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Introducing my new server, and two questions

Alex // nytpu alex at nytpu.com

Sat Jan 16 18:53:46 GMT 2021

On 2021-01-16 06:18PM, Miguel de Luis Espinosa wrote:

This is Miguel de Luis, hailing from Canary Islands, Spain and this is
my little gemini capsule gemini://enteka.xyz which uses the
Glasgow-php server. Mostly because php was already installed in the
server and it worked nicely.Welcome to geminispace! Unfortunately my Spanish isn't too good butmaybe reading more Spanish gemini content will help me learn better!

* As for file extensions, I'm using .gemini but I see many people
prefering .gmi Should I change to .gmi? Are there any rules I'm not
aware of?I don't think it matters. .gemini seems to be falling out ofpopularity, but everything I've come across understands it so it's fineI'd say. Looking at your server, your most recent post with a .gmiextension (gemini://enteka.xyz/sonriePalea.gmi) is sent with a mime typeof text/plain, so I actually think your server doesn't recognize the.gmi extension.

* Do Gemini capsules use the same Atom feed format as other. I tried
to make my own feed but I got a validation error telling me the gemini
protocol was not registered at (some acronym IAPA or something?)You'll get a validation error for atom, I just ignored it as the rest ofmy feed was fine. If an aggregator can access content on gemini itknows about the gemini protocol and isn't relying on a hardcoded list ofregistered schemes.

I know there's plans to get the gemini scheme (the "gemini:" part at thebeginning of URLs) registered with the IANA, but nothing has happened sofar.

* Is there a Gemini-aware feed format?There is! It's a “companion specification,” see this page:gemini://gemini.circumlunar.space/docs/companion/subscription.gmi

Looking at your site, your homepage is already compatible with geminifeeds, so you're all set on that front.


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