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Quick notes, thoughts and feelings.

My struggle with learning linux commands, software and all the computer magic that's so alien to me.

Links from Gemini land and beyond that I find interesting.

Chat with those who follow me here.


Wed Nov 16 02:48:20 PM CET 2022

I heard Dalai-Lama said that shyness comes from pride. I think he might have heard me talking loud to myself about it when I was young. It was a strange insight that came to me once though I didn't fully understand it back then. Jokes aside though life is just full of apparent paradoxes.

Mon Oct 31 02:08:26 PM CET 2022

@bacardi55 Bedtime procrastination, oh yes I know it well. I guess many would recognize it in themselves.

Tue Oct 25 10:18:08 AM CEST 2022

The "issue" of no content on gemini addressed beautifly by ~ploum


Mon Oct 24 10:30:36 AM CEST 2022

Do you remember your dreams?


Mon Oct 24 10:30:03 AM CEST 2022

@szczezuja I posted a reply to your gemlog

Sat Oct 15 05:46:48 PM CEST 2022

@bacardi55 I'm sick too. For a month now I can't fully recover before another virus attack. What a marathon. I know some people get vaccined against flue and claim it does help them with overall immunity. Never believed in such claims but starting to think maybe I should try cause what can I lose.

Tue Sep 20 11:43:15 AM CEST 2022

This week I'm sick. I wish after one week I'll get much better. Some sicknesses last and last and they make you so weak. I hate them the most.

Also I realized I don't read gemlogs I subscribed to.

And logs I bookmarked are no longer available so I can't access them and delete from bookmarks.

Gotta find way to clean my gemini experience.

Fri Sep 16 08:28:31 PM CEST 2022

Wanted to add my gemlog but I couldn't provide a certificate as asked. How do I provide it? Anyways, cool place you might want to explore or add content to.


Tue Sep 13 09:53:39 AM CEST 2022

And yes I also cut off the burden of remembering about a virtual plant. I'm an easily distracted person, I need to decluter as much as I can.

Tue Sep 13 09:48:27 AM CEST 2022

I only go offline for few hours a day. Still am online on my phone in this time but only in case. I put it somewhere away and try not to check unless I make a break. Even this made my days so much better. I think being offline on main machine where I work is the key and I may make these periods longer in future and also put my phone offline more and more. Still can communicate with the world from the old laptop, if I really need it. It so inconvenient I won't do it without having a good reason.


Wed Aug 31 06:02:49 PM CEST 2022


ad 1) Ok I generalized few people to one but it doesn't change the feeling of it. It's still sending into the void. I get the same feeling about Twitter f.e. even though there are thousends of potential readers. Meanwhile on Mastodon I know I will probably get some interaction every time I write something. I don't care about likes though so if I get only likes it still feels lonely.

ad 2) It was Szczezuja's argument. Sending enough information so it starts to attract new users. I don't have it in mind while sending my tiny logs.

Wed Aug 31 11:35:47 AM CEST 2022


Well ad 1) I don't use tinylog for that personally. I use gemlog for that purpose. Tinylog for me is writing random smalltalk-like starters, random thoughts but nobody reads except for you. They have more use on Mastodon or even Station. Here it's sending information into empty space.

ad 2) Yeah, maybe that. I just don't care about it too much. I don't think it'll ever get popular and known unless whole societies change drastically their whole worldviews.

So I may stop writing here at one point or if I still have fun writing to nobody (I can talk to you directly on jabber) I will continue for pure unreasonable fun.

Wed Aug 31 11:23:38 AM CEST 2022

It's been 400 days of my plant on Astrobotany. I think I'm going to let it „die”. Getting rid of unnecessary rituals.

Wed Aug 24 08:55:54 PM CEST 2022

Tinylog - the only social media -ish place I wrote to (one random thought) in last ten days and yet I have a feeling it's the place I need the least. And then I have this other feeling that it's the best exactly fot this reason. There's no fooling here, we all know nobody needs my random thoughts. Let's say I would be able to make my friends read it (none of them reads it, what a pity, right?). Would it be ideal? Or would it be worse than writing to nobody? Or would it be all the same, doesn't matter?

Sun Aug 21 04:27:03 PM CEST 2022

I think I should try offpunk.

Thu Aug 11 08:36:29 AM CEST 2022

Whatever is going on with the world now, it's not going to end pretty. We're all living on a ticking bomb. I don't enjoy saying such things. I don't want to think about it. But it's so clear and so terrifying.

Fri Jul 29 05:00:03 PM CEST 2022

The great longing of Eastern Europe folk souls. Where does it come from.

Mon Jul 25 08:54:58 PM CEST 2022

Thank you for watering my virtual plant.

Sun Jul 24 09:39:21 PM CEST 2022

Today in the morning I was still walking barefoot on the grass and soil and rocks of the creek and now I'm sitting back behind my desk in the middle of the city feeling trapped and uninspired.

Sat Jul 9 09:01:15 PM CEST 2022

What I can understand is limited by the frame I am opereting in and how I understand is by contrast to the frame. Which is invisible (always?) to me but not necessarily to others.

Thu Jun 30 09:42:07 AM CEST 2022

@monolalia Very interesting list of guidelines. I'd like to ask you about the first one. Would you show me an example of such situation where it looks like making things nicer is a sufficient reason to regulate something but in fact it is not? I am not sure about this or not sure what you mean exactly.

Tue Jun 28 09:36:31 AM CEST 2022

Offpunk is such a tempting idea.

Fri Jun 24 12:58:32 PM CEST 2022

A good read from bjorn about where to look for human created web content. Although here in gemini everyone knows I suppose


Mon Jun 20 10:20:31 AM CEST 2022

Listening to The Temptations. Perfect mood, perfect name.

