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Deurbanising the Web

Andrew Singleton singletona082 at gmail.com

Mon Jul 19 18:34:30 BST 2021

Hence why I emailed the included response address asking that question. Why not gempub as off represents too many issues not least of which being 'thisvos an extension proposal that there is no gurentee anyone would follow leading right back to the html problem.'

I would ask more technically and or better worded members of this list offer their own rebuttle.

Jul 19, 2021 12:19:16 PM The Gnuserland <gnuserland at mailbox.org>:

I didn't go over the first tow pages...
This guy really missed the point why PDF files exist and what they are for...
PDF exist to print file, that's why the static layout, all the rest are additions created by non-design choices, commercial pressures etc., like the web, like everything else.
* PDFs are extremely corruptible, at least the ones with the printing specifications;
* do more why should do less;
* are extremely dependable by the reader implementations;
* aren't responsive hence are hard to read if not paginated for your screen device (reflowing is for accessibility issues and mostly depends by the reader not by the format) (https://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/using/reading-pdfs-reflow-accessibility-features.html)
* malformed PDF cannot be opened or cannot be printed;
Gempub looks a great compromise to have a portable offline format! ;)
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A well-deserved rant against the current state of the Web,
well-written and with many fine points we will all agree with. But the
conclusion will surprise many of you: instead of Gemini, he suggests?

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