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gemproj at suckless.anonaddy.com gemproj at suckless.anonaddy.com

Mon Jul 12 16:54:36 BST 2021

Hello geminauts

Regarding recent discussions on Malicious Links and gemini://gemini.circumlunar.space/users/solderpunk/gemlog/a-vision-for-gemini-applications.gmiand various other mentions.

Instead of creating a comment system for every gemlog, an interactiveelement using 1x INPUT for data, or similar, I'd purpose to define someform of interaction protocol.

For instance you write a log entry with <topic>, post it on antenna(gemini://warmedal.se/~antenna/) and when someone posts another log entrywith a title Re: <topic> your server collects it, parses the first textsegment it finds until EOF or headline and puts it under your original log.Or just adds a link to this response post.

Additional features can be that you have a comment INPUT that takes a urlto the response, or scanning multiple aggregators.

Is that something of interest? It'll remove the need for registrationcompletely. It'd be usable for social stuff almost entirely without relyingon a central service like station (gemini://station.martinrue.com)


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