Tue Jun 14 08:38:37 PM CEST 2022

I onced saved some gemlogs for later reading. Most of them almost a year ago. I just went through the links. Half of them not reachable anymore. Most of the rest link to capsules whose authors stopped to publish anything many months ago. Most capsules I was interested in are dead now. What will gemini look like in a year? In five years? In ten years?

Mon Jun 13 11:53:12 AM CEST 2022

@samhunter yeah, looks like I can only copy to and paste from other programs using touchpad. This is weird as in any other program in terminal emulator I can just use Ctrl+Shift+c.

Wed Jun 8 10:06:46 PM CEST 2022

@samhunter: This is becoming a long thread upon Vim. Haha. So my goal was to not use mouse when writing in Vim. I'm using Cool Retro Term by the way. Just a cool toy but I love it. Other than that I have Gnome Terminal. I don't know what people are using, I'm just scratching the surface of this reality by my own.

Wed Jun 8 07:25:38 PM CEST 2022

Is abandoned? It looks so as no news in their gemlog since April 2021 and I found some capsule addresses that are not available anymore.

Wed Jun 8 07:12:28 PM CEST 2022

@szczezuja I see. You can also group capsules thematically in those three arms I guess.

Tue Jun 7 02:59:59 PM CEST 2022

re: @bacardi55 Tue 07 Jun 2022 01:55 CEST

Does not work for me. I'm only able to paste it back to Vim. Funny animal that Vim. As a not programmer I still don't understand why it's so popular.

Mon Jun 6 10:33:34 PM CEST 2022

It is beautiful, @szczezuja. Is there any system behind grouping in particular arms of the galaxy?

szczezuja's map of his gemini galaxy

Mon Jun 6 10:29:41 PM CEST 2022

Is there any simple wat to copy paste from Vim to other programs?

Mon Jun 6 10:27:43 PM CEST 2022

Bookmarked. Too long for now.

bacardi55's take on gemlog replies

Fri Jun 3 10:15:08 PM CEST 2022

A final words from @ploum 's "Why Gemini Is Essential" log:

"If my 4 months of disconnection taught me that I’m not really disconnected, that I’m more connected than ever thanks to Gemini, maybe all those people spending their life on their phone, browsing mindlessly are the disconnected ones."

a whole log here

Fri Jun 3 10:16:20 AM CEST 2022

Checked Station and found a dubmest conspiracy theory about covid boosters being just a placebo. I don't know, is there sometnin about Station that would attract reckless statements? Yes, there is. It resembles microblogging social media. It's much easier to look for attention and reaction there.

Fri Jun 3 09:55:56 AM CEST 2022

I recently discovered that @frrobert is proxying my whole capsule content to www. I asked him kindly not to do it anymore. Waiting for the responce. You might want to check if your capsule is being indexed by the search engines as well. Hope he's reachable by his contact form.

Fri Jun 3 09:51:34 AM CEST 2022

I wonder what happened 73 days ago. Three of the plant owners from my plant ring on Astrobotany logged in 73 days ago last time. (I wonder which plant will survive the longest without their owners' care)

my plant ring

Thu Jun 2 03:37:19 PM CEST 2022

What a beautiful sky today.

Sun May 29 12:27:09 PM CEST 2022

Listening to somebody and thinking two things simultaenously: „this guy has an excellent understanding” and „this guys really thinks he's got an excellent understanding”. And the latter causes me to not really believe in the first.

Wed May 25 07:19:53 PM CEST 2022

During last 24h I compared Chilly Weather gemini forecast with which I use on daly basis and the latter was much closer to what I observed. I especially focused on rain. It is still very cool that we can find weather forecast for any placy in the world in gemini.


Tue May 24 10:33:28 AM CEST 2022

I'm late to discover everything, just today I discovered there are threads on cosmos. Still not sure how it works exactly but there's a lot more interaction in gemini space than I thought.

cosmos by skyjake

Sat May 21 11:22:07 AM CEST 2022

New pic in one picture gallery. A photography again.

to be found here

Sat May 21 11:18:18 AM CEST 2022

I started to read, very interesting. Hope I'll get to the rest at one point. I have a difficulty with getting back to my bookmarks.

coming out as autistic

Sat May 21 10:58:19 AM CEST 2022

I payed close attention to this anxiety thing yesterday. I will probably never know for sure. I may still get sick later today, or not cause my body fought it succesfully. It usually happens one day before I get sick. It could be strong meteopathy as a weather was changing rapidly yesterday. I'm guessing it was a mix of that and caffeine but there could be any amount of hidden reasons. Never stops being interesting. Have a good weekend, everyone!

Fri May 20 12:11:27 PM CEST 2022

Mild anxiety. Is it just coffee or something else. I have a strange relation with caffeine.

Thu May 19 09:25:15 AM CEST 2022

@martin Congratz! Wish you it's just the beginning!

Thu May 19 09:20:16 AM CEST 2022

@bacardi55 Did you really think Yoda said something original there? The whole greatness of the old SW is that there was so many archetypical characters and cultural quotes. For the same reason all the new SW have no depth.

Thu May 19 09:09:16 AM CEST 2022

@szczezuja thx, I forgot about station (never used it) and didn't know about „cosmos”. Something's changed in Nightfall City, there are no logs to read anymore, just a list of places. So I stopped checking it.

Fri May 13 12:04:19 PM CEST 2022

Thx @szczezuja, working indeed :) Anyways, any other new places like this? I'm wondering how people tend to connect in gemini these days, did anything change in this regard?

Thu May 12 05:15:43 PM CEST 2022

What are the now existing feed aggregators / places you can submit your logs to? I knew there's Antenna but when I tried to add my log there, it didn't show up (tried twice and checked after a day). Also was wondering if there are any new places.

Fri May 6 07:13:02 PM CEST 2022

I watched „Marriage Story” six days ago and I'm still bit sad and a bit disturbed but I'm still glad I watched it. I like Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson, and they played well.

