used a windows machine for anything other than gaming in the last 15 years and back then TUI app wasn't making sens on it. Don't know if that changed though.

2021-06-20 00:12 CEST

gtl v0.4.6 released :]

2021-06-19 23:12 CEST

@szczezuja: Have you seen this:

Seems to be a git frontend for gemini. I haven't tested it though so can't tell how well it works (or not)

2021-06-19 20:11 CEST Thanks for the tests too!

I removed the footer because it was wasted space and don't want to add it back to put the help message, but I have another idea to simplify first usage, I'll work on it later :).

I've also added some gemtext formatting for links and quotes (in main branch):

@szczezuja: To be honest, I don't know if any other formatting makes sens, but I'm happy to hear ideas (not just what should be formatted, but how too :))

2021-06-19 19:08 CEST

I've added 8 other date format to gtl… I now have 18 custom date formats… That makes me sad…

2021-06-19 19:05 CEST

@szczezuja: You're in luck, as I was coding on gtl when I read your report n°4 :).

maybe you should do some experiment in hiding subscription tab

I added the shortcut "s" to toggle the subscription sidebar (in main branch for now).

pressing "q" in help dialog is quitting a whole app

Yes, I didn't thought that was an issue, but I've changed that in main branch so if you are on the help, q just quit the help.

icon of skull on nonexistent feed is on my terminal

Weird… I've changed it to something simpler, should work now… I'm not a big expert on emoji to be honest, that was more a test than anything^^.

new feature suggestion: do some gemtext syntax enhancements

That's planed for some things like links, quote and maybe list, but I don't want to do to much on this either.

Thanks again for the tests/feedback, I'll release a new version later today with the other fixes I've just done.

2021-06-19 13:45 CEST

I've decided to unsubscribe from the gemini mailing list. Way too much noise and drama not worth what is shared on it.

I'd rather follow geminauts on the fediverse, station, irc or directly on user capsule (if possible via gemini feed and/or tinylogs :)).

2021-06-19 12:11 CEST

Just refreshed my manga collection, I now have more than 1300… That's quite the collection :).

That + all my non manga books starts taking a lot of space ^^.

I do have an annual reading "goal" of ±24 books/year and since 2019 I'm referencing all I read and when. I read 21 in 2019, 23 in 2020. Since Jan 2021, I read 11 and am in the middle of the 12th one… Sometimes, I really want to share those reading online on my gemlog but I feel it is more info about myself than I want to give online (even on the smolnet)… But maybe that'll change someday :).

2021-06-19 03:42 CEST

I released gtl v0.4.4 :)

Well… I'm also releasing v0.4.5 because v0.4.4 had a regretion… (v0.4.4 has been deleted)

2021-06-19 00:42 CEST

Working on some fixes and small improvements for gtl to tag a v0.4.4…

If I'm quick enough, I might start poking around the idea around wallabag-ing gemini articles 🤔

2021-06-18 10:41 CEST

I have 2 other gemini related tool to create in mind at the moment:

1. A very simple (bash?) script that push gemini pages to my wallabag (via an http proxy because wallabag does not support gemini links). Could be linked to Lagrange/Amfora bookmarks to fully automate it. That should be easy enough relying on wallabag-cli client already installed 🤔

2. Linked to gtl, I'm wondering how hard it would be to create a proxy to transform some pages into a tinylog format. For example an RSS feed, a microblog page not in tinylog format or even the idea from @skyjake if @martin (station developer) doesn't want to do it… I've never coded a proxy like this, could be fun :).

2021-06-17 18:13 CEST

@skyjake posted an idea to add to station:

Add a page that shows a particular user's logs in the tinylog format. Then we could use tools like gtl to follow fellow capsuleers.


I'm very obviously a huge fan of this idea :]

2021-06-17 10:59 CEST

Fun fact on gtl. The sidebar on the left (that shows the subscription) is refreshed when the timeline is refreshed (for the status emoji).

The refresh sends requests to capsule always in the same order. It uses goroutine to be non blocking for sending these requests in parallel.

