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Announcing SpellBinding, a cgi game for Gemini

Michael Lazar lazar.michael22 at gmail.com

Fri Nov 26 19:53:02 GMT 2021

On Thu, Nov 25, 2021 at 6:06 PM <stack at tilde.club> wrote:

Hello everyone.
SpellBinding is a word puzzle - you must use the provided letters to
construct as many English words as you can (always using the center one).
The game uses client-side certificates to maintain game sessions.
Gemini protocol does not leave you too many tools to interact. I am still
trying to figure out a few things, but the game is beautifully minimal.

Neat! It works for me using Elaho on iOS. I was a bit confused by therules at first, I thought it was like scrabble and the letter positionmattered. Once I figured it out it's quite fun though! Usinghand-curated puzzles definitely improves the quality.

- Michael

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