Tue May 3 11:46:52 AM CEST 2022

I have two prints of my „Queen of Hearts” illustration. Two different versions. You can see pictures here:


and contact to me here if you're interested:


Tue Apr 26 11:14:39 AM CEST 2022

In my rolling one pic gallery you can now see a photo I've taken in 2006 that is a perfect example of what I miss in myphotographies today (I now use a compact digital camera for the convenience).

You can find the pic here

Tue Apr 26 11:05:05 AM CEST 2022

I checked nytpu's photos and found something that reminded me for a gazillionth of times how much I prefere analog photography. And I was never fully able to understand what are all the reasons. Grain for sure and specific colors but something about edges and sharpness too.

Check photo nb 78

Tue Apr 26 10:47:15 AM CEST 2022

whole capsule about media literacy, didn't read through it yet but looks interesting.

Thu Apr 14 05:06:49 PM CEST 2022

I like Amfora a lot and it's the only gemini browser I use and I really hope it will always work. Forever and ever.

Wed Apr 6 03:27:35 PM CEST 2022

I painted Ursula K. Le Guin portrait and gemini is the first place I published it to. Rest of the world can wait. Check my Rolling One Pic Gallery.

to be found here

Tue Apr 5 09:29:05 AM CEST 2022

I found old log drafts. Nothing interesting though so deleted them. Still have some to check, I had some extra time during last Summer. But it's always just loose thoughts I had in mind back then.

Sat Apr 2 08:29:23 AM CEST 2022

@bacardi55 Oh, I see! I was just unlucky then to check it at wrong moment :) Thx.

Fri Apr 1 12:35:22 PM CEST 2022

Just learned my tinylog does not appear in Tinylog timeline generated by gtl anymore. Was it too boring or what could be the couse?

Fri Apr 1 12:20:35 PM CEST 2022

Quite often I want to write a log about some thought I have but knowing it would take more time than I want to spend on it I always put that away and forget about the thought. I think I should change my attitude and write even short chaotic thoughts. Still better than not writing at all. It's kind of a diary thing. Only public. Maybe that stops me. But in the other hand, I don't think I would be determind to write a private one without any chance for interaction and thought exchage. Here, in gemini space, the chance though small, still exists.

What do you think? How do you treat your logs? Do you write a private diary or other form of thought saving?

Mon Mar 28 08:58:39 AM CEST 2022

@szczezuja thx for these radio stations without commercials. I'll give'em a try sometime although I'm not used to talking radios. I mostly listen to

Tue Mar 22 03:58:16 PM CET 2022

Sometimes I post just random thoughts that come to my mind. Please don't read them as complaining. I's usually little observations or articulation of mood/feeling. Like the one about posting to the void. I actually felt good, it feels mysterious to send the words for nobody to read and exciting that in this endless emptyness still somebody can read it. It's like reaching alien worlds with letter in a bottle.

Tue Mar 22 09:50:57 AM CET 2022

re: @szczezuja Mon 21 Mar 2022 21:32 CET

I wish there was such a tool for Polish as well even though it's our native :D

Sat Mar 19 10:06:25 PM CET 2022

Sending messages for anyone and nobody. Why do some of us do it?

Sat Mar 19 10:04:18 PM CET 2022

Too rare are the occasions when I think clearly and logically.

Mon Mar 14 09:29:24 PM CET 2022

@bacardi55 yes I'm on RTC, though I'm like a child in a fog, I'm using just little functionality that I've been shown how to use. I mainly post to my capsule. As for tools I know how to check for RTC members there's a chat called gab and for a longer form writing there's shlog.

Mon Mar 7 06:21:53 PM CET 2022

Listening to Konpeito music over and over again.

Fri Mar 4 07:04:17 PM CET 2022

I'm wondering. Any preppers in gemini space?

Fri Feb 25 11:28:58 AM CET 2022

In the same time balance of many lifes has been inerrupted in Ukrain, country next to mine. Trying to focus on daily life problems but it's not that easy. Panic is counter productive but doing anything seems pointless. The only question that feels relevant is: What should we do? And I don't know the answer. How big is this storm and where will it end?

Fri Feb 25 11:24:21 AM CET 2022

It's useful to think about my past. The longer I live, the more mistakes I did, the more I can learn from studying them. I almost abandoned this process of going back in memory cause I was overly sentimental in my youth and it seemed counterproductive at the time. Extremes are rarely healthy.I'm happy I'm regaining some balance here.

Wed Feb 23 09:19:32 AM CET 2022

@bacardi55 thx a lot! Getting better already!

Mon Feb 21 08:55:17 PM CET 2022

Sick, weak and unable to work but at least learned it's not covid. And there is one positive side of it all - I read more. Always look on the bright side of life.

Wed Feb 16 01:03:49 PM CET 2022

@adele I actually like that aspect of gemini space that it makes you use another browser. I use Amfora and I really enjoy the experience. I never used terminal too much before as I'm not a programmer, now I use it on daily basis and I open it in cool-retro-term app which makes it extra fun :)

Fri Feb 11 09:32:55 AM CET 2022

Good morning!

New pic in One Picture Gallery

to be found here

Thu Feb 3 12:16:49 PM CET 2022

First day after another attack of paralyzing back pain. Yesterday I spent whole day planning how to improve my working place. Thankfuly after yesterdays heavy painkillers I don't need more today. Taking breaks as I should. Now I „only” have to finally start remebering about it ALWAYS.

Sun Jan 30 05:23:31 PM CET 2022

@lykso I don't even know what twtxt is :) I just send my tinylogs into the void like always.

Sun Jan 23 01:57:45 PM CET 2022

Seems I'm joining @ew0k's reading challenge by coincidence. I decided to reintroduce reading to my life by making a hard rule of time during the day set for reading. I won't count pages though, just reading few pages a day but every day is my goal.