But the order displayed on the sidebar depends on the response time from the capsule. It's not a "fastest to slowest" list because the sending order has a huge impact on it.

But seeing the order change on the left makes the nerd in my tickles :P.

I don't know if other users are annoyed by this but I prefer it like this. I could change it if that's really an unpopular opinion^^

2021-06-17 10:58 CEST \o/ I'm looking forward to the day where I can have only a few date format in gtl :D

2021-06-17 01:58 CEST

@szczezuja: Thanks a lot for the feedback :)

Improvement: active tab border

Done in master for now.

Improvement: last line, about time of refresh could be moved to header of subscription tab

Agreed, I moved it to the timeline title: "Timeline - Refreshed at 01:54 CEST". In master for now.

Improvement: shortcuts could be moved to help dialog

That's something I had in mind since there are too many at the top now. So it's underway but it needs a bit of rework so I'll park that for tomorrow. I have multiple ideas for how to display the help box though:

Improvement: last line should be status line

I've hidden the last line for now that the refresh time is not there anymore. I'll re-add it for a kind of "last log line" later.

Improvement: timeline tab should have some navigation

This one would need a lot of rework because that's what I wanted at first, but because the way I used cview at first I choose otherwise. I might rethink this when I add ability to respond to an entry, but I don't think there is a point before, you can already scroll down with the arrow keys or j/k like in vim.

I'll release the improvements of tonight and the remaining one (help) in v0.4.4 probably tomorrow.

2021-06-16 10:51 CEST

@deerbard Either change email provider to one that allow imap/smtp connection (selfhosted or not). Or if you are a big fan of protonmail, the paid service allow you to use protonbridge to use (neo)mutt or anything else.

2021-06-16 09:41 CEST I've been wondering the same thing… But because my avatar is important to me and has been the same for the last 11 years (with personal reasons behind it). But nothing look a bit like it in the emoji world. My avatar is styled dragon head (you have to see it), but dragoon related emoji are really bad :D

2021-06-16 01:32 CEST

Well… v0.4.2 introduced a regression, so v0.4.3 is on its way… This is why I should write tests…

2021-06-16 00:35 CEST

@szczezuja: Why not testing full tiling WM? It's just so great to control everything from your keyboard :]

2021-06-16 00:30 CEST Thanks a lot for the comments :) I'd say that the simplicity and complexity of lace is quite impressive too :)

@szczezuja: Thanks too for the very kind (but a bit exaggerated :)) words 🙏

You can try v0.4.2 that should be even "nicer" :)

2021-06-16 00:21 CEST

Incoming release of gtl v0.4.2, with various fixes thanks to :)

New feature:

It's getting somewhere :)

2021-06-15 13:13 CEST Thanks a lot for testing gtl and reporting issues, it helps a lot (:

It also mean that I have a few fixes to implement tonight or tomorrow :).

2021-06-15 09:11 CEST

Glad to see you back and running :]

o/ everyone, this is gonna be a long day!^^

2021-06-15 00:27 CEST

@szczezuja: About 1/ I think if the time before deletion is long enough, it should an issue. Are you really going back to your favorite from months ago? For me mastodon and social media in general is not a place where I store things. If I like a link, I either put it in wallabag or bookmark it so I never look back for favorite older than a few days.

2/ The "long archive" thing for me is my blog (and my gemlog as they are different). That's where I write long term stuff. Even if I link a toot in an article, I should put enough context around that if the toot isn't there anymore, the article still makes sens.

Anyway, I've not done it yet, it has to go through my laziness first :p.

2021-06-15 00:20 CEST

Just released gtl v0.4.1 with the first attempt at the TUI, I'm quite happy about it even though there are still known bugs that I need to work on ^^.

