sloum's capsule

Welcome. Maybe you'll find something useful/nice here ☺

gemini services I host

geminews: text news without the hassle

gemdrive: turn by turn driving directions

geminilist: an archive of the gemini mailing list

spacewalk: a gemlog aggregator

drift theory: a gemini based music collection gemini hosting from a web frontend signup and post (web)

ilo: toki-pona <> english (dictionary/translator)

recipes: a searchable recipe collection from a recipe db provided by a fellow rtc user

gemiweather: u.s. weather reports (finicky due to the apis being used, but good when it works)

othello: play othello against the computer over gemini

my writing and such

sloum: website (web)

music machine: short album reviews

rye: delicious vegan recipes (gopher) (gopher)

my coding projects

bombadillo: a smallnet client (web)

bombadillo: a smallnet client (gopher)

slope: an s-expression based programming language

nimf: a concatenative programming language

chalk : a line based text editor

tally : spreadsheets with concatenative expressions

swim : project management swim lanes

sloum@tildegit (lots of projects) (web) (lots of projects) (web)

about me

I used to make a lot of music. Now I mostly code, read, and spend time outside.

things i like

things i do not like

I had a whole list of things I don't like here... but it felt needless. I don't feel an urge to connect with people over shared dislikes. I left capitalism and consumer culture because I feel strongly about it and I believe it is something that I can connect with others over in a positive way that promotes change for the better. Whereas the rest were just gripes about stupid bs, lol.


I am most easily reached via email: 'sloum' at the host ''

The code documentation and recipes I host here on gemini are also available over https:

sloum's software lab and documentation center

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