Wed Jan 19 09:27:17 AM CET 2022

Today I learned on Mastodon that probably there will be no more konpeito mixtapes. Listening to old ones today.

Sun Jan 16 07:05:28 AM CET 2022

An important observation. I became slothful.

Wed Jan 12 10:17:33 AM CET 2022

@Toby Thx! Mindblowing! I'm talking about the Kiwix and whole Wikipedia being „only” 87Gb.

Wed Jan 12 10:09:51 AM CET 2022

Nothing to add, best smolnet wishes :)

Same to you @Szczezuja!

Fri Jan 7 05:08:12 PM CET 2022

@Szczezuja Pixelfed seems to be even less useful than Instagram for me. Sure you can post there and it looks pretty cool but then it's hard to notice any comments so communication almost doesn't exist. Asfor my taking photos, yeah, I still almost don't, waiting for any event in my static life :) But my Telegram group funtions pretty well for just few users. Arkadiusz from Masto joined recently and is active as well.

Wed Jan 5 04:08:02 PM CET 2022

New picture in my rolling one pic art gallery is a part of this year calendar June illustration.

you can find it here

Wed Jan 5 09:55:31 AM CET 2022

What happened to Only today I thought there's probably Winter music waiting there for me but I couldn't connect.

Sun Dec 26 06:54:14 PM CET 2021

Bit late to wish Merry Christmas but I wish you Happy New Year :) I wish you all peace of mind in these chaotic times.

Sun Dec 12 10:08:30 AM CET 2021

@Toby Sounds great! I need social media but I always struggle to use them only for what I need. This week for example was not too good regarging this problem. I use a blocker that blocks websites of my choice in time intervals of my choice but I can always turn it down somehow. I need to remind myself that I don't want to do that by changing password to it from time to time. If I forget about it, it easily goes bad really quick. This is all so funny when I think about my constant struggle to trick my own brain to do things that it will like in the end but doesn't want to do at the moment. :D

Sat Dec 11 10:52:32 AM CET 2021

@Toby I think you've got a date error in your tinylog. Btw I also discovered gemini about a year ago and love to spend time here since there. Only for me I travel all the time. Here, Mastodon, Discord (unfortunately) and sometimes many other places in internet, then I'm back to gemini again and so on. Here I feel better usually and the pace lets me think but sometimes I need some more direct and quick connection.

Sat Dec 11 09:45:08 AM CET 2021

Will tinylog survive or was it just a short lasting turbulence in internet space-time?

Tue Nov 30 03:10:24 PM CET 2021

Np @samhunter, thx for watering mine frequently! I just go through most dry plants whenever I login and check if I know some username, if not, I water random one.

Mon Nov 29 10:30:03 AM CET 2021

Hazy mood.

Mon Nov 22 09:21:11 AM CET 2021

No power to write. No time to think. Anxiety lurks all the time. Hope it will change sooner than later.

Wed Nov 17 12:16:03 PM CET 2021

@szczezuja: That's why I ask. I can't water two plants no matter if I waterde mine or not already. I used to water plants of those who I knew from elsewhere, like you but since I use Amfora I can't search by name so I just check plants in worst health and water one of them. Yours is never there :) Sometimes I scroll quite a lot but you must water your plant pretty regularly.

Tue Nov 16 05:51:21 PM CET 2021

Just found my Astrobotany plant nearly dead. Means gemini gardeners changed behaviour. Btw @szczezuja did you once say you water more than one plant of others at once? I can only water one and then I need to wait before I can do it again. Never checked how long I need to wait.

Thu Nov 11 09:47:11 AM CET 2021

Almost finished with calendars. Waiting for orders till this Sunday and I close this thing once again. Once again just for few friends and one person from internet who decided to buy. I don't know why I put so much effort into it. It's just something I love to do regardless of me being payed for it or not. Every year I doubt I'll do it next year and every year I do it again. I'm proud of the two calendars I made this year. Looking good.

Thu Nov 4 07:46:15 AM CET 2021

Inktober was fun and once again I reminded myself how much I like free doodling in my sketchbook. Every year I fail to make a habit out of it. Not sure why it is so. Maybe I should plan it more instead of just expecting it to happen.

Wed Nov 3 10:05:22 PM CET 2021

This time I uploaded to my one pic gallery a WIP of one of my illustrations for this years calendar.

you can find it here

Thu Oct 28 01:25:51 PM CEST 2021

Hello League of Legends deamon, my old friend. You didn't whisper into my ear for a long time. What doing of mine summoned you now? I don't want you here.

Mon Oct 25 09:13:51 AM CEST 2021

Re: @Reaton

Inspiring. Reminded me I want less social media daily.

Mon Oct 25 09:06:25 AM CEST 2021

Re: @Szczezuja

I was watching Chopin Competition with my daughter and I had the same thoughts! Cameras where everywhere! Watching artists from every possible angle. I almost expexted to see another one from pianist's perspective and then another one from within his guts! I didn't need so many of them, I felt like I, the watcher, am a source of a distraction to the artist. It would be totally fine to have a camera or twowatching them from a distance, I could still see better on my monitor than people in the audience! This is one of these many situations where an illusion of progress occurs.

Fri Oct 22 11:24:03 AM CEST 2021

New ink drawing in my rolling one pic gallery

to be found here

Fri Oct 22 09:06:43 AM CEST 2021

Dzień dobry!

morning was so beautiful it made me write (in Polish).

Wed Oct 20 08:43:39 AM CEST 2021


Checked first seconds of the video and stopped. First - it's not true, 99% of what I see on social media is art, not beautiful people and their lives. It's his problem he follows people who upload such content. Second - his video is made in a manner that is a part of the problem. It's made in a way so it's distractive, loud and quickly changing, I get really tired by watching videos like this.

