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👽 hoschi

I am not really sure how to use the gemini space, as most people are on the http web, and to let them see my capsule, I would need to convert them to using a gemini browser first...

💬 0 Replies · 0 Thumbs · 59 minutes ago

👽 hoschi

gemini vs. http(s)

💬 0 Replies · 0 Thumbs · 1 hour ago

👽 sdfgeoff

Yesterday I realized that the only reason I still have an android tablet is because I cant find a touch-friendly drawing tool for Linux. [Pulls out a notebook and fires up Python, GTK and Rust] Let's see where this goes....

💬 0 Replies · 0 Thumbs · 2 hours ago

👽 marginalia


💬 0 Replies · 0 Thumbs · 4 hours ago

👽 discrust

O tym jak mój mały domek wylądował na działce, na swoim miejscu → gemini://nuclear.discrust.pl/gemi/domek/nareszcie2/namiejscu.gmi | #tiny_house #discrust

💬 0 Replies · 0 Thumbs · 13 hours ago

👽 little_ham

Built a proof-of-concept dmenu-based Gemeni browser just to see if I could! It's over on gemini://git.littleham.net/gmenu

💬 2 Replies · 2 Thumbs · 15 hours ago

👽 big_chungus

Hello world!

💬 1 Reply · 4 Thumbs · 21 hours ago

👽 remyabel

Video game developers, fix your performance! Stop blaming the user. No, upgrading the graphics driver won't fix it. We also shouldn't have to apply arcane ini tweaks voodoo magic to maybe eek out more performance.

💬 3 Replies · 2 Thumbs · 23 hours ago

👽 micklemeal

Pro tip: don't procrastinate on your academic compiler project. It hurts.

💬 0 Replies · 0 Thumbs · 1 day ago

👽 smokey

I am thinking alot about places to live, and what kind of life i want to carve out for myself. If you dont mind, tell me about what you currently do for a living, as well as what goals you've set for yourself in life. Where do you want to selttle down at, if you had an oppurtunity to, and why?

💬 4 Replies · 2 Thumbs · 1 day ago

👽 smokey

I really like cats. Not that i dont like dog, i love em as well as most animals. But for whatever reason fate has decided that ive been destined to have many kitties to love and feed. Even the outdoor stray ones (ugh). Are you a pet person? What kind do you have to deal with?

💬 4 Replies · 1 Thumb · 1 day ago

👽 krsh

I'm testing AmiGemini, which is Gemini client for Amiga computers. My Amiga system runs on M68020 processor clocked at 28 MHz and has 64 MB of RAM. Using Gemini on it is a nice experience, however AmiGemini does not handle client certificates, so I can't post here from Amiga. Also SSL is a bit slow. And no Unicode.

💬 4 Replies · 4 Thumbs · 1 day ago

👽 know

cool links but... would people mind to post them to geddit.glv.one ? or create another space to highlight special pages.

💬 0 Replies · 1 Thumb · 3 days ago

👽 krsh

So I've decided to run some Gemini server. There are 30 or so to choose. Some are unfinished, some written in weird languages, some expect unusual libraries to be installed by hand. Well, so why not write another one? 4 hours of Python and I have something working. gemini://teleinfo.pb.edu.pl/

💬 2 Replies · 4 Thumbs · 3 days ago

👽 isoraqathedh

I spent this holiday trying to explore places that I haven't been to yet. It kind of worked, but of course there's opportunity costs to it. Additionally, I took some time to expand my diecast car collection. Regardless of what you think about cars, they certainly are fascinating in terms of what they look like.

💬 1 Reply · 3 Thumbs · 3 days ago

👽 marginalia


💬 2 Replies · 8 Thumbs · 4 days ago

👽 prk

I made a small game (not the one I planned, but hey, that's creativity at work :D) Using a fantasy console with weird limitations. It might be of interest to @kelbot, It's Rewtro https://github.com/kesiev/rewtro I packed a tiny dungeon crawler in half a dozen QR-codes printed on an A4 sheet :)

💬 5 Replies · 3 Thumbs · 4 days ago

👽 geminispacecapsule


💬 1 Reply · 3 Thumbs · 4 days ago

👽 kelbot

smolZINE Issue 12 is out! gemini://gemini.cyberbot.space/smolzine/smolzine-issue-12.gmi

💬 2 Replies · 7 Thumbs · 4 days ago

👽 kelbot

Been working on smolZINE today and have some fun community contributions. I'm excited about this one.

💬 2 Replies · 3 Thumbs · 4 days ago

👽 krsh

Just noticed (a bit late, eh?) that modern Java Script got 'class' and 'extends' since ECMA 2015. One can finally enjoy object oriented programming in JS. Hey, it works. :-)

💬 1 Reply · 1 Thumb · 4 days ago

👽 martin

Welcome @velartrill. You're Station's 300 member!

💬 3 Replies · 5 Thumbs · 4 days ago

👽 mntn

Thinking about how Gemini would be an OK frontend for Secure Scuttlebutt. Most of the current frontends are HTML, which requires a browser. A small SSB-Gemini server backed by something like go-ssb could help simplify the stack a bit.

💬 7 Replies · 2 Thumbs · 4 days ago

👽 skyjake

gemini://skyjake.fi/gemlog/2021-10_mark-it-down.gmi I'm curious if folks here have thoughts regarding Markdown in Geminispace? Obviously we don't want sites doing browser-specific content, but on the other hand, the Gemini protocol is media-type-agnostic. It's the community that has to decide which content types are appropriate, and while Gemtext has many great qualities, it's also a bit of straightjacket.

💬 29 Replies · 4 Thumbs · 5 days ago

👽 cobradile94

In an ultimate crossover of old and new tech, I’ve made a Mixtape of songs from Spotify, so I can take those songs with me when I go out without needing to install the app on my phone! It was the first time I made a tape on my new stereo, and I have to say the quality is really good, probably the best I’m going to get from a Type 1.

💬 4 Replies · 1 Thumb · 5 days ago

👽 discrust

Fuuuck yeeeah! Finally! Tomorrow I will have my tiny house! 🤘 I'll write about my house in gemlog (i'll put pics too!). Also, I hope to find tiny house enthusiasts here, in Gemini Universe! 😎 My tiny house NEWS → gemini://nuclear.discrust.pl/gemi/domek.gmi

💬 1 Reply · 7 Thumbs · 5 days ago

👽 martin

Kirk is about to go back into space. T-10 mins: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEhdlIor-do

💬 2 Replies · 0 Thumbs · 5 days ago

👽 little_ham

Finally decided to start my own gemlog. Been meaning to write about anything for a long while so I'm sort of forcing myself to now, but it's very low-stakes so I think it'll work out.

💬 0 Replies · 7 Thumbs · 5 days ago

👽 marginalia

Got around to doing some long overdue refactoring. Had a bunch of that sort of code that fills you with dread when you think about touching it. Valiantly I slew the gorgon. The search index now has a quarter the disk footprint, and converts from forward index to reverse index in a third the time.

💬 0 Replies · 5 Thumbs · 6 days ago

👽 martin

Question: What's your favourite TED talk and why? Mine is "The art of misdirection" by Apollo Robbins: https://www.ted.com/talks/apollo_robbins_the_art_of_misdirection Why? Because it's awesome (you can only watch it once).

💬 5 Replies · 3 Thumbs · 6 days ago

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