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Math Notation in Gemini?

Nico nico at itwont.work

Tue Feb 16 18:26:02 GMT 2021

On 16/02/2021 18:23, Jonathan Lane wrote:

Recently I found some people interested in Gemini as a research sharing format. Their one requested extension was inline rendering of mathematical notation via Groff MS or TeX syntax. Would this be something that could be handled as a special client side handler for links to documents containing the fragments, like how Lagrange handles inline image expansion on link select? I do see the appeal, but I don't want to introduce the weight of Roff or MathML or TeX into the Gemtext format spec.
I don't see why you couldn't have a client that could expand rendered math notation. You could just store it in the gemtext as a plaintext block with some kind of header/alt text that the client could read.

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