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This is a fork of gddo, the software which previously powered the now-defunct godoc.org, operated by Drew Devault.

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godocs.io generates documentation from Go source code. The guidelines for writing documentation for the godoc tool apply.

The Go language

Guidelines for documenting Go code

It's important to write a good summary of the package in the first sentence of the package comment. godocs.io indexes the first sentence and displays it in search results.

Add a package

To add a package to godocs.io, search for the package by import path. If godocs.io does not already have the documentation for the package, it will fetch the package source code on the fly and add the documentation.

Search for a package

godocs.io checks for package updates periodically. You can force godocs.io to update the documentation immediately by clicking the refresh link at the bottom of the package documentation page.

Remove a package

If you do not want godocs.io to display documentation for your package, send mail to sir@cmpwn.com with the import path of the package that you want to remove.

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