2021-06-14 02:41 CEST

TUI of gtl almost finished, but it's wayyyy to late already… I'll finish it tomorrow because I'm very close. It will look a lot like the GIF from yesterday with an extra cool feature.

v0.4.0 will have TUI and is due early this week #teasing ^^

2021-06-13 21:39 CEST

Saw a post[^1] about deleting old tweets and toots. This is making me think, both for mastodon and tinylog, both format are supposed to be ephemeral, so I may decide to follow this too, both on mastodon and here… 🤔


2021-06-13 21:37 CEST

@frrobert oh ok sorry. For me though, the author metatag is the way the author wants to be mentioned. So with the "@" to indicate mention but I see your point…

I'll add an issue on the git repo to think about it more, feel free to join :]

2021-06-13 21:36 CEST

Yesterday it was third month anniversary of my tinylog.

↑ This post made me curious about my own gemlog, and apparently today is the 4st months anniversary of my 1st post on my gemlog. :]

2021-06-13 20:03 CEST

It is a luxury that not everybody can have so I know I'm lucky. It is also harder now than before when I used to be a dev or tech lead. My job is still technical but not focus on development anymore but I still manage to do everything I need on my linux laptop :).

2021-06-13 19:58 CEST

@frrobert: I believe @author is better because the @capsule.tld is optional in the proposed RFC. So it means if an author don't put it, it will be "just" frrobert or adele. That could be fine for specific nickname like mine, but for more common name that could used in sentences it might highlight things when not wanted. But I can open open an issue on the rfc issue tracker to discuss more about this (more people are joining the convo there).

That being said, in gtl, I have a configuration file in which you can setup highlights strings (eg: `highlights = "frrobert, robert, anystring"`). So user can select what he wants to see highlighted.

2021-06-13 12:14 CEST / @szczezuja: I've been using Linux since 2005 on my personal desktop/laptop and tiling WM since 2007… And I impose that I work on linux at work, that's part of my must have… I'm the only one in my team but I couldn't work without it (both ethical and habits/productivity). Only at my first job between 2008/2010 I had a windows machine, but I was using VirtualBox to have a linux installed and ran it in full screen with i3wm :p.

2021-06-13 01:37 CEST

gtl TUI seems to work nicely (gif):

I'm not sure if I should implement such a menu on subscription list:

2021-06-12 17:32 CEST

Thanks @frrobert! I've added the missing one. I've not put one on purpose because it has been dead for many many days for me so I'm thinking the author stops his capsule… I may be wrong though^^


2021-06-12 12:34 CEST

@frrobert: Good idea, I also started a list on the RFC git repo:

I was thinking to transform it in a gemini format (the 3 .md file in the repo) too :).

Happy to merge both lists!

2021-06-12 02:37 CEST Thank you :)

This is where I'm stopping tonight:

Almost the same as cli (colors a bit different) but most importantly highlights in content to make it more visible than just the message in bold :).

Needs the menu to work and an auto refresh feature and should be a MVP (even though I do have many other ideas for next steps)

2021-06-12 00:35 CEST

@szczezuja: I've tagged v0.3.1 that includes a "cli_limit" option to avoid manually set "--limit" (if you do, it will override your config).

2021-06-12 00:11 CEST

↑ This may or may not be what gtl first version of the TUI will look like… I'm not sure anymore :]

2021-06-11 23:29 CEST

@frrobert: Thanks :) Sometimes it is just painful but in the long run I'd say it's worth it.

@szczezuja: That's why I just use "while true; do clear && ~/bin/gtl --mode cli --limit 11 && sleep 1800; done;" and leave it in a tmux :P. But I'll add a way to add the limit option directly int the config file to avoid typing it.

2021-06-11 15:18 CEST

There are days like today that reaaaally makes me want to through all my selfhosting away and move my services to a cloud instance…

Of course, other will see that message only after the storm (and technical issues) has ended (are resolved) so it's ironic to write it here like this…

2021-06-11 15:08 CEST

Thanks @frrobert :)

I've just noticed that the RFC has made it to geddit and I did not put it there myself ^^


2021-06-10 23:40 CEST

Seems there is no issue with @deerbard tinylog and gtl in the end, just on the 1st entry of @frrobert ^^

2021-06-10 23:35 CEST

@frrobert: Seems that there isn't 2 line break (= 1 empty line) between your metatags (licence) and your first entry (##) which isn't "normally" compatible with lace format I believe (even though it still works). Could you add a line break so I don't have to handle this weird use case in gtl? (Otherwise I'll do some ugly code to manage it)

2021-06-10 23:21 CEST

I've reverted back the avatar/licence changes in the RFP :).