Wed Oct 20 08:38:34 AM CEST 2021


I might but first I already don't have enough time for the Telegram thing (plus I also upload on Mastodon) and I'm obliged to use as little space on RTC as I can. I could upload one picture in low quality though, as I already tried with my drawings. So yeah, time factor mostly...

Fri Oct 15 10:02:13 AM CEST 2021

@szczezuja and every other person interested in photography: If you use Telegram, maybe you'd like to join my little black and white photography challenge from time to time? It's all about making these ten minutes somewhere during few days after somebody proposes a topic, finding an interesting take and posting it to the group. You can find it by handle BlackWhite_Photography and it's called BW Photo Collective. It's a bit quiet these days but it's not dead for sure and a lot of fun with new topics is still ahead of us.

Mon Oct 11 07:42:42 PM CEST 2021

I updated info about my calendars. Caaalendars, caaalendars, anyone? :D (Is it a first advertisment in gemini? Oh on I just spoiled this pure world hahaha)

my calendars info

Fri Oct 8 09:17:27 AM CEST 2021

Nicholas from Nicksphere does a great job at providing a clear preview of his logs content. Just look at it. Read time and a summary!


Wed Oct 6 09:06:23 PM CEST 2021

You're right, Szczezuja. And I thought of it after I wrote my log :) Fall's come and we all have less time. Normal modern life thing.

Wed Oct 6 12:10:44 PM CEST 2021

Tiny logs space seem to got more quiet recently. Not that much happening here anymore it seems. Maybe it's just temporary? Or maybe it's whole gemini already passed it's pick of interest from people? My astrobotany plant is not being watered that quickly anymore even if it stays dry for a day or two.

Mon Oct 4 09:07:28 AM CEST 2021

Just started a "rolling one pic gallery" in my ART log. Let's see if I remember to change it from time to time :)

ART log

Sun Oct 3 06:39:45 PM CEST 2021

Lace stopped working for me just today. Any other lace users still there?

edit: It actually works but take an awful load of time. Just checked and it loaded after 9 minutes :D

Fri Oct 1 10:23:50 AM CEST 2021

Re: @bacardi55 Thu 30 Sep 2021 09:24 CEST

If it doesn't work, what I found is I have to use pen and paper, no computer tool worked in a long run. I use bullet journal for a year now, no other tool worked for so long.

Wed Sep 29 09:32:58 AM CEST 2021

Busy time comes yet again. Calendars making. I never found a way to monetize this outside of few friends and family members circle but I have so much passion for it I just can't avoid doing it. Exciting times!

Wed Sep 22 10:35:56 AM CEST 2021

Making drugs for children sweet is an act of malevolence. Change my mind.

Wed Sep 22 10:31:16 AM CEST 2021

Re: @リ Reaton Tue 21 Sep 2021 23:33 CEST

Nice! Glad to hear and it's such a nice feeling I actually helped you find it. I was pretty sure our little tinylog world is way too small for it to be something new to anybody here but I turned out to be wrong :)

Sat Sep 18 04:10:01 PM CEST 2021

Today is gemini day. I finally added links to my capsule.

me in gemini

places I like in gemini (still lacks all capsules links)

Sat Sep 18 03:32:23 PM CEST 2021

Autumn mixtapes are out on Konpeito! :)

Konpeito capsule

Sat Sep 18 03:22:28 PM CEST 2021

Re: @lykso Fri 17 Sep 2021 20:14 UTC

Just a strange thing to do IMO to give such name. It's aiming low.

Sat Sep 18 10:27:13 AM CEST 2021

If you like exploring bandcamp, there's this Firefox plugin maybe you didn't know about called Volume Control for Bandcamp Player. Yes, it adds that missing functionality to bandcamp. I have no idea why it's not there by default.

p.s. @sloum if you're reading here, thx for this Martina Topley Bird album you wrote about in your gemlog. Perfect mood.

Fri Sep 17 12:14:06 AM CEST 2021


My loose, late night foughts on why I use gemini that I posted in responce to your log

Thu Sep 16 03:28:48 PM CEST 2021

Did you ever think about why is Discord named this way? Is it me or is the meaning of it rather negative?

Wed Sep 15 11:09:51 AM CEST 2021

Re: Sun 12 Sep 2021 17:53 UTC

Just noticed your log, thanks a bunch! Will try to share more often here.

Mon Sep 13 03:17:15 PM CEST 2021

I'm so mad at myself, I just completely deleted at least 3GB of older works of mine instead of backing them up. And I am not even fully sure what they all were. Was there something important among them? Was there any commissioned work etc? So stressing.

Mon Sep 13 12:05:52 AM CEST 2021

I am the clueless grandma type user in the beautiful world of gemini. Beware, I'm coming to ask questions you won't even understand.

Sat Sep 11 02:32:47 PM CEST 2021

Eleventh creature sketch done, good. At least this part of the projects progress look promising.

Fri Sep 10 07:51:26 PM CEST 2021

Good read about limited resources feature by @szczezuja

Tue Sep 7 03:49:10 PM CEST 2021

Thank you, @samhunter! For both trying it out and the compliment)

Tue Sep 7 12:12:02 PM CEST 2021

First test ever putting an image to gemini space. It's the first (January) creature for my 2022 calendar. Can you confirm it's downloadable?

small and compressed but it's here

Tue Sep 7 09:44:21 AM CEST 2021

Congratulations @Reaton!

Tue Sep 7 09:39:27 AM CEST 2021

I received another email responding to deerlog (my gemlog) entry. Feels good. I am in a good place. I am so happy I started this. This is the most genuine social interaction I got from internet since... ever? Maybe. Good morning everyone!

Sat Sep 4 10:19:11 AM CEST 2021

Kutiman - Antarctica

listening to it now, great album

Sat Sep 4 10:17:49 AM CEST 2021

Welcome back @Reaton, good luck with the school!

