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2023-02-09 02:13

Twice now people from on here has invited me to play Go and both times it has turned out to be async games and both times I have quit half way through.

It’s 100% my fault and I feel super guilty.

I apologize to them.

I just get ants in the brain, it’s like reading a Shakespeare play one letter at a time. Going to the shelf, opening the book, checking whether or not there’s been a new letter, which, around one-eighth of the time or so, there is, standing there by the shelf, neurotically checking a dozen times to see if s new letter will show up right away, then putting the book back and walking away from the shelf for a little bit, then fifteen minutes later same thing.

A calm person would be like “oh, this is nice, it’s a little spice, something to do daily for the next 181 days”. But I have a fire in my head, especially for puzzle games.

(“But that’s a good challenge for you, Sandra, an opportunity to practice zen.” That’s true. Spring and Autumn in the Treasury of the Dharma Eye. So the main drawback is also a pro.)

2023-02-08 10:33

It’s been 25 years but I still can never remember if grep –recursive is -R or -r. Case insensitive memory. I’m an aural thinker. Can’t write while talking either.

2023-02-08 08:41

One issue with running Arden Vul is how to refer to levels or locations in dialogue. Early on I accidentally had an NPC refer to a gang hiding out “on level three”. That was a big mistake that has negatively impacted how the players engage with this hyper-jaquayed Swiss cheese. The levels aren’t numbered in a logical order.

2023-02-08 08:36

Good example of doomerism that doesn’t cross the line (which would be arguing against trying, or arguing for exacerbating the problem):

I’m Sorry

We need doomerism like this that spurs politicians and media into taking serious action on climate. Inflation reduction act (and Tidöavtalet here in Sweden) have been disasters.

However, it doesn’t go far enough, is the problem. Grandchildren and such. Chances are people won’t even be living. That’s the problem with a lot of the politics on this. “It’s gonna be rough”—no, it’s gonna be too warm to live, not enough water to drink, no air to breathe. We’re heading for Venus without leaving your easy-chair. Which is why we need to take serious action fast.

2023-02-07 23:25

M3GAN avoids a lot of the stuff I hate about AI movies. It’s less a “become sentient / ooh what is sentience” and more a “runaway algorithm”. It’s more a criticism of machine learning than a “pauvre robotnik” story. It’s also well made, a mix of comedy and horror.

I hate AI movies so I should love a movie that fixes everything that’s wrong about AI movies like “Ex Machina” or “Robot and Frank” and instead depicts ML realistically. But it’s still a difficult watch.

It’s really difficult to see the child-like doll get torn apart by the heroes. I hate robots and I did want the main characters to defeat it, but it’s just a visceral, nauseating horror. I really recoiled from that scene. (That’s also one of the dangers of AI, the way we tend to instinctually create this faux attachment—the scenes of actual humans getting killed were horrific too, but they didn’t cause me to scream and get nauseated. This kind of attachment is something the movie explictly address in dialogue.)

2023-02-07 09:04

290000 people paying $8 a month for a crummy web page is a lot more than I’d expect 🤷🏻‍♀️

Daring Fireball: Feeling Blue, but Not Smelling Green

2023-02-06 12:42

I had reached the age of six hundred and fifty miles.

2023-02-06 10:59

Somehow RSS/Atom managed to remain perfect throughout the decades without spam or other unsolicited messages.

2023-02-06 10:38

Kind of promising contradictory things in being both “here are all the ways you can evade a ban” and “here are all the ways spam won’t be a problem”.

GitHub - nostr-protocol/nostr: a truly censorship-resistant alternative to Twitter that has a chance of working

One of these two promises are likely false especially if we count abuse and harassment along with spam. I hate internet and what we’ve got here is extra internet.

Also it integrates proof of work 🤦🏻‍♀️

A new fad sweeping the nation.

2023-02-04 18:58

I really want the “and” to go before the linebreak:

Semantic Line Breaks

2023-02-03 21:31

On Link’s Awakening (the Switch version), if I find a chamber stone, does that just mean “more rooms to choose from at Dampé‘s” or is there a way to find that room specifically at Dampé‘s?

