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Reading Plain Text Files

Jason Evans jsevans at mailfence.com

Fri Mar 26 08:43:12 GMT 2021

On 3/26/21 9:12 AM, Baschdel wrote:

On 26.03.21 08:30, Jason Evans wrote:
rick gemini readers into seeing these files as plain text and then
viewing them?
You should be able to specify the mime-type, that gets sent to the
client in your servers configuration file (How exactly this is done is
different from server to server and should be documented somewhere in
an example configuration, README or manpage).
Depending on what else you have there, setting the default mime-type
unknown filetypes to text/plain should work. (I'm pretty sure some
servers also support overwriting mime-types for whole folders or even
using regex)
I hope that helps, have a nice day!
- Baschdel

I'll check how to do that. I'm using the molly-brown server because it seemed like one of the easiest one to set up.


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