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[tech] Doppio: Gemini server in Java

Bill Havanki desu at deszaras.xyz

Sun Jan 3 17:57:20 GMT 2021

Thank you kindly!

I went ahead and switched Doppio over to using the TLS_* meta-variables that you listed. It makes sense to prioritize interop among Gemini servers than between Gemini and Apache httpd. I did leave support for the mod_ssl variables in there, but disabled by default. Maybe they’ll go away completely, some day.

I also tossed in TLS_CLIENT_VERSION, TLS_CLIENT_SERIAL, and TLS_SESSION_ID for parity with what I’d already done with the mod_ssl stuff. They seem reasonable.

I’ll take a look at the GEMINI_* meta-variables next. They seem pretty straightforward.

Thanks for the feedback!


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