2023-02-03 20:10

One of the worst things about the Switch is how a lot of games don’t let you save at any time—I’m not talking for save scum purposes, I mean so I can play one of the other games. I wanna play a li’l bit of Link’s Awakening but I’m knee-deep in a long chat with a living file folder in Disco Elysium and it seems like I can’t save in the middle of a convo. The worst game I have in this regard is Devil May Cry that only lets me save between levels.

2023-02-03 19:49

Cursed do not look:

Twitter’s Glossy Emoji Stickers on Emojipedia

2023-02-03 07:17

So some semmel-bakers wants to stop newspaper from conducting semmel-reviews in Halland province.

One of the newspapers acquiesced. The other wrote that they do the reviews for the readers, not for the bakers:

“Hallandsposten testar däremot semlorna i Halmstad.

—Vi gör det för läsarnas skull, inte för bagarnas skull, säger chefredaktör Herman Nikovic.”

I can’t say I disagree.

I hope legislators keep that same principle in mind when it comes to the issue of SVT publishing longer (“newspaper-like”) text pieces on their webpage. Of course news sites are upset about it. Just like soda companies compete with tap water. But the people got together and set up this system for tax funded ad-free reporting. We’re allowed to do so. Probably better known as democracy.

2023-02-01 14:47

The two things to understand with X-Men comics is that

1. Professor Xavier is a jerk! He’s manipulative, dishonest, dangerous, inconsistent, reckless, selfish, and abusive.

2. The writers know this.

Some parodies, like The Boys (comics version) get this so wrong because they think they’re being so edgy going over stuff that the original already keeps addressing over and over again.

In the “onslaught” arc, he destroyed all other super heroes because he wanted to lech on one of his own teen students. In canon. In the 616. Parodies can’t touch that.

2023-02-01 10:17

Duckburg’s nearest neighboring city according to Don Rosa:

Eureka, California - Wikipedia

I like the idea of placing a fictional city near a smaller one. It never made sense that Metropolis and Gotham were so close to New York (in addition to being expies of New York, which made total sense, what didn’t make sense is that New York was also there).

2023-01-31 23:02

I really hate the client cert thing with Gemini. It sucks that I can’t gemget a page that I created a cert for with Elaho 🤦🏻‍♀️

2023-01-31 14:15

I kinda love that Debian unified /usr/bin and /bin a while back:

UsrMerge - Debian Wiki

2023-01-31 14:07

I’ve mentioned before how YAML and Markdown work together so well as source languages (especially as Jekyll funge/humanize/dwimmify the YAML even more, with implicit string splitting on stuff like categories) and how they cover each other’s drawbacks, but this guy was streets ahead:

Writing with Markdown and YAML

2023-01-31 13:00

GRRM: “The 1978 volume of my own ‘New Voices/Campbell Awards’ anthology series will probably be published some time in 1985, so I don’t think I’m the person to make pronouncements, stern or otherwise, about the lateness of The Last Dangerous Visions.”

Almost twenty years later and NV/CA 6 hasn’t come out either 🤷🏻‍♀️

2023-01-30 21:40

In video games I really love when your lives lost are totally reset after a certain number of points. It’s rare—I’ve only seen it in some Game & Watch games (like the original Fire) and these days many games don’t even use lives—but it’s such a a motivator to keep playing even if you make early mistakes. Lately I’ve been playing a lot of Out Run and it’s so well tuned but if I flub up a couple of times early I’m liable to reset the game since those early mistakes will haunt me.

On the other hand, it’s rewarding when I manage to do well in the early parts because then I can mess up later.

2023-01-30 14:34

Snippet from another thread:

It’s not just the case that environmental transaction externalities are easy to overlook in market capitialism.
It’s worse: exploiting them is often directly incentivized.

2023-01-30 11:59

This is so great:

Learn to use email with git!

2023-01-29 15:29

Creative Commons (and FOSS) is not market capitalism in the literal sense. It’s neither priced according to buy/sell markets nor is it concentrating ownership of means of production.

2023-01-29 10:28

What a wonderful love letter to Gemini:

I Was Mistaken – Gemini is Awesome • Michael Nordmeyer

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