Fri Sep 3 09:23:54 AM CEST 2021

August projects report is late but is published in my capsule. I write it just for myself so it's only in Polish but I publish it cause I need it to be a bit more official. Just for me meaning the only purpose is that it helps me but everyone can read it and write me about it, kick my lazy ass or just ask about something. I like that pressure.

Wed Sep 1 11:06:43 AM CEST 2021

Cannot connect to I get 'connection refused'.

Wed Sep 1 10:28:22 AM CEST 2021

now playing

Tue Aug 31 07:59:39 PM CEST 2021

Enjoying my fresh new gemini experience with Amfora. So far I'm very glad I decided to migrate to this browser. The only con is that I cannot search for words as in web browsers (I could in Kristall) but I can finally open sound files and what's most important subscribe to capsules and actually see the feed!

Sun Aug 29 01:35:38 PM CEST 2021

@samhunter there's an empty re: to me in your tinylog, does it mean a meaningful silence upon my igno

rance? :D

EDIT: it's only empty in lace, thx, I found my way to the config! :)

Sun Aug 29 01:32:48 PM CEST 2021

And solved. Time to copy paste all the subscriptions... (boring part).

Sun Aug 29 01:07:10 PM CEST 2021

Hah, found the „help” :) Only certs issue to solve.

Sun Aug 29 12:59:25 PM CEST 2021

Trying to understand Amfora, still can't find any complete instruction on how to use it. I figured how to open and switch tabs but don't know how to delete them. Still have to check if I can migrate my cert from Kristall.

Wed Aug 25 05:49:55 PM CEST 2021

re: @samhunter Tue 24 Aug 2021 12:42 CEST

We lose the context from living in light polluted world. Few minutes of staring at stairy night sky can give it back. Happens so rarely to me...

p.s. I enjoyed your chess variants ideas. Do you play chess on lichess maybe btw?

Wed Aug 25 05:40:58 PM CEST 2021

First time since... two years, maybe even more, I get fully immersed into the book. Happened yesterday and the day before too. I have almost zero time for reading throughout the year. I will finish the first book in this year just this week. This is a somewhat painfull confession but it's just the result of conscious decisions.

Wed Aug 25 05:23:36 PM CEST 2021

I wish emailing was as easy for nontechy folk as creating txt file on your device and sending it to the other person's device. No providers in between, just my inbox on my computer and your inbox on yours.

Fri Aug 20 09:29:58 PM CEST 2021

@samhuner damn, no I didn't get it. Maybe because I didn't even check the youtube link (and still not checking it now, no time :P) p.s. still one tinylog entry giving error in lace „invalid date ‘Tue 17 Aug 06:22:23 CEST PM CEST’”

Thu Aug 19 11:45:00 AM CEST 2021

@samhuner Actually I find it awkward if somebody says my (or other person's name) often in the conversation. It always sounds like some learned technique, not a natural way of talking and it automatically adds tention/stiffness to the conversation on my side when I notice it.

Tue Aug 17 09:38:24 PM CEST 2021

„Language has made us more than a group of pack hunting monkeys. It's made us a group of pack hunting monkeys with a dream” - Terence McKenna

Tue Aug 17 12:48:28 PM CEST 2021

Re: @szczezuja Mon 16 Aug 2021 21:18 CEST

Yeah my humor also lives in daily little putting things into absurd and showing their abstract nature. The not telling jokes part interested me too. I now think it's because internet posts took this part from out social life. You want jokes? Just scroll down some meme feed. As for the rest of the aspects, I don't think there's any negative aspect about having some parts of life established and ritualized. In fact it gives us more time to explore the new unknowns. You can be open your whole life while having more and more stuff put (temporarily but this can be forever if no need to touch it) in the comfort zone.

Tue Aug 17 11:35:43 AM CEST 2021

I realized my fourth generation Astrobotany plant might be the one I was waiting for to keep it forever. Well, forever. Big words. But I'm not harvesting it as the first plant there. It might stay, I feel. I like you „rare fractal yellow seed-bearing moss named One Cross Each”. I wonder if anyone got the reference for my plants' names by the way.

Mon Aug 16 10:48:55 PM CEST 2021

@bacardi55 samhunter's tinylog is not included in gemini://

It's gemini://

Sun Aug 15 05:06:49 PM CEST 2021

I read Amer's blog post about mental aging.


Quite some time ago I noticed I mentally aged in one aspect not mentioned by Amer. I lost a lot of my sense of humor. Since this discovery I made a conscious effort to make it better and with good results I think but... I still don't know any jokes anymore. And nobody I know tell jokes. I live in a joke desert. For long years. I don't mean situational, improvised funny things, but these little stories you tell same way every time. Is that also true in your bubbles?

Fri Aug 6 05:22:32 PM CEST 2021

Whenever I correct a mistake and reupload a .gmi file to my capsule, do my sunscribers get a new notification? I hope not. And if yes, should I correct files in some other way?

Thu Aug 5 09:28:35 AM CEST 2021

Client Certificates in Amfora

So in Amfora you can use certs I understand, now how about copying them to another devices. You'd have to update amfora's config file on every device separately every time you add a new domain to it on one device. Am I missing something? How would you tackle this so it's most covinient to use amfora in more than one device? Is it possible to migrate amfora certs to Ariane (Android client)?

Wed Aug 4 10:21:18 AM CEST 2021

My tinylog lace feed got quiet. My gemreader refuses to work. Backlinks seems to work sometimes and sometimes not. Feels like losing this tiny little connection to other smolnet users. I'm looking forward to any good news about this.

Sun Aug 1 11:03:32 PM CEST 2021

Meh, can't make mps work anyway.