Now let's investigate why some entries from @frrobert or @deerbard are not displayed in gtl :].

2021-06-10 15:45 CEST

I still use lace from time to time to check if I'm not ignoring valid lace entries by being too strict in gtl.

I must admit that I'm quite happy about the speed of gtl as lace is becoming a bit too slow because of the 11 tinylogs I follow… :]

But I'm still seeing some entries in lace that I do not in gtl (mainly on @deerbard tinylog). I'll investigate that during the week end.

2021-06-10 10:58 CEST

Seems @deerbard tinylog date format don't always work with gtl for some reason, I'll check that.

2021-06-10 10:49 CEST

@deerbard / @szczezuja: I use "\%F \%H:\%M \%Z" and it display CEST. But this is as well how my laptop is configured.

For example, the commande "date" returns "jeu. 10 juin 2021 10:50:18 CEST" for me. What is the return of "date" @deerbard ?

2021-06-10 00:57 CEST Welcome \o/

2021-06-09 21:39 CEST

I've added add and rm command to gtl to manage tinylog subscription without editing the subscription file :)

A few other todos and I'll tag the v0.3.0 (most probably later this week).

2021-06-09 17:02 CEST

Found this: gemini:// - everybody has its own format so far^^

2021-06-09 10:30 CEST

I've changed my mind for gtl, there will be a v0.3.0 version before the TUI to add the add/remove commands around subscriptions and a few fixes in the TODO.

TUI should come after (but who knows at this point :D)

2021-06-08 23:58 CEST

I've release gtl v0.2.0 with the color improvements (and other small fixes)

(binaries available)

2021-06-08 23:32 CEST

I'm wondering if we should only explicit an "author" metatag (author can decide to start with an emoji or not - or end with it for that matter) and then say any other "optional metatag"…

That would simplify the format even more I believe.

2021-06-08 18:58 CEST

I've started working on improving the CLI rendering for gtl:

2021-06-08 18:12 CEST \o/

BTW, thanks for the comment on the tinylog format. I'm still unhappy with my own answser regarding the date format to be honest but don't have a better idea right now^^.

I should also clean it a bit and maybe share it via the fediverse to get more feedback.

2021-06-08 09:58 CEST

I'm going to improve gtl cli (colors and display reorganisation) before starting on the TUI. I won't do something big for the cli but something cleaner like lace output for v0.2.0. v0.3.0 will be focusing on TUI :). At least that's the plan now until it changes yet again :D

2021-06-08 00:31 CEST Shouldn't your "author:" be "" as this is where your tinylog is?

2021-06-08 00:29 CEST / @szczezuja: I'm not happy about it so far, but I've pushed what I have at this point here:

It needs improvements, so feel free to comment / PR on the repo :).

2021-06-07 23:31 CEST

I've started working on a draft RFC that I'll push on a git repo soon. Not sure if I'll finish it tonight or tomorrow though (but I'll push what I have so far).

The main thing I'm unsure at this stage is: should we impose one (or a few) date format or let it as free as defined now (just works with "date -d" which is a very open format…)

2021-06-07 12:43 CEST

@adele: I'll start a draft tonight and upload it on a share git repo. I don't have a codeberg account, but I can create one if it's easier than git{lab,hub}. (I don't open my own gitea instance so it wouldn't be useful there :p).

