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Alex // nytpu alex at nytpu.com

Tue Mar 2 15:21:36 GMT 2021

On 2021-03-02 03:50PM, roy niang wrote:

What the hell?

It's just Petite. They're a staple of this list at this point, you justgo "oh Petite!" and move on. From what I can tell, they're primarilyunhappy with the /really contentious/ parts of Gemini like TLS and DNS.They seem to be one of those people that hate something but still hangaround it for some reason[0].

I do understand their views on IRI because not having IRIs is rathersilly. The IRI thing's going to be resolved one way or another sometimesoon[1] though so...


[0]: https://mastodon.social/@ifixcoinops/105778305316678323 ^ I don't advocate for banning Petite BTW, just using it as an apt description of their behavior.[1]: https://gitlab.com/gemini-specification/protocol/-/issues/1

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