Nightfall City

Writer's Lane

A coffee in a hand and a pen in the other, that's how writers write in Writer's Lane. Cafés and Bookstores form the heart of this Victorian-style neighborhood. In this district, you never know what story you'll find.

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Alexandra's Café

Patrons outside nearly cover the neon lights that emit from the bay windows of Alexandra's Café, illuminating the cigarette smoke that periodically wafts into the café. Inside, patrons enjoy coffee; books line the walls in bookcases as a woman on a rolling shelf ladder replaces empty holes in the shelves with books from a pile in her arms.

Cookie Shop

Delicious cookies for Writer's Lane inhabitants. These cookies don't track you, but you might come for more. Enter at your own risk.

Gray's Tea

Sit back, relax, and drink sip your favorite warm beverage. Here on Gray's Tea, we explore the wild wonders of the web. You will find curious sites, useful tools, and Web-Dev educational resources. Let yourself become lost in the wisdom of the world, find something unexpected, and maybe find yourself along the way.

kelbot's gem-port

Has a number of different things including retro tech, linux terminal stuff, videogames, a gemlog and is home to smolZINE.

Klocow Stuff

Welcome to the 90's! here are my blog posts, my gifs, and funny flash animations,take a seat, i am going to make some tea, in this time go post something on guestbook, now excuse me, i am going to click le link to le cool website

The Nightfall Times

Nightfall City's official newspaper main office. Read the latest happenings from every districts. We write about arts, moods, weather and people. 30c per issue.

Smol Pub

You found a notebook. Are you going to pick it up? There's "Smol Pub" written on the cover. The format seems practical. Perhaps you can write in it?


Essays, fiction and poetry.

Zoraster ∞

I do not know if I am falling up or down perhaps forwards or backwards if not a combination ― and am still wandering back in forth in the heavens for I have yet to find my place in the stars.


meeg is sitting outside a cafe, with an espresso and various scribbled papers scattered accross the table. They may look kind of bummed out, but if you join them for coffee they'll be happy to chat.


In a dark corner that is only sometimes there, a group of people reunite to talk about experiences in distant lands where reality itself doesn't work right. They are friendly people, and they are really inspired artists as well, but anyone who sees them must admit they are... quite strange...

Wildcat's Corner

Amongst the Victorian houses, you spot an odd building, one that stands out from the rest: a ranch house, one that seems to have aged like fine wine. Inside, cats roam about in the main room, one that is lined with books about eras long gone, and the walls lined with vintage-styled furry art.






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