2021-06-07 00:14 CEST

I'm wondering if we shouldn't try to write a "v2" of the "RFC" for tinylogs with the optional tags like author/avatar/… and other small improvements… 🤔

2021-06-07 00:07 CEST

I think I'm going to add some level of colors to gtl cli before doing the TUI piece this week :]

Also, regarding tinylogs follow, I was thinking capsule owner should simply either have an "author:" or an additional "permalink: gemini://link" entry between title and first entry. I like the because it makes it easy to see who is the author and how to reach out to his capsule…

2021-06-05 23:51 CEST

Thanks for testing and the report :)

2021-06-05 01:47 CEST

@szczezuja: I've pushed gtl here:

Look at the releases for linux binaries. Easiest is to create the ~/.config/gtl/gtl.toml file in advance with the path to your sub file. Default configuration is displayed on readme.

It is my first time publishing a go app with binaries, and in a draft version… Hopefully it will work though :p

Let me know if that's not the case, but I may be mostly afk tomorrow.

2021-06-04 23:23 CEST

I've cleaned a bit gtl code and option and documented the readme better. Now I need to look at how to automate building multi-architecture binaries so I don't have to do it manually :].

2021-06-04 09:16 CEST

@szczezuja: I've been quite lazy this week and didn't work much on gtl. I'll clean it a bit and release the cli version this weekend with binaries before starting to work on the TUI part. It's always good to have early feedbacks and I'm a believer of the « Release early, release often » :).

2021-06-03 14:22 CEST

@adele: It is some work to setup indeed, but there are cool things to automate it nowadays and good docs, but yes it is not the simplest.

2021-06-03 14:20 CEST

Working at home with 3 screens is helpful if you want to see a bit of Roland-Garros (and soon European cup and Olympics game) :D

2021-06-03 09:17 CEST

@szczezuja: The code is on my own gitea instance, not yet on github/gitlab. I could share it for the adventurous people but it is neither finished nor bug free :).

Do you have golang (≥1.15) installed to compile or would you prefer pre-built binaries?

2021-06-02 12:33 CEST

while true; do clear && ~/bin/gtl --cli --limit 10 && sleep 3600; done;

That's how I follow tinylogs for now (yeah 1h is quite enough :))

2021-06-02 09:32 CEST

@adele: Oh, I didn't know that, sorry :/. I've been selfhosting my emails for ±15 years so I'm not too much aware of these offers (even though I do talk about protonmail to non tech people still interested in privacy).

BTW, nice intro to fight against the centralized web (aka minitel 2.0 for us French^^), curious to read the rest later ^^

2021-06-02 01:20 CEST


@adele: You could potentially use the protonmail bridge. I've never used it as I don't use proton, but heard that it works…

@szczezuja: You could use cargo to install it if you're not against having rust installed. Otherwise, it seems there is a binary available. The tool itself seems quite nice indeed :]

2021-06-02 01:17 CEST

An "away from keyboard/screens night" (well mostly) reading, quite enjoyable :). I wasn't motivated to code or write tonight, and I don't think we should force ourselves, specially with side project!

2021-06-01 10:59 CEST

Yesterday I cleaned a bit the CLI part of my tinylog app. I haven't worked on the TUI side of things yet, but the CLI part seems to work very well. So since this morning, I've switch from lace to it to read other people tinylogs. What I really enjoy is that it is so fast: :]

Next step is the TUI, finally, and probably with rivo/tview… Main issue is that I'm still unsure of the design I want :D.

2021-06-01 09:32 CEST

@adele: I've gone this road some years back (almost 10) where I didn't have X started by default and thus staying in tty and just using startx when needed. For me the bloated web was an issue. Even with lynx, w3m or elinks (my fav cli browser). Maybe when gemini http proxy will be better, I could change that back (:

For email, I've been using neomutt for some time, but aerc from drewdevault seems nice too. Alpine was a thing too a long time ago^^.

2021-05-31 18:21 CEST

Today, it has been particularly though to keep some motivation for work ^^".

2021-05-31 00:16 CEST

Response of the day:

@adele: I think that's why the "author: @author" thing is great. You could have just your nick, your fediverse or blog link too if you'd like and thus that would help people decide for themselves.

@szczezuja: Regarding your tinylog gemlog entry, I think the author thing above and/or a possible "Contact: {https/gemini/email} link" could also work. So you could always either ping the right people or find them.

