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👽 mick_the_linux_geek

Station Log - 2022-01-23 - Hey everyone! I have finally decided to join station. I have been on gemini since early 2021 and using it more lately. I am really liking the small web. Looking forward to seeing you all out there.

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👽 discrust

🔥 my last openbox config → gemini://nuclear.discrust.pl/gemi/gemlog/minimal/minimal.gmi

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👽 discrust

🔥 hi folks! if you would like to talk via Tox protocol (text + audio chat) just add my ID with welcome message that you are from gemini ;) my Tox ID: C28AF4F8130E2BCE5A0C696F7CEAC5EDBAEA9115600D389869D7C257EB002C7960CE7F2284A9

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👽 discrust

I really like CHED 630 Radio from Edmonton! When I can't watch hockey with my beloved Edmonton Oilers (or my eyes hurt because of looong standing with laptop) I listen to the radio with the game on air! BTW, I love the radio too at all, so I can listen to the gemes also with biig emotions! Let's go, OILERS! ::: Radio CHED 630 → http://www.630ched.com/

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👽 discrust

🔥 damn, new Pixelfed look is amazing! I love Fediverse!! ··· follow me on Pixelfed → https://is.gd/UYLMUN

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👽 tenebre

I've been watching a lot of DS9 lately. Big fan of the show, just a lot of interesting ideas and great characters.

💬 3 Replies · 1 Thumb · 1 day ago

👽 krixano

Being "nice" on the surface means nothing if you veil your insults under sarcasm, jokes, "politeness", and snide remarks.

💬 1 Reply · 0 Thumbs · 1 day ago

👽 lykso

Just upgraded Lagrange from 1.9.5 to 1.10.1. Really enjoying that it now shows me the identity that will be used to request a URL in the "URL" bar that pops up at the bottom of the window when hovering over a link.

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👽 krixano

Fun Family History Fact: My mom was born in California near a military base, I believe, since her father was in the military. He was also a pastor.

💬 0 Replies · 1 Thumb · 1 day ago

👽 shway

:) https://glenda.0x46.net/articles/500_mile_email/

💬 3 Replies · 3 Thumbs · 1 day ago

👽 scientiac

Anyone who is using/has used 'Notion' ? Any views on Anytype project ? https://anytype.io

💬 7 Replies · 1 Thumb · 1 day ago

👽 lykso

One of the benefits of the Reform having a clear bottom: I don't think I've ever cbeen this fastidious about keeping the inside of a computer clean before.

💬 2 Replies · 0 Thumbs · 1 day ago

👽 cobradile94

So I ended up winning a job lot of 20+ new blank VHS tapes for £10 in an eBay auction I forgot all about. 😅 So I have a whole cabinet full of blank tapes… now what?

💬 1 Reply · 0 Thumbs · 1 day ago

👽 comatoast

So lagrange stopped letting me right click and copy paste things???? What the hell? is this a bugg the devs don't know about? Most strange. How do I fix?

💬 5 Replies · 0 Thumbs · 2 days ago

👽 obspogon

My Astrobotany plant: gemini://astrobotany.mozz.us/public/2f8545d9ddea46458eef7c3b89af3abb

💬 0 Replies · 0 Thumbs · 2 days ago

👽 scientiac

Just wanted to point out that a "fork" of 'Ariane' (Source code found on web-archive) called 'Buran' (by : Corewala) has been spotted in the wild. https://github.com/Corewala/Buran Any thoughts on the legal fork-ability of 'Ariane' from web-archive? Is it allowed?

