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👽 xandra

“That was desire messing with physics: putting its finger on the record and then slowing it down, making sure you heard every word spoken, and memorized it.” ― Heather O'Neill, The Lonely Hearts Hotel

💬 0 Replies · 0 Thumbs · 6 hours ago

👽 nintron

One of these days I build something more complicated than an API. Today is not that day sadly

💬 0 Replies · 0 Thumbs · 6 hours ago

👽 eph

Went to a Christmas market with some friends 🎄

💬 0 Replies · 3 Thumbs · 6 hours ago

👽 danrl

once i helped installing a metal fence around a large meadow for an outdoor hacker camp (emf camp) “near” london. they provided me with a brand impact driver to do the job. the tool was extremely reliable and when i had to buy my first power tool years later i chose the same brand. and this is how i bought into the ecosystem. a trap! now all my tools and batteries are from the same vendor, no way out. it’s like the ios/android ecosystem but in real life. anyhow, i got myself a miter saw stand and did an unboxing video. the vendor should sponsor me, lol. https://youtu.be/LjtBPXD5oVg

💬 0 Replies · 0 Thumbs · 15 hours ago

👽 idx

Hello out there, fedilab furs!

💬 0 Replies · 0 Thumbs · 20 hours ago

👽 danrl

i contributed to a book called "lan party" which is about the 90s/2000 era lan parties, before gaming went onto the internet forever. it looks like my contribution was chosen to be included in the final print, even a photo of mine might end up in the book. i might be in a history book! am i old now? how should i feel?

💬 1 Reply · 9 Thumbs · 1 day ago

👽 platypus_laser

Listen to Jean Michel Jarre while browsing Gemini for the optimal experience.

💬 2 Replies · 3 Thumbs · 2 days ago

👽 platypus_laser

Spent a little bit of time this morning (1-5am is still morning, yes?) checking out some of the cool new things that I've missed in Gemini. Wow, this has come a long way. Both Lagrange and amfora offer excellent browsing experiences, we've got an awesome looking microblogging site here, there's proper news aggregates which proxy web content... It's amazing what's been done since last I was here.

💬 2 Replies · 4 Thumbs · 2 days ago

👽 platypus_laser

This is very exciting! I've not come across something like this in the gemspace before (although, to be fair, I have been absent for over a year). What else is interesting around here?

💬 2 Replies · 3 Thumbs · 2 days ago

👽 cobradile94

I’ve started building a wee robot with Arduino. I found someone to help me learn the ropes. I got all the parts I need and managed to make something that works. Still need to get controlled wirelessly and powering from a battery, but this is still really exciting!

💬 0 Replies · 1 Thumb · 2 days ago

👽 tigercarnival

thinking about coming back to geminispace later when i get to the hotel room and crack open my laptop.. i always have the craving to update my capsule during transient times

💬 0 Replies · 0 Thumbs · 2 days ago

👽 mozz_iphone

What’s your favorite thanksgiving food?

💬 2 Replies · 0 Thumbs · 2 days ago

👽 danrl

the web is utterly broken. we can build a better one. one that provides value to people's life. one that connects people in a meaningful way. one that is quirky in nature, clunky to use, a place that delivers only what it needs to and then disappears into the background of our lifes. a people first information highway. not a brain-hacking, money-optimized, ad-ladden place to waste precious life hours.

💬 3 Replies · 1 Thumb · 2 days ago

👽 danrl

i’m considering converting my blog to a gemlog first. with the option to render html, but maybe i won’t serve the web anymore. sounds like a big step. unsure what is best. certainly don’t look forward to running servers again… cloudflare pages (like netlify just different provider) is a great place to host static content. but don’t think they serve gemini. i want to avoid being single homed. that doesn’t sound right to the site reliability engineer that i am. ideas?

💬 2 Replies · 0 Thumbs · 2 days ago

👽 eph

Why did nobody tell me that Haskell could be so cool?!

💬 2 Replies · 3 Thumbs · 3 days ago

👽 martin

TIL: There's Esperanto written on the official World Cup football: https://www.adidas.co.uk/al-rihla-pro-football/H57783.html

💬 1 Reply · 2 Thumbs · 3 days ago

👽 idx

So, what's the buzz in gSpace? Are there any new and unique capsules out there?

💬 0 Replies · 0 Thumbs · 4 days ago

👽 idx

Are there any furries out there? Would love to get to merpin' with ya!

💬 2 Replies · 1 Thumb · 4 days ago

👽 martin

So I spent my evening turning a little idea into reality: https://vk.martinrue.com It live pulls the locations of folks signed up to a big Esperanto event this weekend to show how everyone really is spread out all over the world. 👏

💬 0 Replies · 2 Thumbs · 4 days ago

👽 gordonguthrie

Started writing a Gemini server in Erlang. Took a whole to remember how to code even, let alone Socket programing but the client is now making the server hiccup so end-2-end yay! Just a small matter of programming. Not to neg on other Erlang/Elixir devs but jeez connector pools with ranch? Roll your own loop ladz lololol.

💬 5 Replies · 4 Thumbs · 4 days ago

👽 martin

It has been a while (April), so I've written a little /now update: https://martinrue.com/now

💬 0 Replies · 2 Thumbs · 4 days ago

👽 angryboyd

geminispace is neat, been here a few days so far. not as many games as i expected there to be tho so. if you know a not-already-well-known game capsule, please share it with me. anyways im sleepy now its like midnight so peace out

💬 4 Replies · 4 Thumbs · 5 days ago

👽 eph

pretty sure I got frostbit at the football game on Saturday ❄️

💬 0 Replies · 0 Thumbs · 5 days ago

👽 loriw

just remembered station existed, anyway i've been watching xena

💬 2 Replies · 2 Thumbs · 5 days ago

👽 mc

Are the Modern Stoics Really Epicureans? https://historynewsnetwork.org/article/184389

💬 1 Reply · 1 Thumb · 5 days ago

👽 tskaalgard

Everything's coming up Millhouse lately and I'm not sure what to do with it, lol

💬 1 Reply · 2 Thumbs · 5 days ago

👽 melyanna

Snow and wind here in Helsinki today. It has been like this for the past 4 days. I love it (when I don't have to go outside). Not sure if my Italian genes can cope though if I have to leave the house. XD

💬 6 Replies · 2 Thumbs · 6 days ago

👽 idx

Would mastodon be considered part of the smolnet? If not, what besides twtxt?

💬 6 Replies · 1 Thumb · 6 days ago

👽 idx

Quite proud of my little plant on Astrobotany. gemini://astrobotany.mozz.us/public/21b34ff9a3664cd284aa80869613ace9

💬 0 Replies · 1 Thumb · 6 days ago

👽 danrl

every time i watch the latest serenity os update video on youtube i want to download, compile, and run the os immediately. it is so impressive what can be done by a small group of people who don't take "no" or "impossible" for an answer. we have to add gemini support to the browser, though, it would just be perfect! anyone else into serenity os?

💬 3 Replies · 0 Thumbs · 6 days ago

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