Sun Aug 1 10:31:39 PM CEST 2021

Learned about tmux just recently. I'n not a programmer, I wish I had more reasons to use it :D Let's see. Oh! So you can play youtube videos in terminal using something called mps-youtube? Perfect! One question if smebody knows - can Youtube track me if I use it like this?

Sun Aug 1 05:18:09 PM CEST 2021

@szczezuja if backlings are buggy, communication over gemlog replies is not as good idea as it looked like. For me also gemreader doesn't work, I don't get feed from I don't know how many capsules. That means I'm back to manually checking every capsule that I saved whenever I feel like ckecking it. It may takes months before I see an interesting post or a reply to me, or I can miss it completely. Now this is a slow internet indeed :D

Sat Jul 31 10:04:12 PM CEST 2021

@szczezuja I tried backlinks with the only backlink to my capsule I know, your reply to my art manifesto and it worked. Does it work for you again?

Tue Jul 27 10:10:05 AM CEST 2021

I forgot about Cosmic Voyage. Have no time to catch up with it but I'll leave the tab opened. For some reason gemreader doesn't want to give me feed from it.

Tue Jul 27 09:38:39 AM CEST 2021

I licenced my page under CC BY-SA 4.0. Don't know why would anyone want to use any of my writing but it was better to be done now then change all the files in future.

Sun Jul 25 10:25:23 AM CEST 2021

This week was not productive artistically but I'm very happy my capsule is up and alive finally. Anyways, 4th generation plant is now born out of Shoe Follower (last plant) in my Astrobotany Garden. It's name is One Cross Each.

you can water it if you're around :)

Sat Jul 24 04:31:51 PM CEST 2021

Forgot to clarify. You can now follow all my logs by just subscribing to


No need to subscribing too all: general, art and relogs if you want to get them all in your feed anyway. Sorry for the changes, I'm still figuring out how to manage this all.

Fri Jul 23 09:40:37 PM CEST 2021

Listening to Francisco Tárrega's music played on guitar by Giulio Tampalini. I feel in good place

Fri Jul 23 09:38:59 PM CEST 2021

Thx to @samhunter my tinylog migrated to my timezone (CEST) :)

Fri Jul 23 12:31:02 AM CEST 2021

My capsule has changed it's look. Is it for good? gemini://

Feedback is problematic here, not sure how could anyone respond if he/she wanted to. You can surely write me an email or write at xmpp if you feel like it, both are in my „about” page.

Fri Jul 23 08:50:43 AM CEST 2021

@szczezuja thx a lot for checking my log and all your thoughts. I will reply surely, thinking maybe I can do it as Re:log although I now see if I have separate logs, you'd have to subscribe to all of them just to see all my entries so the system I chose is not that perfect... Anyways, what's the problem with link to manifesto in my index? From my side it works just fine and I doublechecked it's correct so I'm confused.

Thu Jul 22 10:13:34 PM CEST 2021

My ART log has a first entry now, that is „My Little Art Manifesto” :) Is it finished and stable? I don't know but I decided to let it exist in a space now. gemini://

Thu Jul 22 10:14:56 AM CEST 2021

@bacardi55 Thx for reply. In comitum was that enough that you subscribed to my capsule or did you have to subscribe to every log type separately (what I have to do in gemreader). I should probably just switch to Amfora and get used to it but I like Kristall so much I want to stay with it for now :)

Wed Jul 21 10:13:41 PM CEST 2021

Just for testing: Anyone subscribed to my logs? Did you see that new general log showed up? Again, not asking to read it, just a technical question. edit: asking cause I tried to subscribe to my own capsule in gemreader and it didn't give me any new entry so I guess I'd have to subscribe to every log type separately?

Tue Jul 20 09:07:28 AM CEST 2021

Morning! Listening to KONPEITO Summer 2021 mix tape. It's perfect for work. Only my mind can't focus again. Let's do it. 3..2..1..

Sun Jul 18 06:53:36 PM CEST 2021

Started working on formulation of my little art manifesto with as much emphasis on „my” and „little” as on „art” itself. My very subjective feeling of things, nothing more. I feel like I need it.

Thu Jul 15 10:31:20 PM CEST 2021

I feel like watching something I didn't watch for half of my life. Nothing will happen cause I've got not time but I wonder if it would stand a test of time. Just an evening thought.

Sat Jul 10 01:32:03 PM CEST 2021

My capsule is finally up. It is simple but it exists and I'm happy for that.


Sat Jul 10 10:19:14 AM CEST 2021

My comfort zone is being out of my comfort zone so I don't feel bad about not being good at what I do.

Fri Jul 9 09:33:35 AM CEST 2021

Mental note. When too relaxed I tend to lose control over procrastination. This is not the first time I noticed that and forgot.

Thu Jul 8 04:29:45 PM CEST 2021

Back from the forest, I don't need all that flashy internet again. For how long? For not too long, too much goodnes hidden in it and then I quickly get used to it and need to block the excessive compulsive use.

Fri Jul 2 08:46:00 AM CEST 2021

I use lace, don't even track if it was updated. I use it in terminal emulator. I have no highlights, no icons, no fancy stuff, just text. It's my choice but I'm signalling, even with one conversation between two people it's getting really busy, and some logs are not really tiny btw ;) If a need for conversations withing gemini space is inevitable, I'd say maybe there should be a new way for easy communication discovered. Tinylog is not like microblog, where you can send direct messages unvisible to others. I'm not sure how to solve this. Creating new .gmi file for every conversation and asking interested people to subscribe would be too troublesome.

Thu Jul 1 09:46:39 AM CEST 2021

Opening tinylog file in vim on my computer gives me empty document, I can only edit it from RTC. Same editor, same file (copied and pasted). Strange.