💬 7 Replies · 2 Thumbs · 2 days ago

👽 haze

I need some life advise.. I'm, and I think most Station users are, one of those geeks who gets excited over new innovation. And maintains library for fun. Espically most of my close firends are met through GitHub and OSS communities. This makes dating much more difficult. It's very difficult to not be seen as a weirdo when the 'what's your hobby' quesion comes up eventually. Not to menthing learning I can spend the entire weekend patching and discussing specs - well, that's fun for me. Too many dates have fail right after that point.. what can I do

💬 12 Replies · 1 Thumb · 2 days ago

👽 kevinsan

Some pretty piano music: Ludovico Einaudi, Nuvole Bianche (White Clouds) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUCI-1vIbUo

💬 0 Replies · 0 Thumbs · 2 days ago

👽 know

i love how there's no content from external domains loaded when you view a page in gemini. no doubleclick.net , no googlesyndication.com . it's not tor, but it's even better in some ways.

💬 1 Reply · 6 Thumbs · 2 days ago

👽 discrust

🔥 toxic - screeny klienta protokołu Tox → gemini://nuclear.discrust.pl/gemi/gemlog/toxic/toxic.gmi

💬 0 Replies · 0 Thumbs · 2 days ago

👽 skyjake

If you have missing glyphs (Emoji in particular) in #Lagrange, this may help: https://git.skyjake.fi/gemini/font-library/src/branch/main/build/get_symbola.sh It's a shell/Python script that downloads Symbola from UFAS and converts it to TrueType (using "fonttools"). You can then drag-and-drop the .ttf on the Lagrange window to install it. (Requires python3 and pip3.) Symbola is quite a nice Unicode 13 compatible font, but available only for personal use so I can't put it in the Font Library.

💬 4 Replies · 5 Thumbs · 2 days ago

👽 obspogon

Hello Station!

💬 0 Replies · 1 Thumb · 2 days ago

👽 clair_de_soleil

Curious, what twtxt client is everybody using, if anyone? I've seen some active twtxt feeds on gemini, but the main twtxt client seems to be broken, hasn't been updated since july, and doesn't even support gemini. Haven't been able to find any others that support the protocol. I'm either missing something or people have been blogging into the abyss.

💬 5 Replies · 1 Thumb · 2 days ago

👽 martin

So I've been thinking. Wanderlust, while used too often, is still a cool German word that captures the essence of wanting to be somewhere else – the desire (lust) to be wandering (wander). But eventually, such an unfulfilled desire doesn't feel so positive, so I've always been on a first-name basis with Fernweh – far pain, or the pain of not being somewhere far away (in contrast to homesickness). Reflecting on the last month hanging out in the Canary islands, I'm grateful that I've had no cause to use either of these words. In fact I now wish to coin a new pair: Hierlust (the desire to be right here) and Anderswoweh (the pain of thinking about being anywhere else).

💬 6 Replies · 10 Thumbs · 3 days ago

👽 prk

Looks like Alpine Linux and Python 3.9 don't go along very well... Du to a lib conflit my pod is currently down :(

💬 2 Replies · 0 Thumbs · 3 days ago

👽 haze

Have been trying to develop PinePhone applications for months... I think the real problem is that I don't have a "need" for a libre phone app. As well as the stack is not there yet. Most open applications are geared towards development. But we dev on a keyboard. Apps that I do use on a phone are all tied to a commerical service. YouTube, telegram, calandar, etc.. It's not something I can just put on github and it'll work. I'm out of idea.

💬 4 Replies · 0 Thumbs · 3 days ago

👽 scientiac

Is flatpak really the future? What do ypu think are it's disadvantages.

💬 11 Replies · 0 Thumbs · 3 days ago

👽 discrust

🔥 слово анархиста в суде | Беларусь → gemini://nuclear.discrust.pl/gemi/gemlog/anarchist/igor.gmi

💬 1 Reply · 0 Thumbs · 3 days ago

👽 bacardi55

Antenna feels like a mix between an ethical and open medium (the website) and old planets type of site (for those who remember planets sites :))

💬 2 Replies · 0 Thumbs · 3 days ago

👽 diego

Hey! I wanted to create a gemlog and I was wondering what would be the best/easiest server to set up and maintain. I've got a small VPS, so something lightweight would be great. Any recommendations? Thanks!!

💬 9 Replies · 0 Thumbs · 3 days ago

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