This doesn't solve the issue of "If I don't follow user X, then I might miss some post for me". But I think that is the same "issue" with gemlog entries that are responses to other, that could be easily solved by reaching out to someone telling her/him (via the "Contact" link in header) that you responded to him with the link to your response…

2021-05-30 23:56 CEST

Spent most of my day away from screens (well… Even though I coded until almost 4am, it was before sleeping so "yesterday" ^^). Was quite nice to enjoy the great weather today :). I also read most of one of my current book that I really enjoy so far called "l'odyssée des gènes" (translation in english "the genes odyssey").

I love reading, but I decided not to talk to much online about my readings as I feel it give way too much about someone. But I'd be fine discussing it directly with people though.

2021-05-30 03:58 CEST

Ok, results of the night:

I know have basically what lace does in CLI, but with:

Big next step is the TUI. That will be fun, I've never done any real TUI app (even though I love to use them). So no experience in TUI + just a few days of golang experience… This will be fun :-)

But this part will probably be next week.

PS: I like using tinylog for more than a few sentences too when it's not worth a full post. I should do it more.

PPS: sorry @szczezuja for yet another "marketing-y" entry :P

2021-05-30 01:46 CEST

I also apologize for all the gemini servers I'm hammering during my tests ^^"

2021-05-30 01:13 CEST

Ok, all date format I found on diverse tinylogs are managed (+ other standards). But I really think that this should be simplified. Gemini is based on simplicity and for people not familiar with the "date" linux command, it is not simple enough. IMO.

2021-05-30 00:03 CEST

The fact that lace is so permissive with date format will make it more difficult in another language because of the flexibility of the date shell command compared to what programming language let you do 🤔

2021-05-29 21:52 CEST

@szczezuja: I'm interested to know if the couple comitium/backlinks works, let me know please :]

2021-05-29 21:50 CEST

@szczezuja said on his tinylog

There is some teaser on author's tinylog. First tinylog marketing on Geminispace, ever. :-)

Ahahah, I didn't thought about being marketing-y but he might be right :D. It also made me think about how much corrupted our brains are…

2021-05-28 21:33 CEST

My tinylog client is moving on nicely. Far from something to publish but less far from a workable MVP^^.

2021-05-28 10:20 CEST

@adele I agree, the simplest and cleanest is @szczezuja idea of having these data in between title and entries in a formatted way

2021-05-28 01:15 CEST

My tinylog TUI app is moving very slowly but surely :-]. Always great to learn new things even though it means going a lot slower than with tech I'm more familiar with, but it is quite fun too :). I'm planning to support the author/avatar thing from @szczezuja even though I won't use myself an avatar as no emoji are closed to what I'd like :p. But I like the idea as it remove a request to get a favicon.txt

2021-05-27 17:19 CEST

Sometimes, it feels like there are more gemini servers than users…

2021-05-27 9:25 CEST

I may or may not have started to code a tinylog TUI app yesterday night and that might explain my level of fatigue this morning…

2021-05-26 0:15 CEST

Also, I'm wondering, are you @all editing your tinilog file by hand or did you create a simple script to automate it? :)

2021-05-26 0:10 CEST

Awesome to see more activity via lace today :) The "@" notification is the line between a micro log and a social media, but I don't think it is a viable option (at best, we could have notification for people that we sub to only. Otherwise it will imply a lot more complex setup with cgi scripts). So in the end, I think I can live without…

2021-05-25 13:26 CEST

I forgot about tinylogs for too long^^

2021-02-26 1:17 CET

I published my thoughts on the favicon.txt rfc. Not sure if that was a good idea though^^

2021-02-23 23:12 CET

I should not start factorio… I should not start factorio… ^^

2021-02-23 15:13 CET

Ahah… Just realized that I published a new blog article by mistake when I deployed the updated version of the gemini homepage… Good thing the article was ready to be published… Anyway… #fail

2021-02-23 13:21 CET

My first tinylog entrie… Very simple and useless at the same time :). I'm using CET time, it works with the date command so I hope this will work for everyone, otherwise I'll convert to UTC.

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