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Hello and welcome to the gem-home-pod (mirrored to the web) of HexDSL. I make YouTube Videos. I have a community over on discord. I generally bask in the ambience of Linux and I get lots of things wrong. I'm the 'go-to' guy if you need an opinion on an Indie game real quick. Also It's worth knowing that I am dyslexic and there will be many a spelling error on this website. I try to fix them when I see them, I just don't see them very often.

Gemini Microlog.


2021-12-16 - Hunter's Garden. Behind the scenes.

2021-11-16 - Dune: Messiah.

2021-11-04 - Dune.

2021-10-18 - The opening line. (Stranger in a Strange Land)

2021-10-15 - The opening line. (Foundation)

2021-10-13 - The opening line. (Neuromancer)

2021-08-13 - Just one damned Thing After Another.

2021-07-28 - My favorite writers.

2021-07-16 - Iliad By Homer.

2021-07-13 - Komi Can't communicate (Manga series)

All Book Club Articles.


2021-11-16 - Universal paperclips. A Clicker.

2021-08-18 - Back on DWM.

2021-08-10 - The most interesting Computer crash I have ever had.

2021-08-05 - Steam Deck has ruined my Switch.

2021-08-04 - Deliveries, Gifts and thanks.

2021-07-07 - Minecraft Dungeons Via XCloud (Gamepass)

2021-07-05 - Debian: Final Destination?

2021-06-14 - BIOMUTANT

2021-06-10 - Tales of Berseria.

2021-05-31 - I made a Discord bot in Python.

All Log Articles.

My Book

I wrote a book. You can buy it. Its about Vampires and things. Its actually pretty good.

Hunter's Garden (Amazon, UK)


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Final thoughts

Everything written here is CC BY-SA unless stated otherwise.

Be Cool.

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