Thu Jul 1 09:36:42 AM CEST 2021

Following just few people's tinylogs is already bit too much to follow. I saw your mention @szczezuja although mentions here don't do anything special, no notifications etc, so it was almost lost in all the logs that are just part of your dialog with @bacardi55. I think maybe we shouldn't use tinylog for chats? As for gopher, I didn't explore it yet, don't know if I'm interested. Gemini is enough for now I think.

Wed Jun 30 10:56:40 AM CEST 2021

Today I'm getting very nostalgic and thinking about places I visited in my life. I want to revisit them, I want to visit more places. I can't afford and it's too long like this already.

Wed Jun 30 07:20:59 AM CEST 2021

How come I still don't have a capsule working. This needs to change.

Sat Jun 19 11:09:43 PM CEST 2021

I'm going offline for a week or so. Can you make my plant on Astrobotany survive? :) You can find it by my name: deerbard, or it's name: high priest's whistle. See you! Have a nice week!

Thu Jun 17 08:38:12 AM CEST 2021

Somebody fertilized my Astrobotany plant but I didn't get any notification about who did this. Whoever you are, thank you! Although I know it's a small chance you're reading here.

Thu Jun 17 08:36:26 AM CEST 2021

Have a good day everyone :)

Thu Jun 17 08:30:44 AM CEST 2021

@bacardi55 I guess I'm stuck for now as I don't want to change my email addresses again. Maybe I'll just wait until payed protonmail is an option for me. But also it's not obvious to me if there are any privacy focused email providers like protonmail that would also allow imap/smtp. I know tutanota doesn't.

Wed Jun 16 10:19:39 AM CEST 2021

I'd love to use mutt for my personal email but I use protonmail. One day in dostant future I have enough time to lern how to make my own email on my own server. Or not because I learn it's too much of trouble. What are the other options?

Thu Jun 10 01:50:46 AM CEST 2021

Me dummy. Ofc it is UTC, I am using Vim on RTC server, so it's time zone set on the server probably. Thx guys :) @szczezuja @bacardi55 Btw I tried using it on my computer and copy pasting the result but the output of !date was invalid for Lace so I'll probably stick with the way I was doing it.

Thu Jun 10 08:31:24 AM CEST 2021

@szczezuja mine is %a, %-d %b %Y, %T %Z and I get UTC in result. Should be CEST. And in Lace I see all the logs with CEST time. Not that it's very important, I just wonder why this happens.

Wed Jun 9 04:22:35 PM CEST 2021

Can I make Vim use my timezone for !time command?

Wed Jun 9 02:54:47 PM CEST 2021

Nostalgia feeling while listening to the soundtrack from something I watched 15 years ago. Posting here is more appropriate then social media. Sending this feelings into the void not to be discovered is so similar to exploring the long forgotten past somehow.

Fri Jun 4 01:17:44 AM CEST 2021

This was a low energy week. My capsule is still just a seed of the one. Hopefully next week will be better. Btw what change does it mean to put your handle in your tinylog? I assume it's just informative for anyone who'll check it in your capsule? @szczezuja But nobody gets notified so mentioning someone who didn't subscribe to your tinylog in lace won't make sense.

Sat May 29 10:06:48 PM CEST 2021

Opening Astrobotany in Kristall recently results with „The host you tried to visit does not look trustworty anymore. The certificate changed since your last visit.” Then it gives Fingerprint and aks to revoke trust in settings menu if I still trust the host. Well do I? Anyway it's troublesome to do every single time.

Thu May 27 08:45:36 AM CEST 2021

2nd generation plant seeded :)

Tue May 25 08:39:43 PM CEST 2021

Thx @szczezuja, you're right, I forgot I'm using emulator for cool looks. Maybe I even prefere it not displaying any additional stuff, just text. I tried normal terminal and I could see favicons of @przemek and @adele but it couldn't load yours for some reason.

Mon May 24 10:36:39 PM CEST 2021

That's weird, I don't see any favicons in Lace. Also, thx for links, Szczezuja, will check!

Mon May 24 09:49:25 PM CEST 2021

If your terminal freezes after some time when you're logged to linux server with ssh, you can try this solution, it helped me: I just learned about it from cmccabe from RawTextClub.

Mon May 24 10:31:21 AM CEST 2021

Dzień dobry Przemek, Szczezuja. Thx for news and articles. Any tinylogs you recommend? For now I read you both and, the great creator of lace (behold!)

Mon May 24 10:16:56 AM CEST 2021

my plant in color :)

Thu May 20 03:38:35 PM CEST 2021

Haha I've got it! Repaired. Now I should look around for interesting tinylogs to fill my lace feed.

Thu May 20 11:36:06 AM CEST 2021

It's not lenght. If you're reading this in lace: Is one of my logs appearing on top of the list without date for you as well?

Thu May 20 11:27:13 AM CEST 2021

One of my logs (one about changing link to in my feed) looks like broken in lace but is perfectly ok in my capsule. I don't know why yet. Btw feed still not working either. Writing a long log on purpose to see if this is the issue here.

Wed May 19 11:05:50 AM CEST 2021

Thx to


There will be a https version of my capsule as well. But I'm not going to put all the content there. What is going is yet to be decided. Tinylog is not.

Wed May 19 10:40:00 AM CEST 2021

Well, all good, except not my timezone. To be continued.

Wed May 19 10:36:10 AM CEST 2021

date automation test / learning vim begins?

Wed 19 May 2021 09:58 AM CEST

I changed feed ulr from gemini:// to just gemini:// Will it now work? I'll see. Also writing tinylog is too much od a trouble. I might need to learn about some automation.

Tue 18 May 2021 09:23 AM CEST

Gemreader doesn't read entries and Konpeito capsule. I wonder if there's a solution to this.

Mon 10 May 2021 10:06 PM CEST


Proxied content from gemini:// (external content)

Gemini request details:

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Status code
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Be advised that no attempt was made to verify the remote SSL certificate.