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Re: Is streaming a normative protocol expectation? (was Re: Documents with mixed languages)

romina xj ix k gemini at xj-ix.luxe

Mon Dec 13 21:44:24 GMT 2021

On December 13, 2021 9:38:04 PM UTC, Luke Emmet <luke at marmaladefoo.com> wrote:

On 13-Dec-2021 20:55, Krixano wrote:
that portion of text no longer even being present in the latest version of the spec on gitlab: https://gitlab.com/gemini-specification/protocol/-/blob/master/specification.gmi
Thanks for the link to the updated protocol, I was just going on the
version on the gemini home capsule as the official version.
Clearly whatever solderpunk puts in is what the spec is. And there is
less said now in the current draft of the spec about the expected
interleaving of client and server events. This leaves more room for
servers to expect clients to process the data before it is completed.
Still it seems unclear to me how a client can now tell between a faulty
or excessively slow server and one that is valid but is streaming
content very slowly. In the previous draft the expectation was the
client waits for content, which will conclude, then it is processed. Now
clients don't get to have a general expectation that the content will
conclude or not as it comes down the pipe.
Probably the best option is to try to guess whether the content might be
a stream from the media type as spc suggests, although that seems like
guesswork to me.
Anyway, clients and servers probably need to have a connection timeout
to prevent tar pits.
 - Luke

afaik the canonical spec lives on gemini.circumlunar.space not gitlab

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